Andromeda Power To The Rescue – Video

NOV 28 2014 BY MARK KANE 35

ORCA Inceptive onboard

ORCA Inceptive onboard

With more and more babes driving electric cars these days, there’s still no easy way to rescue them from the road when batteries become depleted.

In steps comes Andromeda Power, which more than a year ago introduced its ORCA Inceptive EV rescue charger.

It cost some $25,990 and, at 50 kW of power, can put 5 kWh into a Nissan LEAF in 9 minutes. In this particular example, ORCA Inceptive was located in the trunk of another Nissan LEAF.

“Say goodbye to “range anxiety” with Andromeda Power’s ORCA Inceptive EV Rescue Fast Charger.
It provides 20 miles range (5 kWh) in as little as 9 minutes.
This dramatization shows how simple it is to be back on the road in no time.”

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Of course, there needs to be a scantily clad damsel in distress prancing about.

Automotive industry ad people have got to be the laziest sexist bums around.

Otherwise, a cool invention.


The video is clearly made in-house. I noticed in their youtube profile that same lady was also in the other video.

George B.

Yes, everything points to a self-produced video. The model in question is Heather Lin, the Director of Communications at Andromeda Power.

I would not be surprised at all if we hear more about this innovative product, because as they say in the news biz, this story’s got legs.

no comment

a)the tone of this article is pretty sexist;

b)the video is STUPID; and

c)does this video give motivation anyone who is not an EV-enthusiast to want to buy an electric vehicle? i don’t think so!

Jay Cole

Without speaking for Mark, I think the tone of the article was a sarcastic play on the ‘over-the-top’ model usage in the video.


Yeah. I sure hope able to keep her appointment.

Alonso Perez

So, the business case here is that only women would have this problem with an EV?

This isn’t just sexist, it’s incredibly dumb.


Warum liegt hier eigentlich Stroh rum?


Ik zou het niet weten!


“… can put 5 kW into a Nissan LEAF…”

Another units fail 🙁 That should be

“… can put 5 kWh into a Nissan LEAF…”

Tony Williams

You don’t know that it is wrong.

It could put 5kW or 5kWh in the battery. You’re jumping to conclusions.

See Through

Looks like that mistake fixed now. But at 50 kw, 9 mins should equal 7.5 kwh. May be, the system can’t deliver 50 kw for too long.

It costs too much though. There should be an easier way to change a depleted Leaf battery from a charged Leaf.

The best solution is obviously to carry your own portable CARB compliant generator and a 2 gallon jar of gasoline.


I can’t find that video that shows you can drag the LEAF around and use regen to charge it . I think it was in the UK


I saw it also. And i remember was recovering the energy really fast.


Actually, it was in the Netherlands, and…

Big Solar

About 5 days ago here in the town I live in I saw 2 people that ran out of gas. I helped one of them push their huge SUV out of the road and the other was in the median pouring gas in their car about 3 hours after I saw the first. I have never even heard of anyone running an EV out of “juice” except the retards on top gear (and of course that was scripted BS). Has anyone ever run their EV down all the way?

Mutwin Kraus

It actually happened to me, but was entirely my fault. I missed the exit, had to drive an extra 12 km (6km to the next exit, then another 6km to get back where I originally wanted to exit) and then the battery ran out around 20 meters before the charger. Pushed the car the remaining distance and then charged.


My Leaf had a range of up to 100 miles when new. When I gave up on it two years and 20k miles later, range was down to less than 70 miles. Yes, I ran out twice mainly in an attempt to get Nissan to fix it. I now have more far more miles on my Tesla with no such battery degradation problems.


Yes, a particularly windy day on a drive I make normally with plenty to spare. Made it to the end of my street. That thing is a beast to push.


Heh. Yeah, I’ve actually turtled my car to 0 (as in, it forced me to stop at the side of the road, regardless of what reckoning LeafSpy made about the SOC), but again, it was my fault since I thought I could make the extra 3km to the quick charger instead of the level 2 charger I was standing next to. At the same time, I was only short by about a block or two.

Plus, I was doing it as a test to see if I could make a particular trip I was thinking of. The answer: Charge somewhere else before coming back. 🙂 There are other options, I was just being experimental.


This message is wrong on so many levels.

Who thinks it makes sense to pay $25990 for this “solution”? And what is the problem it solves?

An electric car saves so much gasoline, that if it has to get towed once or twice in its lifetime, it will still have a very clean footprint. So save the $25990 and can call AAA to tow you if you get stuck.


This solution would be for companies like AAA.. might be cheaper to use this $25k piece of equipment to get someone running, rather than occupying a tow truck for the time it takes to setup and tow, the truck can move on to another task. So 10 tow trucks + 1 $25k DC rescue pack, cheaper than 11 tow trucks


verrano, seems like a great theory, but I find it hard to believe this will be used enough to justify $26k. Have you seen any numbers?

For me it fails the sniff test of “Will it rescue a quarter as many folks as a $100k tow truck can?”

Jesse Gurr

AAA already have Chademo trucks out in the wild charging people up that are dead on the roadside. This started 3 years ago, don’t know how it is now though.

In my experience, AAA doesn’t send out a tow truck immediately, even if you specifically ask for one. They will send you out a normal truck without tow capability to see if they can get you going without a tow. If that doesn’t work, then they will send out the tow truck.


If the AAA are the same as our AA, the ONLY thing you can tell them over the phone which will guarantee them sending out a vehicle to recover you the first time, is to tell them that your brakes have failed. I was told that by an AA man.
They wouldn’t even listen to my cousin who is by trade a car mechanic when his ‘in tank’ fuel pump failed.


Be prepared for the attack of the feminists!

John Hansen

Wow, she’s smoking hot. If I can have a guarantee that women like her will call me when they run out of electrons, I will buy one… purely out of the goodness of my heart.

Shucks, you naysayers are just jelly.

I don’t think the Andromeda Director of Communications is being sexist at all.

Just her charming self.


So why did he park 6″ from her bumper and then lug out the 50 foot cable to charge?


This begs the question: how much range will I lose if I slap a 5kwhr aux battery pack into my LEAF? As cell prices go down this becomes a viable thing to do. Presumably if you can put a Chademo output on an aux pack, you could make it receive charge via Chademo as well.


Or Nissan could offer a leaf with an optional 34 kWh battery for $5000 more giving consumers a 125 mile range BEV

I know I know. 2017


She’s talking on her phone while driving and that’s illegal up here in Québec as in many jusisdiction.
In any case if she wasn’t so busy doing what she’s not supposed to do, she would certainly not stall without noticing she was running out of energy.
Like those lunatic who are chatting while driving so poorly and dangerously.
I guess that why they show beautiful women without brain. And suggesting that she don’t need to use it, that’s obvious.
So this it it, it’s a device for people with no brain or no intent to use it.
Fortunately, most EV driver’s aint that dumb.

I think it would be safe to assume that the video portrays a “distracted driver” not paying attention her driving duties on purpose. Because that doesn’t happen in the real world at all (rolls eyes).


Oh also, the friendly tow truck driver had done one other Leaf before me. He says it was a loaner.