Apple’s “Secret” California Car Plant Emitting Motor Noises Late At Night


There is inside information that neighbors have complained to the local police about loud sounds coming from Apple’s car manufacturing facility.

Apple Said To Be Targeting a 2019 Release For An Autonomous And Electric Vehicle

Apple Said To Be Targeting a 2019 Release For An Autonomous And Electric Vehicle

The facility is located in Sunnyvale California and occupies 300,000 square feet spread throughout seven office buildings.  Indeed one of the building at street number 175 in known to be registered to an Apple front company called SixtyEight Research.  One building in particular called SG5 is believed to be the headquarters for Project Titan, Apple’s internal name for its car project.

It was known as early as March 2015 that apple was repurposing these facilities for automotive work, but has gone to great lengths to keep activities clandestine including a 10 foot fence they required special approval from local government for “physical security” and “visual privacy”.

In the current report a Sunnyvale resident was quoted as saying:

“(Do) there have to (be) motor noises at 11:00 p.m. at night like last night? Even with the windows closed I could still hear it.”

So it appears Apple is burning the midnight oil to build it’s first automobile.  Most automakers start off building what is known in the industry as mule cars.  these are one off low production vehicles built out of scrap parts to prove out various functions of the eventual cars.

It is likely Apple is at this early mule stage, and these cars even if we could see them past that ten foot fence would have no special design clues that would be expected in the final production version coming in the next 2 to 3 years.

Editor’s Note:  Long time readers of InsideEVs (and may recognize the author of this piece, Lyle Dennis.  Well, the good doctor also has a new passion for all things Apple.  Check out his most recent creation – Apple Car Fans when you have a chance.

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28 responses to "Apple’s “Secret” California Car Plant Emitting Motor Noises Late At Night"
  1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    Complaints started shortly after Apple employees installed subwoofers for their late-night “Grand Theft Auto” Playstation sessions. 😉

  2. evcarnut says:

    As far as Cars Go….. Apple is doing just that., Making nothing but noise…..

    1. Will says:

      it all starts with noise 🙂

  3. kdawg says:

    I’m not saying it was aliens… but it was aliens. 🙂

    (And shout out to Lyle. Don’t be a stranger)

    1. Josh says:

      I’ll second that. Good to hear from you Lyle.

      1. Phr3d says:

        combining previous:

        “Game OVER, man..”

        Good on yer, Lyle – the title cracked me up..

  4. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    But seriously, if Apple was working on a pure electric car, nobody would hear “engine noises”. I suppose it’s possible they’re working on some sort of hybrid.

    But as I’ve said several times already, building one prototype or mule, or a few, doesn’t mean Apple is trying to mass-produce the entire car. Perhaps they just want to build “Apple Inside” components for self-driving cars, or — like LG Electronics — build EV drivetrains for established auto makers.

    1. Zim says:

      I think your GTA suggestion above is a lot more likely.

    2. Mark B Spiegel says:

      An ironic comment, considering that Tesla electric drivetrains make so much noise that half of them have– or will have to be– replaced!

      1. Anon says:

        The available data does not support your trolling…

      2. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

        Mark, it took me a couple of seconds to remember that you are a paid blogger who regularly makes anti-Tesla blog post over on Seeking Alpha.

        InsideEVs was a much nicer place before you, tftf, and the other anti-Tesla trolls started posting here.

        1. Dtrain says:

          You have to give Mark credit for being determined 🙂 He shorted the stock years ago and now writes everything he can to try to get the stock down so he can get his money back. Talk about going down with the ship. You’d think after years he’d eventually get on the stock to go up rather than down and finally make some money off Tesla. Realising it doesn’t matter what he says, what financial facts he quotes, he can’t convince anyone to go with his position. People make decisions based on feelings not facts. The market and the money grabbers make decisions on figures, that’s the point he’s missing. People love Tesla, the Company, the story, the vision and the product. And they’re going to buy them, pre-order them and give Tesla money – no matter what. The home battery packs are selling like hotcakes, the model 3 is going to sell incredibly well. Seriously Mark, change your position and make some money. Bet against Tesla and you’re going to lose.

  5. AlphaEdge says:

    They are testing their inside test track, with their ICE vehicles!

    1. AlphaEdge says:

      Stolen from the source comments section, because this comment section is not funny enough:

      It’s a wood chipper, and Apple is dealing with yet another leaker…

      1. kdawg says:

        You’ve gone too fargo.

      2. Anon says:

        Well, they clearly need to patch the holes in the parking lot. Might as well use the compost for something useful. 😉

  6. taser54 says:

    Apple Drones (not the fanbois).

  7. Malevolence says:

    …or it could just be a gas powered concrete saw being used to cut the building slab to install a pipe or conduit for a key piece of highly technical equipment like… say… a toilet. I guess I wouldn’t read much into this. 🙂

    1. Steven says:

      Yeah, simple “lease-holder improvements” like plumbing and concrete floor repairs make more sense. After all, electric motors are generally quiet.

  8. Anon says:

    My paranoid side, wonders if Apple is rushing to unveil something of a vehicular nature on March 30th or 31st…

    1. Michael Will says:

      ‘We are proud to reveal that we have reinvented the gasoline car’.

    2. Stephen Hodges says:

      you mean the day after… April 1st!!

      1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

        Yeah, Apple is annoyed by competition for its Apple Watch from Tesla’s Model W, and is getting ready to strike back.

        1. Anon says:

          If Apple has anything to show after years of work and millions of dollars on their EV Project– I would be shocked if Tim didn’t try to get some media attention of their own, as Tesla’s Model III is one of the most anticipated BEV reveals of the year.

          Why work so late at night, and disrupt the neighborhood? Seems like someone is in a rush to finish something, to me. *shrugs*

  9. ModernMarvelFan says:

    Is Lyle still driving his Ford CMax Energi?

  10. Dtrain says:

    Apple: “its the thinnest, lightest car we’ve ever made.”

    1. Anon says:

      That made me laugh. 🙂