Anyone Want To Rent A Tesla Model 3?

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

If you haven’t yet heard of Turo, it’s like the Airbnb for vehicles. It’s a peer-to-peer car-sharing service with which people can put their car up for rent, just like you would do with a rental home or condo.

Chad and Min Hurin live in California and use Turo to rent out their Tesla Model S and Model X. In fact, they’ve used the rental service to pay off their vehicle loans. This is definitely an idea worth considering, especially if you have more than one car and there are times that you don’t use it. It might be a great way for people to afford a luxury vehicle, that may not have been able to afford it otherwise.

Tesla Model 3

Would you a choose red (above) or blue Tesla Model 3? With Turo you’ll get whatever the Hurins choose, but at least it’s a real chance to drive a Model 3 soon.

The Hurins obviously have a Tesla Model 3 reservation. Since they live in California and are current Tesla owners, and we can only assume that they got in line early to put their money down on the Model 3, they should have the new vehicle as soon as this December.

The timeline may change, however, since Tesla has experienced a “production bottleneck”, but sooner or later (and sooner than many reservation-holders) the Hurins will be proud owners of a Model 3 and they’ve already secured a deal to get it up on Turo.

Turo has offered the Hurins $500 to list their Model 3 on the site. At the time (this past weekend), the Hurins thought they might be the first to list and rent the Model 3 on Turo (turns out that probably won’t be the case, as competition for that status has already popped up – see 2 new listings below).  Chad shared (via Business Insider):

“I don’t think there are any on Turo right now — there are only around 200 in the world. I think it will be very popular.”

Chad told Business Insider that Turo actually contacted him to talk about this deal. Turo has verified the information. The site said that the deal is set up as an earnings match. So, the Hurins will list their Tesla Model 3 on Turo and once they make $500, the site will award them another $500. This is a promo that Turo offers select people for specific vehicles. We can’t imagine it will take very long for the Hurins to make their first $500. Heck, they’ll probably pay off their Model 3 loan as well.

Check out these newly listed future Model 3 rentals on Turo now :

Source: Business Insider, hat tip to Dan Z!

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One of the more surprising aspects of this story is that there are Model 3’s sold and in the hands of buyers outside of California, and even on the East Coast (Vienna, VA).

Actually I take it back, I see now that it says in the listing that the car isn’t available yet.

I’m in Boulder and I’d consider renting it for a day if it were available. As far as I know, the only model 3 seen around here is Kimbal Musk’s blue one.

Available now, for the last few weeks on East Coast. Daily rental from Jeff to check it out.

Wonder if Tesla will try to stop this?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


Hey, maybe I can try and rent Jeff’s Model 3 in VA! I’m only an hour drive from him. Would make good blogging material. 🙂

Interesting that Jeff’s Model 3 isn’t available until 1 Jan 2018. I’m assuming that is the date the NDA expires?

Or he doesn’t have it yet and that’s the end of the estimated arrival window.

It’d be gold if someone could get a copy of the Model 3 NDA and post it online. Would be interesting to see just how tight Tesla’s Iron Curtain NDA actually is.

Want to rent a Model 3?
You can’t yet.

That’s basically the entire content of this article.

Yup. The headline is just a tease. 🙁

You can now, Jeff’s in Washington DC is now available.

What safeguards are there that the renter doesn’t take the car for a track weekend and race it? Is that in the contract? Some insurance company’s won’t cover a track accident, incident, etc.

With the new battery and a BMW copied suspension, the TM3 should road race well; you could qualify it and run time trials in the “catch all group”…might even win. It’s worth a try and should be fun, especially if you can wear out somebody else’s car and tires.

Be careful renting your vehicle out with Turo. I used to rent my vehicles out when it was RelayRides. After an accident, they repaired the vehicle, but the vehicle was worth thousands less afterward. They don’t provide anything for diminished market value. I took it to small claims court and won, but they never sent me a dime.