Arash AF10 – The 1.5 MW Plug-In Hybrid With 32 kWh Battery – Geneva Debut

FEB 25 2016 BY MARK KANE 13

Arash AF10

Arash AF10

UK-based Arash Motor Company announced a special plug-in hybrid version of its AF10 model (Warp Drive) to be presented at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

It’s a 1.551 MW monster with four electric motors (220 kW each) and 6.2-litres engine with total five transmissions (four 2-speed for electric motors and one 6-speed)!

The all-wheel-drive AF10 PHEV to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (nearly 100 km/h) in 2.8 seconds. In electric mode it will be less than 5 seconds.

Nearly 900 kW of peak power for electric motors is provided by 32 kWh lithium-ion battery supplied by Kreisel. Charging implements a 22 kW on-board charger (we believe a 3-phase Brusa charger is in play here, which often used in other Kreisel’s projects).

The Arash AF10 Hybrid (Warp Drive) is three times more expensive the than standard V8, and starts at some £1,100,000 ($1.55 million) – so not cheap.

Arash AF10

Arash AF10

Arash AF10

Arash AF10


Hyper Drive System

Complete system
Max system power 2080bhp  or 1551kW  (1.551kW) Max torque  2280Nm total (4x220kW)  from electric motors including the 1200nm from petrol engine

Combustion engine
V8 Cruciform Crankshaft with displacement of 6,200cm/3. V submerged Supercharger with built in charge cooling.
Maximum power, more than 900bhp and 1200Nm of torque

Electric motors
Total is 880kW ( 4 x 220kW) , 1080Nm (4x 270Nm) . In Bhp 1180 ( 4 x 295bhp ) – Motors manufactured for Arash by Compact Dynamics Germany. Max motor speed is 13,000 rpm

Kreisel Liquid cooled, high performance Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Hybrid battery.
Energy content, 32kWh at max power output of more than 880kW
On board charging device (22 kW) in the vehicle.
Arash universal charging system
Battery charging also automatically done in Race mode via the 4 electric motors behaving as generators.


Each motor has its own gearbox with 2 speeds.
Petrol engine has a 6 speed manual or paddleshift gearbox.

Arash AF10

Arash AF10


Carbon reinforced patented 13 piece construction in T1000 carbon fibres and Aramids. Sandwich panels of carbon and aluminium honeycomb. Fuel tanks and battery pack  housed in lower floor sections and side pontoons.

Front and rear sub assemblies in machined aluminum and Tig welded box sections. Torsional rigidity more than 60,000Nm per degree twist force.

Front and rear axle Double wishbone with hydraulic lift system. lifts for speed bumps – 15cm. lowers 15cm for high speed ground effect.

High strength Tripod style GKN drive shafts per axle. Air craft  specification aluminium hub carriers with titanium bolt components for ‘Racer Hybrid’.


20 x 12 inch rear, 19 x 9 inch fronts. Tyres – Michelin Pilot Sport 2, premium super car tyre. 345, 30 – 20 (Y) rear


Carbon reinforced plastic with aluminium honeycomb sandwich construction throughout. Naked polished finishes in defined areas. Front and side aerofoils. Fixed active rear wing with smaller lower fixed rear wing. Active front high speed wing.

2 x  dihedral hydro electically lifting doors with safety anti-drop valve system. Soft close. Neonode Air Bar gesture open system. Arash AP via Vodafone for body functions on Apple Watch or Iphone.

Electro hydraulic rear engine cover and front bonnet lift.


All wheel premium damper with electro hydraulic lifter for speed bumps (+150mm). Lower suspension setting for high speed (+150mm)

Arash AF10

Arash AF10

Driving Performance

Top Speed
Overall more than 201mph with combustion engine
Overall more than 200mph with electric motors

0 -100km (62mph)    less than 3 seconds
0-200kmh  (124mph) less than 8 seconds
0 – 300kmh (186mph) less than 27 seconds

Overtaking acceleration
80-120kmh (50-75mph) less than 1.8s

Acceleration in electric mode only
0 – 60kmh  (37mph)  less than 3 seconds
0 -100kmh (62mph)  less than 5 seconds


Electro hydraulic door opening system with soft close.
Neonode with Air Bar door gesture system. Infotainment system with Air Bar touch-less sat nav, OBD, climate control.


Length: 4,645mm
Height: 1,165mm
Width: 2,001mm
Wheel base: 2,730mm
Fuel Capacity: 70 litres
Boot Capacity: 70 litres

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Was expecting that this car would somehow have faster 0-60 then the beloved Model S at this higher price, with so much horse power available and likely lower weight and CD. Why does it not do better?

“Why does it not do better?”

I’m guessing that dinky little battery gets a little bit warm in the first second or so.

Rimac sells for about $1 million with four motors.

Great!Another race car for the rich.Just what the planet needed.

Dump the ICE part, put in a bigger battery.

32kWh? Will not go very far

“It’s a 1.551 KW monster”… Wow! That must go 0 to 60 in what – 16 years? Typo! 🙂

“The all-wheel-drive AF10 PHEV to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds.”
Come on and 10 times cheaper and heavier sedan like Model S do that.

How in th world can a car with 1180HP in electric mode take 5 seconds to accelerate to 60mph ??

I see all these specs, but what is the weight?

Because the torque on wheels is too low.

How come they do claim to have an output of 880kW (about twice a Tesla P90DL) at less than half the battery capacity (and thus also possible peak power)?

Is the battery cells used in this able to deliver 4 times the power othee state of the art does?

That’s quite a promise… 😉

If you have 4 motors (presumably 1 per wheel? Can’t be bothered to read up on sing-digit production cars) and a large-ish battery anyway, why in the world bother with leaving the V8 onboard? It’s not like this would be a road trip car…