Architect Renders A Faraday Future Headquarters Of Our Dreams

Faraday Future


Faraday Future

Faraday Future Campus Rendered (Image Credit: MAD Architects via ArchDaily)

Perhaps Faraday Future should reconsider its “second site” plans even though the future EV maker has pulled the plug on its first site plans.

Faraday Future merey moved some dirt at its original North Las Vegas Nevada site, and then downsized plans, and then cancelled. Somewhere in the midst of that mess, the company made plans for a second site, on the grounds of a former naval base on Mare Island in Northern California, which it also eventually cancelled.

Needless to say, most press related to Faraday Future has been pretty bleak, aside from its somewhat successful unveiling of the FF91. The company is tied up with LeEco, which is also seeing its fair share of issues.

However, we have come across some fascinating renders by MAD architects of a “future” Faraday Future dream headquarters. The design group chose the Mare Island location as the site for envisioning Faraday’s zero-emission campus. It would serve as the electric automaker’s primary location for encompassing research and development, manufacturing, public outreach, and ecological restoration of the river and surrounding property.

Faraday Future

A look inside the Faraday Future Campus Rendered (Image Credit: MAD Architects via ArchDaily)

The concept centers around Faraday’s futuristic tech and utilizes metallic structures that look extraterrestrial. MAD architects website explains that the concept’s intention is:

“de-familiarizing employees and prospective clients with the status quo of the contemporary automotive market.”

The campus would be open to the public and serve to educate people about the vehicle manufacturing process.

“The design allows clients to watch as their car is transported from the warehouse along the elevated light rail into the exhibition hall, to right in front of them.”

Check out additional images below:

Source: ArchDaily

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Looks like an alien invasion…

And the whirlwind of S*** just keeps on flying.

Hey, FF accomplished one thing. After so much effort in grading, the original site near Las Vegas must be the most flat surface in the Universe, and they created lots of jobs in the Americann grading industry.
Make America grade again?

LOL! Can’t get enough verbal wit.

Anyone else feel like the basketball court next to a bunch of protruding, unframed glass is asking for breakage? I mean, it’s not like they are using it as a backstop for a baseball field, but I can think of a more useful activity in that space: Nerf wars! Another interesting art fantasy project, brought to you by InsideEVs.

Only one Problem… It’s Too Damn Hot Out there to be Playing any Sports.We’ll need a Million gallons of Gatoraide. lol

“…the site for envisioning Faraday’s… primary location for… manufacturing…”

Surely not. Clearly nobody in those pictures would ever dream of soiling his hands or getting any dirt or grime on those pristine white walkways. 🙄

Maybe they envisioned keeping all the menial blue collar workers slaving away underground, a separation like the Eloi and the Morlochs in H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine.

As an architect I always hated when architects would do concept renderings like this. I would really like to know what state of the art material they plan to build this out of that will have floor slabs 8 inches thick with columnless spans of 100′.

It’s very similar to the overly conceptualized car renderings where the car has 30″ wheels with 1/2″ of rubber and door windows that are 1′ slits.

You can over-conceptualize any design where once you move from concept to the real world of schematic design you end up with something that doesn’t even really resemble your original concept. This completely defeats the purpose of concept design.

In this case I guess it’s appropriate since this headquarters concept fantasy design is for a fantasy company.

“In this case I guess it’s appropriate since this headquarters concept fantasy design is for a fantasy company.”

Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking as I was reading your comments. An impossible, over-reaching span unsupported by anything substantial is a pretty good metaphor for FF’s wildly over-the-top claims and its stupendously unrealistic business plans. 😉