Andromeda Power Introduces CHAdeMO Jumpstarter For EVs

SEP 26 2013 BY MARK KANE 11

Andromeda Power Introduces CHAdeMO Jumpstarter For EVs

Andromeda Power Introduces CHAdeMO Jumpstarter For EVs

Andromeda Power recently introduced its on-board fast charger called ORCA Inceptive.

Andromeda Power claims that this unit is “the only CHAdeMO Jumpstart For Electric Vehicles“.

But what does this CHAdeMO Jumpstart for EVs really means?

Well, it is device that is provided with two CHAdeMO plugs and it’s capable of transferring energy between the batteries of two EVs, so owners can imperceptibly transfer energy from others EVs and drive forever free.

The device is specifically designed for fleet owners, roadside assistance companies, and service station providers to quick recharges to stranded EVs that have a CHAdeMO inlet.

ORCA Inceptive is small enough to fit in the Nissan LEAF’s trunk, yet it still has 50 kW of power.

If there is no one who would like to spare some kWh, ORCA Inceptive can be supplied juice from other power sources:

“At maximum performance the ORCA Inceptive recharges the battery of a Stranded EV in 5 minutes delivering 5 kWh energy (equivalent to 20 miles range). In addition to the Rescue EV battery, ORCA Inceptive may be powered from: 208V, 400V, 480V, AC, DC, gas or diesel generators, or the electric grid. Production is expected to begin in November 2013.”

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV AC J1772 and DC CHAdeMO inlet

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV AC J1772 and DC CHAdeMO inlet

After a short deliberation, we think that ORCA Inceptive could very well fit in the new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV that has CHAdeMO and can rescue other EVs with its own energy, and then still have its ICE engine to drive in hybrid mode.

Production of ORCA Inceptive is expected to begin in the US in November 2013.

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Not quite as convenient as traditional jumper cables, but very cool nonetheless.

I for one would highly prefer to use this versus jumper cables, or, for a more accurate comparison maybe, trying to pump fuel from one car to another. (Imagine at night and/or in the rain…).

Dramatically safer too.

Great job Andromeda. Very cool indeed.

Would be better if it had it’s own batteries. Then you could throw it in any car/truck.

I agree. It would also be nice if they had other varieties besides CHAdeMO as well.

How about something like this E-buggy? These could be used to fetch stranded EV’s. Tow them behind any car.

Maybe there should be some standardization in the industry for hooking up 3rd party batteries. Not so much the connector, but the DC voltage. I guess you could always have different settings on the E-buggy for whatever car you are rescuing. Cars would just need a port somewhere to hook up. I don’t think you’d want to use the Chademo port.

Just look at Andromeda’s website guys, their products can handle lots of different power sources (DC from 250 to 900V, single or 3-phase AC 208/240 to 480V).
Add your own batteries, generator, solar even (they have provisions for that too).

They also have a version that’d be perfect for a VIA truck:

…best strikethrough yet at InsideEVs

+1 to Mark

Hat tip to the awesome editor who saw fit to leave that hilarious strikethrough in the finished post.


Any prices? Would also be a good idea to make cheaper scaled down units with 10 kW and 20 kW.

Its the towtruck technology of the future. It also illustrates nicely, batteries can push high current both IN and OUT. When we get to 5 minute to %80 charge times, gasoline will have lost ALL of its advantages.