Angry Much? “AutoExpert” In Australia Has An Axe To Grind With The Holden Volt – video

MAY 4 2015 BY JAY COLE 30

AutoExpert in Australia has some strong feelings about the Holden/Chevrolet Volt, and they aren’t afraid to air it all out in one big, hot mess.

Holden Volt Going For A Spin In Australia

Holden Volt Going For A Spin In Australia

The jumping off point for “Auto Expert” John Cadogan?

The Volt recall from March that fixed a problem where the gas engine could turn on in an enclosed space if the car was left on and unattended for a prolonged period.

Truth is, recalls happen a lot, and while this issue could have had some serious repercussions if a particular chain of events occurred in set sequence to cause carbon monoxide poisoning before it was caught, it did not.  All 64,000-odd 2011-2013 US Volt owners have managed to survive unharmed.

And for this fellow to go off in Australia months later, where just around 160 2012/2013 Holden Volts were sold (and no future model is coming), it seems like he was just looking for any excuse to have a little rant against “green” vehicles and General Motors down under.

And despite Mr. Cadogan’s suggestion that used Holden Volt owners everywhere in Australia are in grave risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning because they are unaware of the recall, we think GM is more than able to track down all 160-odd cars just the same.

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This whole scenario remains hilarious to me. There are numerous accounts of people not being able to hear normal cars running in their garage either.

It seems like we should recall all vehicles and remove their engines.

Hey Mr. Cadogan, perhaps you should sell your oil stocks and embrace the plug-in revolution. Just sayin’

“It seems like we should recall all vehicles and remove their engines.”

Yes, exactly, we should! For all kinds of other reasons too! 🙂

Yeah, I like this idea of recalling ICE cars. They do kill lots of people with CO poisoning every year.

SMOG does kill millions, so yeah, it would be awesome to remove all ICE from the roads.

How about Prius? There are literally millions of them, and I assume they have the same problem. Is Toyota planning a recall as well?

Well, he did say over 200 were sold. But he’s overstating the case a bit. The holden Volt is a substantially safe car overall; besides its perfectly conceivable someone with a gasoline propulsion car would forget to turn off the car because they are deaf and didn’t hear the engine running, or got distracted. If we can all agree that all motor vehicles are potentially dangerous, and that more than the usual care is required to safely operate them and shut them off, I think in this case we can ‘leave Holden, Chevrolet, Vauxhill, Opel, and GM Harmless’. To me, its a much larger issue that GM to date HAS NOT addressed: If you remote start the car, and the temp in the attached garage is 26 degrees fahrenheit or less (such as around here the entire months of January and February), unknown to you the engine WILL START. The later volts solve this problem, but me, there’s nothing I can do about it, except, now that I know it is doing it, I’m aware of it. But its one more silly example of the car thinking its smarter than me, when all I’m trying to do is preheat the… Read more »

“If you remote start the car, and the temp in the attached garage is 26 degrees fahrenheit or less (such as around here the entire months of January and February),”

Is that still the case when your car is plugged in?

My garage is never that cold and my Volt is always plugged in… So, I don’t know for sure.

In addition, even if the engine is on, it should shut off after about 0.02 gallons of gas burned to warm up the coolant…

Not sure about other years, but on my 2013 there is an option to disable the gas motor for pre-conditioning the cabin…

Gawd, I hate the fact that google will forever link me to this #antiEVZombie Video above but here it goes. GM Legal, now forever diligent for product exposure had seen numerous cases reported of keyless start cars, regardless of make, industry wide, being left on in garage’s. Not so often to happen in a 100% gasoline machine, but more likely to happen with one of the many hybrids available today with keyless start/stop. First, let me state this for all of you. MY 2011 and 2012 Chevy Volt EREV’s: Remote Started while plugged in or not in temperatures 25 degrees or lower the Gas Generator will run and will consume roughly 2/10th of a gallon of gas and then shut off. This is called Cabin Assisted Heating or ERDTT (Explained Below) Even with the allowed 2nd remote start, maybe a second 2/10th of a gallon but maybe not as the now warmed core temp may not need it. May not really be enough exhaust build up to be of concern? Be advised. – MY 2013-2015 as mentioned below there is an opt out for, “Engine Running When Plugged In” Enable This opt out. There is also an Engine Running Due… Read more »

Bill I believe the volt when remote stared will shutdown after 10 minutes by design, right?

Reply to all:

Yes, even while plugged – in.

THe 2011 volt has one advantage over the other volts: NICE SPEAKERS/ with a bose system.

THe 2013 volts are superior in every other way: more info on the screens, more choices. more all electric range, and you can choose when the engine starts.

Unfortunately, I have none of those choices, I can’t even get more than 3 hp from the drive when I’m stuck in the snow since I can’t turn the traction control off!!.

But yes, after 2 remote starts you have to go to the vehicle to restart it. So that one fact is saving GM’s bacon, since the engine is *NOT* running for hours, at least.

I have lived in Melbourne Australia for 5 years, never seen sub zero deg C temperatures, not once. There are part of Australia where they do get sub zero temperatures but really they are few and far between.

Is this the Australian Neal Cavuto?


He’s worse. Cavuto just said the Volt would cause a divorce, this guy says the Volt will kill your spouse.

what if you forgot to turn off a “normal” petrol car in your garage? it would kill you quicker then

Ugh, the website deleted a long post of mine again.

This is somewhat a ‘grasping at straws’.. All cars are Serious Machines and are dangerous in the absolute sense. It takes a serious, intelligent person to use one, or, it SHOULD.

Unless the AutoExpert gets compensated for mentioning Korean and Japanese brands. The brands he likes are good cars, but they are not flawless.

A bigger problem in my view is the Remote Start Issue with the 2011 volt. A customer would have no idea that remote starting his Volt to preheat it using no gas would use ONLY the engine in January or February.

GM’s let off the hook since the thing times out in 30 minutes maximum (2 rem starts).

But its just another case of the irritating feature of the car thats been programmed to be smarter than the guy who was smart enough to pay for it in the first place.

This is my second favorite car related youtube channnel after alexonautos. It’s always interesting to see how the same cars are perceived in different markets.

*Mr Mackey Voice* Uh oh Retard Alert…. RETARD ALERT!!

I think ‘bogan’ is the word for him.

Long winded = boring.
If you can’t tell me in 3 minutes, you don’t know video.

Funny how it’s the ICE components of the car that are dangerous and this guy is pro oil. After all it is the burning of fossil fuels that causes the danger. If the car was fully electric (or fully green) there’d be no issue.

It really astonishes me that there has been so much attention given to this potential for a problem which will only occur in a very unusual set of circumstances. And even then, it’s only dangerous if the garage isn’t vented properly.

No one has been injured or killed by this potential problem. We should focus attention on real dangers, such as car fires. More people die in the U.S. in car fires than apartment fires. In 2004 there were 266,000 car fires. I dunno if PHEVs like the Volt have proven to be safer in that regard, but BEVs certainly have.


Wow talk about one sided…. Bet he would be the first to complain if the A/C cut out when the he went shopping and the battery depleted. So dear old Grandma and pet dog would bake to death in the hot Australian Sun. Most ICE engines are quite and with push button start it would be easy to leave those running as well. I see this as no win situation for car manufactures as we have to mummy state care every idiotic possibility. For the Complexity of the Volt – it is one extremely very reliable car, the opposite portrayed here. Depreciation on expensive car is bad in Australia, granted worse for all electrics as our society is so averse to the new unless it is a smart phone or TV. Seems this guy really has an issue with GM, I do too, but not to the extent to label every GM model a failure. Drive a Mazda 6 and then drive a VF Australian made Commodore, you would like the Australian one as a much better more comfortable drive hands down. I was wondering when people in Australia are going to start hating on the Volt and 72Km in… Read more »

All these “push button engine start” issue will be solved if the vehicle will continue to sense for the fob while the engine is running. If it isn’t detected due to the driver leaving the vecinity, the engine will power off and stay off until the fob reappears and is pressed. Simple program add-on! I don’t have this problem because my GM cars need the ignition key (old school).

There’s at least one problem with this suggestion…what happens if the battery in the remote dies while you are driving?

So he’s mad that the car isn’t idiot resistant enough? Poor smart people probably thought nobody is going to be stupid enough to do this… Well they’re smart enough to realize they underestimated the idiots and are fixing it.