Apple Reportedly Working With South Korean Battery Maker On Hollow Batteries


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Apple Patent For Manufacturing Hollow Materials, Source: Patently Apple

Two-Year Old Apple Patent For Manufacturing Hollow Structures, Source: Patently Apple

It has been reported that Apple is joining forces with a small South Korean battery maker to make hollow, lithium-ion batteries for Project Titan (its secret/no-so-secret electric autonomous vehicle). The batteries are said to be the size of about two fingers, and produce increased output.

Apple's San Francisco Store With "Car-Sized" Doors

Apple’s Flagship San Francisco Store With “Car-Sized” Doors

A spokesperson for the company talked to the press, however, the person remains anonymous and the company initially remained unnamed due to a non-disclosure agreement with Apple. The executive said:

“Because we made a NDA with Apple, we cannot discuss any information regarding this project.”

What a surprise . . .  Anyway it seems that the deal may be a sure thing and the company doesn’t want to jeopardize the opportunity to work with Apple on the highly anticipated Apple Car. The 20-employee company reportedly holds international patents for the hollow battery technology. ET News explained:

“Because batteries create most heat from the center due to chemical reactions, this company has created batteries where air flow and cooling are smooth in the center of batteries and this can minimize installation of separate cooling device or a device that prevents overheating.”

Other reports dug up information stating that “Orange Power” may be the company in question. Orange Power does, in fact, have about 30 employees, is located in South Korea, and makes cylindrical, hollow, lithium-ion batteries, that are connected in series or stacked in parallel for increased capacity. This is all based on the company’s patent application.

It turns out that Apple also has a patent application for such technology, and it was filed over two years ago.

Source: Business Insider, AppleCarFans

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Orange Power?

Now your are comparing apples and oranges…


“Opaque” and “display” are not attributes typically associated with battery technology

Come on fellows; do you really think that a patent that was filled two years ago has the edge over what all the scientists in the world are trying to improve on today?

Batteries with a hollow center would certainly improve cooling, but at the expense of requiring more volume. I’m not sure that is really an improvement in a cylindrical battery for EV battery packs, where space is at a premium. It might be an improvement in flat or block-shaped batteries, because it would give a place to run a cooling loop thru the battery. But cylindrical batteries, due to their round cross-section, already have a built-in place for heat to escape from between the cells, and to run a cooling loop past the battery.

It may be a mistake to assume that any given Apple battery R&D project or group is associated with EVs. After all, many or most of Apple’s products need batteries.

To avoid bending to much the electrode films, cylindrical cells usually start at a non zero radius on some kind of center rod. If that rod can be replaced by a hollow cylinder, it creates an opportunity to flow a coolant trough it. This cylinder section plus the curved triangular spaces between the cells could be specifically used by a bottom to top flow of coolant through two perforated plates otherwise squeezing the cells. That set up would allow cooling without the use of a ribbon and therefore allow a complete cell to cell packing to the maximum hexagonal configuration. It would also allow still larger diameter cells since the distance to a coolant surface would be halved. Larger diameter gives a better active material to packaging ratio which is beneficial to energy density. Of course the hollow center cylinder increase the surface of the cell but since if it replace the non active material center rod, it is non detrimental to the active material to packaging ratio. So Apple could be on something interesting since it is a potential improvement independent of the cell chemistry.

Thanks for the info, Priusmaniac! Good point, and I learned something today.

I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question, but would this type of battery use Covalt as a cathode material? Thanks in advance for any response.

Caption in this article:

“Apple’s Flagship San Francisco Store With ‘Car-Sized” Doors’ ”

Sorry to see this bad meme repeated here. As was pointed out in comments to InsideEVs’ earlier article on the opening of that store, the doors are vastly larger than would be necessary to roll an EV in and out. There was speculation that the doors may be opened when the store is having some sort of special “open house” event, and they want to create an open atrium.

Actually, that looks like more than speculation. I see a comment on the store reading “This Apple Store is absolutely stunning. There are huge glass doors at the entrance that slide open whenever there’s good weather.”

A photo with doors open: