Andy Palmer Says Aston Martin RapidE Is For Buyers Looking For “Something Above Tesla”

JAN 26 2018 BY MARK KANE 9

Aston Martin is developing its first all-electric car, the RapidE using the Rapide AMR as a base and the powertrain/battery from the Williams Advanced Engineering.

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

As only 155 RapidE will be made, starting from 2019 and according to CEO Andy Palmer, it will be targeted at a very different customer than that of the Tesla Model S.

Aston Martin intends to offer an electric car above Tesla.

“Most of the people who buy a Model S are buying it fully loaded. They’re not limited by their cash; they’re limited by the offer,”

“We’re looking to those guys looking for something above Tesla. That customer probably isn’t looking for ‘Ludicrous mode’. Our offer will have very credible acceleration – equal to a petrol Aston Martin – but you’ll be able to drive the car rapidly all the way around the Nürburgring without it derating or conking out on you.”

Autocar recently had the opportunity to check out the prototype mule of the RapidE and said its pace and general character are promising.

“Aston Martin is currently running prototypes of the RapidE – one of which we drove  – ahead of deliveries in 2019. Although a fair amount is set to change before production of the 155 customer-spec RapidEs begins, the engineering mule does prove the fundamental viability of an electric Aston Martin.”

RapideE is a proof-of-concept, the factory conversion of conventional car. If it sells well, there will be probably be a larger Aston EV project.

Source: Autocar

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Aston is a beautiful car, I wish them well.

“Something above Tesla” The ONE and Only Thing above Tesla Will be the Price & Absolutely Nothing Else ! Aston Martin is Living off of their 0ld name& 0ld technology ,their cars are Little to be desired , Facing extinction.

To start with Tesla has THE #1 consumer satisfaction rating of ANY other manufacturer.
“RapideE is a proof-of-concept, the factory conversion of conventional car. ”
Lipstick on a pig. Where are they going to put the batteries? How will they match a car designed from the bottom up like Tesla.
Only 155 will be made….
With 155 cars, will they have 15,000 chargers around the world like Tesla.Where will you find a charger when it runs out of juice.
Like trying to find a charger on a Chebby Bolt.
So many “Tesla Killers” so many losers.
I’m happy that they are producing an EV. More the better.
They would be MUCH BETTER of working with Tesla than competing against them.
Looks like Elon’s “throw down”against gas cars is working!

Tesla already destroyed that market! They have nothing to offer better than a tesla roadster .
“We will offer credible acceleration comparable to diesel ” lol!!!!!!
Wait a minute….is this the supercar luxury company conceding defeat????? Lol
They know that they can’t beat the roadster.

We the roadster comes out it will not “derate or conk on you”. You think Tesla isn’t working on that? Its a sportscar for goodness sake.

They have nothing to offer just grasping for straws!


That doesn’t exist in California.

Guess what, there are living people outside of California and there are even people living outside of North America, say Europe. I know, mind blowing.

The North American EV blinders, that we Californians have permanently affixed, are hard to adjust, to accommodate the “mind blowing” European EV worldview. Call it the Terminal Tesla effect!

Lets see if the roadster can beat my basic Audi round the Nurburgring! I suspect such a small vehicle will have overheating problems, law of physics are very hard to design around! motors, controllers and batteries heat up…Aston Martin are going for a car that can maintain high speeds (what you would expect from any racing car), drawing on Williams Advanced engineering formula E technology….Tesla has never achieved sustained speed! yes its quick of the mark but when you buy an Aston you dont want it going into limp mode after 5 mins of run around the track, that is exactly what a Model S does and the Roadster is many years away assuming they can even launch on time, if the Model 3 is anything to go by I would say expect delays! Its a 2020 car. Its all to play for guys. Tesla is first to market and the only kid on the block, once the German titans go EV there will be design diversity, unique technology (God bless patents) e.t.c different approaches to various car experiences, Ford was the first to produce the car but German and Japanese brands rule the automotive world. I take my hat… Read more »