Apple Electric Car Project Boss Leaving Company

JAN 23 2016 BY JAY COLE 17

Apple Loses Man Tasked With Bringing EV To Market

Apple Loses Man Tasked With Bringing EV To Market

Apple’s secret electric autonomous car project continues to make waves, despite the fact it has never actually been announced by the tech giant.

Steve Zadesky - Mush-Rumored Project Titan Boss

Steve Zadesky – Much-Rumored Project Titan Boss

In today’s edition of “what’s up with Project Titan” via “people familiar” is the news that project leader Steve Zadesky is leaving the company.

Mr. Zadesky had been pegged to lead the group thanks to his background with engineering at Ford in the late 90s.  While at Apple he moved his way up the corporate ladder to find himself VP of product design for the iPhone (and iPod).

The reason for leaving was the ever-popular “personal reasons”, with the sources saying it was not due to performance of the project or Mr. Zadesky himself.

As always, this type of exit from a major company can be verified with the passage of time…put another way, if the ex-Project Titan boss shows up at Tesla in 3 months, you can bet it wasn’t personal.

Looking at his LinkedIn Bio, Steve certainly seemed enthused about being at Apple:

“I love helping to create new product spaces and delivering challenging new technologies. At Apple I have been lucky enough to help build and lead the teams for the first iPod, first iPhone, all subsequent iPhones and iPods as well as hundreds of Apple branded accessory products.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently went public with his own quasi-confirmation of Apple’s EV project in an interview with the BBC, saying it was now an “open secret” and that is was “pretty hard to hide something if you hire over a thousand engineers to do it.”

Also last month, Apple took the first steps in apparently cutting out its own space on the Internet for Project Titan, squatting on three potential domain names:,,

Apple’s electric car is expected to arrive by the end of this decade.

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Could this be that Apple’s car design is now complete or very close to it ?


Toss 1000 engineers in a room for two years, and they’ll produce… something. 😉


BO !


Like the monkey Hamlet concept:




Most engineers I have worked with are FAR more intelligent and talented.


And how many of them worked on hydrogen drivetrains for passenger cars?

Talent and intelligence help you to build what you’re asked to, even if it does not make economic, ecological or common sense.


Obviously, Anon is no engineer…


LOL toss 1000 chimpanzees in a room for a year and they too will produce something. I guess we’ll see what the future holds. Personally I’m not inclined to take much stock in a computer company making cars but then again it’s a brave new world.


Well, this guy’s been at Apple for 17 years… Much has been in rumor sites of the fact that he’s an “automotive guy”, but that was only 3 years straight out of university.
After 17 years, a person’s certainly entitled to a change of scenery… And given his roles & seniority, he’s probably made enough in salary & stock options to retire on if he wants to.

Alonso Perez

Nobody retires in the middle of something like this. Something went off plan. Either he had a serious personal/family issue, or he had a an issue with Apple. Could be a performance problem, he might have been behind schedule for example. Or it could be a disagreement about the direction of the project.
I hope for his sake that it was not a personal problem. If not, then it means that the Apple Car will be delayed, because the project isn’t meeting management’s expectations. If this is the case, it would speak badly of Sadesky or Cook, but we won’t know which one for years.


I hate product delays. Especially products that have never been announced or had a release date defined.


The article says:

“Apple’s secret electric autonomous car project…”

This is the worst kept secret since Area 51! 😀

Three Electrics

Heh. Or the iPhone; development was well known prior to launch.


Curious to see if he ends up at FF.


Development of the iPhone had to be well known prior to launch, in order the establish the app ecosystem


Actually, ironically, the app ecosystem, which is a big part of the iOS’s success, was never planned.

You may not remember this, but Apple (==The Steve) did _not_ want any non-Apple native apps on the device, apart from 4-5 major ones by strategic partners. He was always a huge fan of closed devices, starting from the Apple ][ days (Wozniak had to force him to include slots in the machine).
In interview at the time he kept emphasizing that this the iPhone was not a general-purpose computing device, and that developers were expected to use Web-based apps.
He was forced to change course, kicking and screaming, after a lot of backlash from the developer community & Apple’s board, when it became clear how big a potential apps had for increasing sales.
Making the The dev ecossytem available for external developers was done in a few months.