Aoxin Ibis Is The Ugliest Tesla Clone We’ve Ever Seen

MAR 28 2015 BY MARK KANE 29

Aoxin Ibis & Tesla Motors logo (Source:

Aoxin Ibis & Tesla Motors logo (Source:

Wtih Tesla Model S sales in China lagging compared to Tesla’s targets, a Chinese company called Aoxin New Energy decided to introduce its own Tesla look-alike electric car.

Meet the Aoxin Ibis, which is the ugliest Tesla clone we’ve ever seen. Aoxin Ibis seems angry too.

According to, Aoxin Ibis was unveiled in 2014 at the New Energy Auto Show in Shanghai (NEAS) and sales will begin in the second half of this year. Pricing should be announced later this month.

Not only the car resembles the Tesla, but even the logo.

Aoxin Ibis (Source:

Aoxin Ibis (Source:

Aoxin Ibis (Source:

Aoxin Ibis (Source:

Inside you will find a digital dashboard and center console, although smaller than in the Tesla.

The chassis is made out of aluminum and carbon fiber. Weight of the car is 1,830 kg (4,034 lbs), so much lower than the Tesla.

Range at constant speed 60 km/h (37 mph) stands at 520 km (323 miles), while Model S can go over 700 km (450 miles).. Real world ranges probably will be at least 25% lower. As everything in the Aoxin Ibis is downgraded, performance is much weaker:

“Now for power! Aoxin claims the Ibis has three electric motors, all powering the rear wheels. Main motor sits on the rear axle, supplemented by a hub motor in each rear wheel. Total output is a slightly disappointing 181hp and 340nm, good for a 152 km/h top speed. Range however is very impressive with 460 kilometer by normal use, and 520 kilometer by a 60 kilometer per our average speed (this odd 60 km/h measurement is used by many Chinese electric-automakers). The motors get their juice from a 360V triple-lithium polymer battery, located under the floor of the vehicle. Specs via Aoxin.”

Aoxin Ibis (Source:

Aoxin Ibis (Source:


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How much is it?

Now this is something inevitable that I would see from the Fiat group. This looks like a plump Maserati that shared all of its underpinnings with the Fiat Viaggio / Dodge Dart.

I tried to look it up. There is no wiki about it! Do you think Tesla is making a deal with Google to hide info about the competition?

You need to surf in chinese, probably, as this car is not intended for other country.

Like most other cars made in China.
I was reading this week that due to ‘weak copyright laws’ in China(read non existant) Jaguar/Land Rover are unable to stop the production of the Chinese Evoque copy.

Its just the thing in the middle which is ugly 🙂

I don’t think this looks like the Model S…

Even if it looks ugly so what. The specs are impressive and that is what counts.


Specs of Chinese cars always look impressive, unlike driving…

This is the ‘imagined’ car that one blogger accused me of being drunk imagining about a week ago. Since Buick was the most popular GM brand in China, to me it is no surprise that the “CatFish” Grille is gone to be replaced by something more ‘Buickesque’. InsideEvs should be ashamed of themselves. If you ask the typical Chinese what they think about this car, I would doubt the first words out of their mouths would be ‘The Ugliest Car’. The fact that it is somewhat larger than the “S” is obviously intended to be an upscale product in the Chinese market, as its rather large (granted not quite as big as a Tesla) battery. I’m not quite sure to think about this product until pricing is released, and frankly, any Chinese wouldn’t particularly care what I thought anyway. After Gushing over that Spark, and its brother, the Spark EV, whatever performance, or interior atrobutes that car has cannot overcome the fact that it is the Ugliest GM product on the scene since the Pontiac Vibe; that car being described as “A Cow trying to stand Up”. But for InsideEvs to throw Mud at a serious product attempt in this… Read more »

+1. I bet this car will sell much better than Model S in China, and will not have any charging anxiety. The Model S actually looks pretty bad from the front. It could just be how my mind is trained to think about cars – there needs to be a nice looking grill in the front.
Yesterday there was one Model S driving behind my car for a while. It looked really low and bland, like some cheap subcompact.

Perhaps you should go to China and do some in depth research for an extended period for us.

Hey “See Through”, you should quit short-selling Tesla stock. Then you wouldn’t have to spend so much of your time spreading FUD about Tesla all over the Internet.

Wait – why does it have an air intake grille on the front? Doesn’t that just increase drag and defeat the entire benefit of making an EV have a lower drag coefficient?

Yes, but sometimes desing wins over function. Anyway, the bigger the battery the less you care about efficiency. This car sounds more like 50 kWh, so double the standard (=24) kWh, which is cool :).


The open Grill?? Maybe Not An EV…Maybe Ancient Chinese Bullshit ! & Yea Its UGLY! No Matter How Ur Trained To Think….A Total Brain wash & an Opium Overdose might Make It Beautiful..for a short time..

You say it looks angry. This is not so bad for cars. Think of tough buissnessmen. (Excuse my english)

Yes but I’d expect this car to have an arm holding a samurai sword sprouting out of the B pillar!

So this is why Tesla’s sales are so slow in China.

I will never complain about the nose cone on the Model S ever again.

Wait, wait, wait – it has a motor in the rear axle AND one in each rear wheel? Like the axle motor spins the other two and if they get activated, their rpm add up to the axle motors rpm? Is that even possible… or let’s say durable?

It certainly doesn’t suggest competent engineering, does it? To me, that is -much- more important than whether or not people think it’s ugly.

But then, I dunno just how reliable the info in this article is. It claims “Model S can go over 700 km (450 miles)…”

Tesla itself advertises the Model S as a “300 mile” EV. I dunno just where that 450 mile figure came from. Perhaps that’s an indication of just how inflated the numbers are from whatever procedure China uses to test such things?

The article quoted that range at 37mph. Does Tesla quote a range at that speed? Or, do they assume their customers wouldn’t want, or more importantly, need to drive at that speed.

It is a car, has at least 65 KWh of battery to achieve the range with the 1830 Kg mass, it has a real trunk and apparently a full size cabin seating five. It has a front crumpling zone to, perhaps a frunk.
The esthetic apart, this is an ev with more range than any other on the market, model s excluded.
If the price is in the 40000 $, it is way better then the Bolt GM is proposing.
They also say deliveries start this year while the Bolt is only in 2 years.
Beside the esthetic is not worse than the Leaf and can be modified quiet easily with tuning.
It is interesting anyway to see some realistic range ev coming on the market.

I seriously doubt that claimed range has anything to do with real-world driving. You will note the article doesn’t specify how many kWh the battery pack has. The figure given in this article for the Model S’s range, 450 miles, is also quite inflated. Even Tesla only claims 300 miles, and the EPA rating is 265 miles.

It’s a Maserati clone, not the Model S.

I like the way it looks.
The grill reminds me of an old Ferrari and other small Italian companies cars of the 50s.