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Tesla Model S Apple Watch App.

“DISCLAIMER: Tesla Motors Inc. was not involved and did not endorse neither author, nor ELEKS Ltd. in experiments and application described in this article. TESLA logo and brand name were removed from this article under request of Tesla Motors Inc.” – Eleks’ Labs.

Eleks Labs has developed a Tesla Model S app (unofficial) that works with Apple Watch.

Just like the Model S’ smart phone app, you can control features on the Model S like climate, sunroof, lock, unlock, etc.

Not to deter you, but Eleks ran into a few small issues due mainly to the newness of the Apple Watch:

  • The smart watch has an accelerometer and a gyroscope but when developing, you have no access to them.
  • There is Bluetooth but it can only connect to your iPhone and it’s also not available for developers.
  • Apple watch display is touch sensitive but if you’re developing, only Force Touch, which is used to display the shortcut menu, is available to you.
  • The system of tactile notifications TapTic Engine is, unfortunately, also unavailable.
  • You also don’t have access to the built-in speaker and microphone.
  • It kind of has GPS but only on your iPhone.

Of course, as time goes by it’s likely that the Apple Watch will allow more access to work out these issues in order to fully accommodate the Model S app.

For now, the video above and these images will give you an idea of how the Model S app works.

All of the different controls.

All of the different controls.


Further controls.

More controls.

Apple Watch w/ Tesla Model S app.

Apple Watch w/ Tesla Model S app.

Click here for the Eleks Model S app website page or here for more info from Cult Of Mac.

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I like the looks of the Moto 360 better. The Apple Watch looks clunky.

I presume the dev kit / SDK will improve with time.

Someone needs to make a Smart Pocket Watch. That, I would wear.

…. maybe just an iPhone case with a chain on it… there’s your pocket watch.

You don’t wear pocket watches, do you…

Why teh fuuuuuuuuu should I want to have a map displayed on a mail stamp size screen?

Finally, someone asks the obvious question about the iWatch.

I guess this is for those who think a smartphone screen is waaaaay too big.

Cool app.. but I heard from a reliable source that the Iwatch battery life will be something like 3 hours if you turn on any of the wireless features required to enable these connected apps.. If that is true, this watch will be a non-starter IMHO. Just use your phone I say.