Aptera USA Lives, Made by Zhejiang Jonway Group

MAY 3 2012 BY JAY COLE 4

The Beijing Auto Show has grown up quite a bit over the past years.  Gone are the days of the Chinese-only auto groups in attendance.  Today, almost all the major players are at the event,  with new offerings not just for China, but for the world.  However, those quirky little guys (generally with petite Asian models in tow) still manage to show up and display their, um…off the wall, mostly impractical, never to be seen production ideas.  Enter something in between, with the Zap Jonway booth, and the apparent relaunch of Aptera 2e by Zaptera USA.

Here is what we know. The Zhejang Jonway Group will build out the car in China, and will be marketed under the name Aptera USA , with service and warehousing in California.  No pricing has been announced, but hinted that around $25,000 will be the asking price. Aptera USA plans to roll out the car not only nationally here in the US, but internationally thereafter.

Production is slated to begin later this year, with sales commencing in the the first quarter of 2013.   How to purchase this new/old 3 wheeled creation?  Aptera USA says their website should be operation and taking deposits before months end.

Sidenote:  The model on display in China was not the most current build versions (PP Series) from the ‘original’ Aptera, it was the SO-1 variant, made famous by the random swinging open door event at the X-prize competition.  The scuttlebutt is that the molds from the PP were destroyed, so in all likelihood that is why the most current mule was not on display, and the model you see pictured will probably be the production car you can (theoretically) buy.


Pictures: China Car Times

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Why build these things for the US with their stringent safety controls – they should just sell these in China and India. And just have the doors as an optional accessory. They are classed as a motorcycle anyway.

I don’t believe we will ever see these in the US. The concept was cutting edge 5 or 6 years ago and there was no other electric cars on the road for competition. If the original Aptera could not make it work then how can these guys now?

I’d be careful of this company. Many have had serious problems with ZAP as dealers and customers found out.

Sad that Aptera was comsumed by VC’s and improved to death.

You can’t just copy the shape of this vehicle and if like most Chinese vehicles and ZAP’s previous ones it won’t hold up even for months. much less yrs so buyer beware.

The reason Aptera did not become a production vehicle is because the government money that was promised for development of electric vehicles was given to GM and very little went to start up car companies. As far as Apteras competitiveness in today’s electric car market there really is no comparison, the Aptera far exceeds the range of every electric production vehicle with just under 200 miles at 60 mph at the X prize and no doubt increased range with today’s technology. I think It would be realistic to stop showing the photo of the door swinging open at the X prize as a example of a defect. The only defect was in the design of the door release button which was bumped by the driver during the turn! Wouldn’t it have been nice if the Aptera had received support from the U.S. government? We could now be driving a advanced electric car built in the U.S. by Americans! At least a few Americans will get jobs doing final assemble, sales and repair 🙁