Andromeda Power Awarded Nearly $700,000 Grant To Develop Smart DC Fast Charging

JAN 31 2016 BY MARK KANE 24

Andromeda Power ORCA Secure

Andromeda Power ORCA Secure

The California Energy Commission announced a $681,693 grant to Andromeda Power; a company we recall from their special CHAdeMO chargers – enabling energy transfer from one CHAdeMO-compatible car to another.

The 50 kW ORCA Inceptive on-board charger for rescue wasย priced at $25,990ย one year ago.

Now, Andromeda Power intends to develop a smart, bi-directional fast charger with real-time controls and automated demand response – that’s what the grant is for at least.

If some utility would like to be able to control the real-time usage of DC fast charging in the area, or even swallow some energy back to the grid at peak periods (with approval from participating users) such a charger in theory could enable this (V2G sort of).

“ANDROMEDA POWER, LLC. Proposed resolution approving Agreement EPC-15-015 with Andromeda Power, LLC for a $681,693 grant to develop an advanced bidirectional, smart, fast charging system to enhance the integration of plug-in electric vehicles into the electricity grid using real time monitors and controls to efficiently enable automated demand response.”

Source: The California Energy Commission via Green Car Congress

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Wow. That’s quite interesting.

One way to reduce range anxiety is to have mobile chargers. 10 minutes at the road side, then you can get to a charger.

Uber for LEAF Charging.

perfectomundo V2G for the masses and allowing home electricity arbitrage!

I’ve never seen a Leaf driver even remotely as hot as the chick in that photo. I’m dubious she is an actual Leaf driver. :p

I was also wondering if she was a model,or was this a real life rescue?

That young lady is quite knowledgeable about QC charge systems. She probably knows more about them than just about anyone here other than Tony Williams.

Heather Lin, Andromeda Power Director of Communications.

I can only take your comment as satire unless you give proof. Like more photos of the supposed LEaf owner, for example. ๐Ÿ˜€

Thank you sir!

Heather is Andromeda’s project manager for this grant according to the agreement:

+1 The leaf has nice curves too..

-1 for the ones who think beautiful girls are all dumb.


Saved from misogyny at the end. ๐Ÿ™‚

You guys can’t stay focused.

This sounds great, all you need now is a fast charge enabled PHEV that would be well suited from a size perspective for road side assistance and which could charge its battery on the way to the stranded ev. It’d be nice if it had an LTO battery pack that is well suited to multiple fast charge/discharge cycles and 4 wheel drive so it could tow or drive in snow.

WAIT FOR IT! here comes the punch line…..

What an “outlanderish” concept!


well I think I’m funny – unfortunately there will be no DCFC Outlanders in the US which might ruin the joke somewhat.

The picture of the blue Leaf with the solar array in the background is also unique because that charger only provides real-time power available directly from the solar array. When a cloud blows over or the solar output goes down for another reason, it sends less power to the car through the CHAdeMO port.

Didn’t the Mirai already got a Chademo port to “charge” other BEVs?

Great… We are just giving Toyota more reasons to launch the crappy Mirai..

Here’s a business idea!

Not sure what the right rate would be to charge. And pretty sure you don’t want an EV on call for emergencies – since it’s inherent flaw is lack of spontaneity.

A Chrysler Pacifica PHEV with seats removed and TWO of these units onboard would be outstanding!

My question is: How many 20 mile fast charges are each $25,000 unit capable of?

Why do you need a mobile charger? When you run out of charge just ask another car to tow you and you recuperate power.

10 minute towing at 30kW will be enough for 20+ miles driving afterwards to find a charger.

Yes, that would kind of do it.
But 30 kW is the maximum regen of the Leaf in ideal condition and can’t be reach or maintain steadily because the BMS always fiddle with it.
If you can get 15-20 kW overall, that be the most.
While you’ve been tow, why not tow you to the next charging station, hopefully a DCFC one.

Has anyone tried tow-charge their EV? I suggested this as an alternative to carrying around gas generator for emergency, but I haven’t heard anyone actually having success. Instead of carrying stinky generator, I suggested carrying around a sexy girlfriend as the world is full of sexist pigs who stop to help her rather than white haired guy like in photo above.

Even if EV may not get maximum speed charge, picking up some in towing process to get to DCFC would reduce time at DCFC.

Towing should be the same as driving downhill i see now issues here, except that the car in front will consume more, because of your regen.

I don’t mean that tow-charge will be free energy. But considering towing cars will generally be large and heavy SUV or truck, 50kW regen might be like going up a small hill for them.

Logistics is problematic though; how to keep all 4 wheels solidly on ground, yet not bump into them when they brake? Hmmm. Is this another billion dollar idea waiting to be made? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tow to the nearest charger and you’re done. It doesn’t seem practical to mobile charge unless you can give enough to get to the next charger and how much would you pay? A few dollars for the charge? How much realistic demand is there for it? You would never make back your cost. Get AAA for a year and a free short mileage tow to a charger.