Another Day, Another Faraday Future Upcoming Production EV Teaser

DEC 7 2016 BY JAY COLE 39

After starting the promotion machine yesterday by releasing its first ever teaser for its upcoming all-electric vehicle, Faraday Future has published a second shot – giving us an almost silhouette-like look at the back part of the car.

Faraday's first teaser image released Monday

Faraday’s first teaser image released Monday

Of note, the car that will debut on Tueswday, January 3rd in Las Vegas ahead of CES has apparently done away with those pesky side-mirrors in favor of cameras…which would be great, if that sort of thing was road legal.

One wonders how many more teasers we might see ahead of the reveal – stayed tuned tomorrow!

InsideEVs will be attending the live debut of Faraday’s first production-intent EV from The Pavilions at the Las Vegas Market, as well as the subsequent action from CES in the following days, as the electronics show is expected to bring a lot of wider news in the field of autonomous driving tech.

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The tail light is clever.


These Guys are turning out to be a Real Nuisance .

..and a source of amusement.

Agree – love the tail lights

Side camera mirrors are already legal in Japan and the EU was alegedly working on legalizing this year and the US is expected to follow in 2018 or so…
Dont know why there is a holdup here…

Yogurt said:

“Side camera mirrors… the US is expected to follow in 2018 or so…”

If that’s anything more than just speculation, then I’d appreciate a link to the source. I haven’t seen any news that the U.S. is considering changing the regulation for that.

As a bicyclist in a densely populated urban area, I’m kind of dreading the arrival of side camera mirrors. With regular side mirrors, a good percentage of people check the side mirror before opening their doors, while some others just swing their doors open into the bike lane (or lane of traffic). Speaking from experience, getting “doored” is no fun. With side camera mirrors, I fear that everyone is going to be swinging their doors open into the bike lane.

The other nice thing about side mirrors is that you can make eye contact with the person in the car to know they are not going to open their door into you.

they need sensors facing back and front where we had side mirrors to track cycles and avoid dooring.

Never thought about that. I got a really bad bruise on my shin once, from some lady opening the door on me as I was riding by.

Hopefully the cars will have a side obstacle warning, when people exit the vehicle.

You can’t expect them to look over their shoulder when the opening the door, as they don’t even do that now, when driving in reverse.

Thats a good point, will the cameras work when the car is switched off and the occupants are still inside. There does need to be a way to check rearward when the car is not switched on.

FF has long ago crossed the point of diminishing returns on its use of marketing teasers.

Just to be clear Tesla teases and teases and they are the best but FF takes a play out of Teslas book and they are a nuisance…

If it bothers you that much don’t click on the link.

What example do you have of Tesla peek-teasing a product ad nauseam?

To be fair, even this Tesla fanboy did find all the teasing of partial images of the Model X to become tiresome before the car was finally fully revealed.

Exactly how many teaser images of this particular product has FF released?

Like the other guy said Elon and his crew have a tendency to tease a hell of a lot more than FF has.

The difference being that Tesla does eventually start selling what it’s been teasing. Faraday Future? Not so much.

Or do you really think they’re turn that ridiculous “batmobile” fake concept car into a real production car? 😛

You’re right, I’m sure Tesla didn’t tease their Roadster whatsoever :rollseyes:

The actual only difference is people here let Tesla get away with the same shit that they bash other car companies over…

You know it, I know it, we all know it so just own up to it.

“You’re right, I’m sure Tesla didn’t tease their Roadster whatsoever :rollseyes: ”

No, as I recall, they didn’t. Wouldn’t have been any point. The glider for the Roadster was a modification of the Lotus Elise, and the changes were not significant enough to be very noticeable. The body was slightly lengthened, and Elon belatedly insisted the door sills be lowered, but anybody could see what the car would basically look like, by looking at an Elise.

CDAVIS said:

“FF has long ago crossed the point of diminishing returns on its use of marketing teasers.”

I think so too. So I find it quite surprising that the article reports “InsideEVs will be attending the live debut of Faraday’s first production-intent EV…”

Well, we’ll hope Faraday puts on a less disappointing dog-and-pony show than the first one, where they revealed their “batmobile” pretend concept car, which is just an empty shell without even steerable front wheels!

I think FF needs to show that there really is a wolf, before we start paying any attention at all to the little boy who keeps crying “Wolf!”

Show us the car already!

I can’t wait.

The Tueswday, Neveruary 32nd reveal, seems closer by each and every excruciating vaporous day of disclosure. These crafty F F marketing shills, so teasingly spoon feed us Clownsumers of EV cars, I can’t help but be drawn to all the hood winking going on. I can’t contain myself, I’m thinking of just calling St. Elon, now that I have a few F.F. Photo op teasers under my belt, and canceling the whole silly Model 3 reservation-thingy, off. I can see my Future, and I can fairly say, it seems like that, I might be thinking I’m a Faraday! ;•)

Need to fire the marketing department.

…can’t wait til “Tueswday”

Ugh. Hard to tell from this image, but that looks like it might be a side camera mount where a side mirror should be. If so, this is just yet another concept car, and not a production model. Because that $#!+ ain’t legal.

If they are going to play this game, maybe a weekly wrap-up of all the FF images released throughout the week would be sufficient coverage.

I guess I should have read the blog before posting. My bad. Sorry for the redundant first paragraph.

Maybe there will be a jar in front of the car to collect money for their unpaid bills? Or they could raffle a Model S.

I wonder if all the drama with this company is a part of their marketing strategy

It certainly appears to be a strategy to attract investor money. Whether this company will ever produce anything but vaporware remains to be seen.

We will hope Faraday Future turns out to be a more substantial company than Motor Development International, which was a long-running investor scam that pretended to develop a car powered by compressed air, which over the space of a few decades was supposed to be marketed in France, then India, then Hawaii… and a surprising number of other countries along the way.

This scam ended only because of the death of the scammer, just this year.

(If you have any doubt this was a scam, then check out the “talk” page for that Wikipedia article.)

Is this going to be another $80k EV sedan?

Why is this a good business target with all the major luxury mfg’s offering a similar product? Is there really that strong of a high end market?

Successful companies spawn imitators and wannabe imitators. Tesla Motors is a successful and high profile company.

It’s inevitable that some will try to imitate Tesla, or at least try to ride the coat-tails of their media buzz.

when it will be launch?

At the CES January 5-8, 2017.
The consumer electronics show.

I lost count of how many FF Logos are plastered all over this thing…

Sweet Robo-Jesus, I hope the interior isn’t the same.

Insecurity or hubris at FF? I can’t decide.

Production intent by 2018. From a brand new factory that has not even been built yet? After the building is finished it will take a year just to install all the equipment required to build cars, then start running cars through to debug all the equipment…
And will they take the first 100 cars off the production line and spend 6 months testing them like GM does before the sell any, or will they just let the first customers be alpha testers like Fisker did with the Karma?

There is a famous saying: “No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy.”

Faraday Future’s business plan will not survive contact with reality. Or maybe we should put that in the past tense and say it has not survived contact with reality, given all the reports about Faraday Future not paying its bills.

Well the good news is if aging Dino car makers get their way there will tons of space in the EV market for this new EV as they pull out.