Apple’s Electric Car Delayed?


JUL 27 2016 BY STAFF 16

No news and bad news can sometimes be good news, depending on how you look at it. Although we found out this week that the “rumored” Apple Car production date may be pushed back a year, we are also another step closer to knowing that the car is, in fact, real and not a rumor.

After all, you can’t push back the date of something that is not going to happen. Unless, of course, you push it back indefinitely until it finally fizzles out. The news of an Apple Car actually coming, regardless of when, is good news if you are an Apple fan.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Approved Project Titan In 2014

Apple CEO Tim Cook Approved Project Titan In 2014

A publication called The Information did a report on three brothers that work for Apple, specifically with focus on Siri. Brian Sumner, computer science grad from UNC Chapel Hill, began his work with Siri over five years ago and over the course of time, he brought his two brothers on board to help.

Today, the three are working on new software and servers to be able to handle and maintain the immense amount of data that will be produced by future Apple Cars.

Much like the company’s other products, the storage capacity must grow and grow for products to properly function and not become useless. Reports estimate that autonomous cars will eat up 2-10 gigabytes of data per mile! We aren’t talking about 64-128 GB iPhones. This is levels of data that are hard to even fathom.

Other companies, including Tesla, farm out some of their data download and storage responsibilities. Apple, as usual, plans to manage everything from the software, to the server infrastructure on its own. We all know, after the Apple vs. FBI battle, that the company wants full control of its data.

Exposed in the report about Apple’s three Project Titan team brothers was information leading to the fact that the project has fallen about a year behind the original goal of 2020. One reason was the sudden resignation of Titan’s team leader, Steve Zadesky. Apple may have hit a home run with the hiring of replacement Chris Porritt of former Tesla fame. But regardless, the project suffered some slowing in the interim.

The fact that employees currently working for Apple are referring to an active project with an actual timeline, and their specific job deals directly with the Apple Car itself is surely compelling news no matter how you see it.

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I really doubt Apple plans to manufacturer an entire car. I don’t see why they’d have any interest in aspects of design well outside their core competency (e.g. steering, brakes) and I don’t think they’d want the hassles of manufacturering a car.

Rather, I think Apple is working on an “Apple Autonomous” system much like “Apply Play” is for music where existing car makers will pay to use it. It lets Apple do something really cool with their core competency without getting mired in stuff like designing suspension components.

in addition, apple would have to deal with a raft of regulatory issues and would have to set up a distribution network.

Apple may decide it’s worth it to partner with Tesla in fighting to change direct sales laws. Apple certainly has the cash to fund such a fight, and their rabid fan base will harass their lawmakers until it happens.

Once that happens, all they would need would be service centers. Hell, make them Genius Centers where you get your car serviced and iPhone repaired. At this point, the car will have more in common with the phone than a traditional ICE vehicle…

corporations don’t look for fights, they look to make money.


If auto manufacturers put “Apple inside” systems for autonomous driving into their cars, then Apple will have to handle all that data, even if it doesn’t make the cars.

It would be much more inside Apple’s “comfort zone” to manufacture the autonomous software, sensors, and the hardware necessary to interface with the car’s driving controls, than for Apple to actually make an “iCar”. Apple would also run the system.

That would be like OnStar. Now, I do realize that OnStar is a GM company, but it could just as easily be a subsidiary of another company.

nothing in this article is “proof” that apple is actually going to start selling automobiles. at this point, it looks to me that apple is developing a system to be used in automobiles. it makes a lot more sense for apple to develop systems that would then be oem’d to automakers than it would for apple to actually set up an auto manufacturing facility.

Most likely.

Wow. Apple really is trying to copy Tesla. I hope Apple doesn’t also copy Tesla’s fit, finish, and build quality. 😉

Wow, You really don’t want Apple Car to be in the running for the highest quality score ever given by multiple organizations including Consumer Reports?

Yes the Model X has had a few minor issues which look bad when everything else has been so great. Even Musk has admitted he made a mistake trying to do too much with the X. It was a lesson he claims to have learned well. When the Model 3 was designed, ease of production was given top priority through out. I expect the model 3 to not only be an improvement over the X but also better overall quality than the record setting S. (until the next gen S launches)

I don’t know, the fit and finish of the Model 3, Model S and Model X, that were at the Motortrend photo shoot at the Gigafactory, was excellent on all 3 vehicles! ?

So you would rather wait about a decade for Apple to build a car rather than own a Tesla and deal with the small quality issues that they have had at the start? Antennagate ring a bell

I personally think, Apple will never built a car.
They just will design it and make every last specification. Then the Chinese will built it for them, like all other Apple products.
Only difference, this time, they won’t do it manually, but use mainly manufacturing robots to be even cheaper.
But I don’t mind who makes them, EV is EV, and any ICE off the road is a benefit for air quality.

Let’s not forget the friendly elephant in Apple’s room.

I’ve forgotten how many gigadollars Apple is sitting on, but it makes Tesla look like the impoverished distant cousin.

That means Apple will bite off for themselves just as much of the manufacturing job as they as they care to chew!

This may be more or less than we armchair experts deem appropriate, but it will be very interesting to watch.

Looks like a future ford to me.

Yes it even says so on the license plate 🙂
Anyway, what kind of license plate is that? Is it legal to just drive with a plate that says ROSEVILLE FUTURE FORD?
That’s just an advertisement for a Ford dealer in Roseville, CA.

I’m not an apple fan. I’m a tesla fan. And i have stock of one months salery in tesla. Even so, if Apple could change the car industry the way it did with cell phones id back them, even though it would mean bankruptcy of tesla!