Analyst Says Tesla is Only Automaker That Has Figured Out How to Make Electric Vehicles Work


Shortly after Goldman Sachs issued a note with a somewhat negative future outlook for Tesla Motors, a Dougherty & Co. analyst shot back.

TSLA Stock Shoots Back Up

TSLA Stock Shoots Back Up

The Goldman Sachs note led to one of TSLA’s worse days on the market, but Dougherty & Co. headed up a rebound.

Andrea James, an analyst for Dougherty & Co., issued a positive note for TSLA, which then led to the stock’s largest single-day rise in 7 weeks.

James had strong words for Tesla in the report, which included a price target increase from $90 to $200.

Quoting James:

“We ultimately believe Tesla is a $300 stock at the factory’s maximum capacity, which we hair cut to $200 for the execution risk.”

But that wasn’t all that James had to say.

“We believe that Tesla is the only firm that has figured out how to make [EV technology] work.”

And that’s why Dougherty & Co.’s outlook for TSLA is so bullish

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Their $300 valuation is based on full capacity at the factory. That’s about 200,000 units a year or 10x the current run rate. The only way to do that is a $32K Gen-III MSRP.

this is obvious

Quick, someone warns Renault-Nissan that the 100’000 EVs they sold actually don’t work… [rolls eyes]

“Works” also implies acceptable design aesthetics…

Since the Leaf & Model S sell at approx. the same rate in the US, I would say they both work.

Not when the Leaf has been out for years and had a price reduction, while the Tesla just recently came out– and I suddenly see Model S’s everywhere now.

@Anon, if you bothered to look it up, you’d have noticed that the Leaf maintains the comfortable head-start one would expect over the Model S.

Btw, the two completely dawrf all other EVs. Following your own metric, should we therefore conclude that the Leaf looks 70x better than the Honda Fit?

Last quarter, Tesla sold 4800 cars to 3700 Leafs. So, Leaf head-start is starting to quickly erode already.

Oh please, how hard is it to look at more than just 3 months worth of sales, especially when those include 2 obviously atypical ones for the Leaf? Are you an analyst?

This site makes it trivial. Let’s try again:

So far in 2013, 9839 vs an estimated 9850: as kdawg wrote, both really sell equally well this year. Amazingly so, even.

I expect the difference to start growing again in the next months though, as Tesla focuses on deliveries to Europe and Asia, and Nissan ramps up production in Smyrna eventually.

The Leaf is an old design that had had minor updates, and nothing earth shaking predicted for it in the near term. It’s had its time in the sun. Tesla is quickly grabbing marketshare like there is no tomorrow.

And no, my ‘metric’ days the Honda fit is far more attractive than Diaper-Drawers Carp Car. 😀

So basically you short a stock and bad-mouth it, or pump it up then dump it.

Wasn’t it proven that a monkey could pick stocks as well as the best Wall St. brokers?

All of this crystal ball action is so shady, like Cramer & his noise makers.

That’s nice of the analyst to clue me in that my 2 year old Leaf doesn’t work. If I had known that, I wouldn’t have driven 20,000 gas free miles.

“Works” means made a car everyone “craves”. I can certainly say that about Model S, as it combines every feature that makes me want to buy a car – style, performance, innovation, cargo space, passenger capacity. Can’t say that Leaf possesses more than 1 of those qualities. It will work for some (like you) – but wide appeal goes to Model S.

This is an analyst that works for a financial house, so I suspect by “work” she means “profit”. So I’m thinking that she’s probably right.

Very True, plus the fact that Tesla don’t have an ICE powered line up to support $$$ their EV production makes it even more impressive.

It’s like Tesla have thrown away the crutches and are walking fully EV.
Well done & a round of applause (must be a shock to the old school car manufactures !)

Just an fyi, but here in the Philly metro area, I’ve seen two Model S’s, a Roadster, and exactly zero Leaf’s. Despite the fact that the nearest Tesla gallery is In NYC, this might mean something.

Out here in Amish country, an hour West of Philly, I’ve seen exactly two Teslas (owned by the same guy) and two Leafs. I don’t know how long it’s been open, but there is a Tesla gallery in the King of Prussia area:

When I start seeing more EVs than horse and buggies, I’ll know EVs have arrived.

hehe this bubble could get really big.
TSLA is overvalued at 10$ per share. Unless they suddenly managed to become profitable in Q2.