Anonymous Consumer Alert Fliers Found On Tesla Model S


Ryan Block Tweets

Ryan Block Tweets

Ryan Block, former editor-in-chief of Engadget and currently a technology journalist and critic, posted the Tweet shown above.

The image that Block linked in the Tweet is posted below.

Usually, we’d add something to the discussion, but upon reading the Tesla “Consumer Alert” in its entirety, we couldn’t control our emotions long enough to jot down even a few words.

Tesla "Truths"

Tesla “Truths”


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Strange sexual behavior and anal itching?! — bwhahahaha!


Yeah… Some people still think it’s April Fool’s day, hopefully…

I always thought that was the result of owning a Ford Probe? LOL.

I’m gonna blow the whistle here and point out that they listed twice at the bottom.

Wow, is this authored by that lady that throws cats on the Simpsons?

IIRC, she has a PhD or something. Maybe she’s right?

I need my tinfoil hat now.

We suggest that this flier was printed as satire to give Tesla owners a bit of a chuckle on their way home.

There are no words. Fortunately, anyone who can afford a Tesla is probably smart enough to know that most (if not all) of that is total B.S.

The flier didn’t mention the worst thing of all–thought reading and mind control all done electronically! Tesla has secretly implanted a chip in the brain of each owner.

I wish Tesla would give me a chip for my brain, I could use a new one.

You already have a chip in your brain and just want to get it replaced?

Yeah, but the OEM doesn’t offer upgrades for old models, much less replacements. I guess all the good stuff (toys, media) is just for the newer models.

Screw you for making this pop into my head, so I share it with you:

At least Godwin’s law didn’t happen (unless there’s a backside)

They forgot to mention that large amounts of DHMO were used in the production of the Model S.

and… monosodium glutamate; partially hydrogenated oils chock-full of trans fats; BHA and BHT and Polyglycerol polyricinoleate ( the stuff Hershey’s and cheap-assed candy companies are now putting in their chocolate that causes alzheimer’s disease.

* also known to those in the know as: PGPR

At least the bankruptcy thing is correct. Even big automakers like GM and Chrysler went bankrupt in a matter of days. We know Mercedes invested in Tesla those days, when Tesla was a borderline case.
Rest, no one knows. Only a thorough investigation can reveal the truths. But I wonder, who might actually distribute such flyers?


Trolls. Like you. Who else?

…or CherylG? 😉

They also leave chem trails. It’s true! I have a friend who’s cousin, twice removed who has a daughter who’s karate teacher was killed by a chemtrail after a tesla drove by.

I think it is pretty cool that there are enough Tesla’s running around that it would make it worth someone’s bother to make up flyers and go walking around looking for Tesla’s to put them on.

Wasn’t the original premise of these anti-Tesla trolls that nobody wanted any EV’s at all, and that car companies would have to force them on consumers? Yet here they are, so beset with Tesla’s all around them that there are plenty enough to justify them making up flyers to tell all those owners not to like their cars.

So which is it?

1) Tesla’s are so unpopular as EV’s, that they have to be forced upon unwilling buyers?


2) Tesla’s are so popular that you have to make up flyers to convince their owners not to love their cars?

“Your comment is awaiting moderation. ”

Did I use a bad word or something?

Hey Nix…not at all, we lost connection with our spam filter there for a little bit and it queued up everything.

All good now…as you were, (=

Gotta love the EV h8ters. First they claimed that nobody wanted to buy EV’s, so all the poor gas car companies would have to force buyers to buy EV’s against their will. Now they are so mad at EV buyers loving their EV’s, that they are posting flyers on their cars trying to convince them not to love their cars.

So which is it?

1) Tesla’s are so unpopular as EV’s, that they have to be forced upon unwilling buyers?


2) Tesla’s are so popular that you have to make up flyers to convince their owners not to love their cars?

So it begins – the BS Bombing of Tesla.

I wonder if “The Lemon King” wrote this?

For me it sounds like a good old FUD campaign!

I like the idea with the flyers to give it some kind of grass roots authority of truth, it is a good idea, instead of just publish it on line in a forum

To make a good FUD campaign to work you always use the fact that most people is afraid of change, and it is better to be sceptic to new things and technology
And usually somebody with a lot of investment is keen on keeping the old technology, until they change there mind an buy into and support the new technology.

I think with ease you can go 100 years back and replace the use of kerosene to light up houses with the electrification of houses. There was also scare campaigns about the danger of electricity

Now I am in no doubt that Tesla and other car manufactures has there share of problems developing this new technology.

I do agree on one thing about the flyer, I don’t like subsidising new technology with tax money.

But what I like about Tesla is the they put there money where there mouth is!


Sincerely, Charles & David Koch

This written flyer should be like his author : Anonymous

When you cannot put on you your opinion, you should exempt to write it !

I’m sure that if you got access to this man’s computer (and it was almost certainly a man) you’d find the recent browsing history – except for the .xxx sites – was full of, NewsMax, Drudge, etc. And these people actually walk and talk among us.