And We Are Back


Due to a little Hurricane Sandy crisis of our own, we momentarily left the interwebs for awhile (or 24 hours).  But have no fear, all our electronic equipment has been dried off and we should be fine (and online) from here on out!

All the best, and well wishes to those affected by the storm.

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10 responses to "And We Are Back"
  1. GeorgeS says:

    are you using your Volt and Leaf as emergency power!!!!

  2. Jay Cole says:

    And here I was hoping for at least two days off, (=

    1. GeorgeS says:

      Yeh like when school was closed due to snow when I was a kid.

  3. James says:

    Lyle had to move his server from the basement to the attic!

    Man – I hope you guys are all alright and not affected too

    much by the storm!

    My sister-in-law in Hyde Park NY, just got her husband to install

    a hardwired generator after asking him for 20 years… Then,

    when their power didn’t go out, they were a bit disappointed

    they didn’t get to use it!

  4. Lyle Dennis says:

    Yup Im in NY we got hit fairly bad here – lot of trees down and power out for whole neighborhood.

    I installed a whole house natural gas generator last year after Irene – so it is humming right along now – even recharged my Leaf and Volt with it!

    Even started a site about generators 😉

    1. vdiv says:

      Charging one generator with another?! 🙂

      Will there be a home plutonium reactor section? I was also looking at the Mr. Fusion model back in 1989 to be available as a 2015 model…

  5. Spin says:

    Are you sure the outage didn’t have anything to do with the Tigers getting swept?

    1. Jay Cole says:

      …I don’t want to talk about that, (=

  6. James says:

    Glad to hear you were prepared! Two things that do go together –
    generators and EVs —- hmmmm, like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
    and Chocolate bars – those EV guys that tow a small genset in
    a trailer….

    We had a freak storm in Seattle a few years back – winds that
    were otherwise around 60mph were near hurricane levels in
    my neighborhood due to topography layout and a funnel effect.
    Our power was out for several days in the ‘burbs and I seriously
    got caught with my pants down with no fireplace in the house
    and electric heat! With two kids to take care of I zoomed off
    and found the local Honda shop with a line out the door for
    generators. They price gouged me double for a 5000Watt
    unit but I’ve been very happy to own it as a power backup. We
    have tons of trees here and the power goes out a couple times
    per year. It is strange, however, that when you buy one suddenly
    the power stays on for YEARS! – It’s like washing your car
    brings the rain showers…

    I can attest for the Honda unit as it’s reliable and hums along
    without fail. I can also tell you I would not buy so much as
    a quart of oil from that Honda dealer and I will never forget how
    they ripped me off in an emergency time of great need.

    This is happening all over the NE USA right about now. NYT
    reported on a Manhattan store selling $30.00 flashlights…
    A woman selling generators at my Honda shop had a small
    desk in the middle of the floor and stacks of generators
    behind her. A line of men went out the door and down the
    street and when I complained at the price she said, “Hey,
    it’s not price gouging, it’s supply-and-demand. If you don’t
    want to pay – there’s ten guys behind you that will!” I never
    want to feel that feeling again!

  7. Dong Morrone says:

    On the bright side they don’t have to worry about fois gras, Big Gulps, or salt poisoning any more…. just sayin’. Silver lining and all…