Apple Eve Electric Sports Car Concept Stuns Us

FEB 23 2017 BY JEFF PEREZ 12

Apple Eve sports car concept is stunning, will never happen

We can always dream…

The Apple Car – aka Project Titan – is mostly dead on arrival. But that hasn’t stopped Italian rendering artist Alex Imnadze from coming up with an Apple-branded sports car that might have executives taking a second look. It’s called the Apple Eve concept, and it’s a far cry from the previous Apple Car concepts we’ve featured previously (including our own) – but stunning nonetheless.

The sleek two-door concept takes Apple’s “futuristic, minimalistic, pure” approach and translates it onto a two-door coupe. As the late, great Steve Jobs once said, “design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

A single light bar on the front end keeps the focus on the clean lines, and a well-defined rear with a similar taillight design gives it an advanced look. The Apple logo can be seen embedded on the side panels, and what can be seen of the interior is a simple two-seat layout. We assume Apple CarPlay is standard.

Apple Eve

Though the designer doesn’t give much in the way of performance details, power would come courtesy of an electric drivetrain, and some form of autonomous drive mode would likely be included. It is still a Silicon Valley product, after all.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Apple Car will never happen, meaning the company will never get the chance to built the stunning Eve concept. Apple is reportedly transferring its focus from car building to technology, and has laid off more than a dozen employees in the process. Still, the company hopes that it will be able to test its autonomous technology on public roads in the near future.

Source: Alex Imnadze / Behance

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Meh. Too much Mission-E, making the design … derivative

Better than the Porsche design.

Apple has always been a master of designing…derivatives! and then call them their own.

Come on ? take the first bite

Said an old snake to a young girl.

I don’t see what’s Apple about that car. It looks like an ugly Italian car.

Maybe because it looks like a cell-phone with wheels?

Mostly as it isn’t an Apple design, but what some guy not associate with Apple thinks he would like it to be.

At what point did Apple ever say it was designing a car?

Is there any attributable quote from an Apple Corporation spokesperson who said they were designing a car?

Apple was never in the process of designing a car. Did they dig into the car design process very hard? Uncover a number of technology oportunities? And, more importantly, regulatory challenges? Yes and yes. IMO it is no small coincidence that the rebirth of AAPL share price was recently preceded by the death of the iCar rumor.


Looks like a car that will never be produced. Carry on

Now that’s what I call a sleek, aerodynamic car … gorgeous but probably not practical … I hope somebody builds it 🙂

This is a 2017 concept? Why maintain some USDOT design vestiges (side mirrors) while abandoning others? The late ’80s called, they suggested a second support arm on their mirror artifacts and moving them to the A-pillar. At least up there they’d provide a better ratio of rearward visibility to induced drag.