Analyst Predicts Musk Will Leave Tesla

Tesla CEO Elon Musk


Tesla Model 3

Tesla CEO Elon Musk at the Model 3 handover event.

Will Tesla CEO Elon Musk step down in the coming years?

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard people predict that Tesla’s Musk may make a move away from the automaker at some point in the near future. There was a point in time that it seemed as though this might end up being the case. However, Musk himself has recently assured that he has no plans to jump ship, though he’s made many a statement in the past that has changed at a later date.

Elon Musk

For Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, it’s mostly work and little play.

This time, it’s well-known and self-proclaimed Tesla shorter, Jim Chanos, making the forecast, and you can bet he’s banking on it. Chanos is with New York financial consulting firm Kynikos Associates. He makes no attempt at hiding his short position in Tesla. And, he’s still at it even though the automaker’s shares have jumped up 44 percent just this year.

Chanos believes that Musk will hit the road by 2020 to focus more heavily on his role at SpaceX. He’s well aware that Tesla’s market cap is ridiculously high, and he believes that it’s because everyone loves Elon. Chanos shared:

“Obviously this is not being valued as a car company, it’s being valued on Musk … he’s the reason people own the stock.”

Tesla has not been a good bet for short sellers this year (or really any year). But, Chanos points out that the company is burning through money. At this time, the automaker can continue to borrow, though he insists that that luxury will fade away if Musk departs.

Chanos thinks that once big competition sets in, Musk will move on. Of course, it benefits Chanos if his words become true, and no one can really predict what the future will bring. Over the course of the next few years, Tesla could become monumentally successful and start making real bank or, sadly, the Silicon Valley automaker could end up amiss and underwater. Chanos continued:

“Put it this way. If you wouldn’t be short a multi-billion-dollar loss-making enterprise in a cyclical business, with a leveraged balance sheet, questionable accounting, every executive leaving, run by a CEO with a questionable relationship with the truth, what would you be short? It sort of ticks all the boxes.”

For Tesla, a whole lot of what lies ahead is hinging on its current and upcoming projects (Model 3, Tesla Semi, Model Y and the new Roadster to a smaller degree), and the company is still very young. It’s the only automaker to find this much success in over 100 years. At this point, it’s just a waiting game.

What do you think?

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I’m hoping it coincides with a buyout from Apple…..

An Apple acquisition of Tesla, is quite probably not going to happen anytime soon.

Now in 2021, when Tesla needs to pay off some of its Wall Street Bond obligations, there might be some different suitors. GM would love to gobble up Tesla, with a future deprecated $25B market cap. This will be an interesting valuation roller coaster to watch, when the Legacy ICE OEMs come to play EV catch-up for real.

I hope St. Elon hangs in there as CEO, and takes the lumps, if and when the going gets tough, in the next 3-4 years.

I can,t see Musk leave for a long long time to come ..He Has too much stock (most of any shareholder) that He Purchased with his “OWN MONEY”. This so called prediction couldn’t be further from the truth ..This analist must be drinking his Bath Water. Just another scare tactic to get the stock to go down..

Another Euro point of view

“that He Purchased with his “OWN MONEY””

Are you sure of that ? I was under the impression that most tsla stock he owned were granted to him by tsla through a stock option plan (but I could be mistaken).

Musk bought most his Tesla stock as a very early investor (basically the only investor at one or two points). He has since received more as executive stock options, but his original stake is by far the biggest chunk.

@Another Euro point of view,

Elon Musk’s stock mostly came from when he started Tesla in 2003 before IPO in 2010.

Remember, Tesla started in 2003 with Elon Musk money, no outside investors until 2008.

“when Tesla needs to pay off some of its Wall Street Bond obligations”

The majority of Tesla’s bonds are convertible bonds. That means that they can be turned in for either cash or for TSLA shares at the holder’s option.

Tesla won’t have to pay cash out of pocket for most if not all of those convertible bonds. Not only will that not at all drive Tesla into buyout talks, it will actually make it harder to buyout Tesla, because there will just be that dollar value MORE of shares that the acquiring company would have to purchase.

Actually the acquiring company would indirectly end up being the party paying both the full bond face value, but also the premium delta between the face value and the share value. This would be true if they purchased Tesla before or after the bonds mature.

Those bonds actually serve more as a small poison pill than a motivation for Tesla to sell itself to another company

Why would you want Apple to buy Tesla? There’s no innovation over there anymore, they’re just milking that cash cow until it dies right now. Seriously Apple has become just a big, bloated and more and more less relevant company riding on past success.

Not innovative, have you seen the demand for the iPhone X or how Air Pods can still be out of stock at some stores?

Getting people to buy something doesn’t make them innovative. Apple has a loyal gaggle of fans that would pay a $1,000 for a brick as long as the apple logo was on it. Apple hasn’t innovated in a long time. They have been playing catch up to the myriad of android manufactures that have had things like waterproofing, wireless charging, small bezels, face unlock, no physical buttons for the last couple years. Heck one of the best features that is being reported by the magazines is the screen which is made entirely by Samsung.

Simply because AAPL has the cash to solve any production problems, get the economy of scale going, and maintain that “coolness” factor. Innovation aside, they produce rock solid products.

Well, if Apple wants to solve the “problem” of having a lot of cash sitting around, then buying an auto maker certainly would be the cure! 😉

I continue to be amazed at how many people think it would be a good idea for Apple to buy out Tesla. What’s next? Tippin’s Pies to buy out General Motors?

Apple makes light industry products. Tesla makes heavy industry products. Those who don’t understand the huge difference there, who don’t understand that making street-legal passenger vehicles takes orders of magnitude more capital investment than making iPhones and iPods, don’t have an informed opinion.

To say something silly like this makes it clear you haven’t tried AirPods.

Musk has stated that he would always be on the board at Tesla, just that he would step down as CEO after successful completion of the Model 3 phase of “Tesla’s Master Plan.”

The stock will definitely take a hit when he steps down, but how much will depend on how the company is operating at that time.

^^ This. Chanos is falsely conflating Musk stepping down as the role of CEO, with Musk cutting all ties with Tesla. That’s a falsehood he is trying to push, and he very well knows it is a falsehood. Let’s be clear. Chanos isn’t paying huge interest payments to maintain his huge short position in Tesla because he is planning on holding his short position until some time after 2020 when Elon might shift his roll from CEO to member of the board. Chanos is trying to drive down the price of Tesla shares NOW so he can close out his short positions and stop paying interest on them. Chanos started shorting TSLA when it was $190 dollars a share, and publicly talked about continuing to short TSLA all through the $200’s. Even if he has short positions from summer highs, he likely has a 4:1 ratio of shorts that are below water vs. those that are in the money. That has been the loss ratio for people shorting stocks since when Chanos began shorting. They have lost roughly 4 dollars for every dollar in wins. And that’s BEFORE interest costs. This is purely Chanos trying to insert Fear, Uncertainty and… Read more »

A large fund does not pay interest on shares sold short, they RECEIVE interest. Of course these days, with short term interest rates near zero, it won’t even buy lunch.

Sometimes shares of highly shorted stocks such as TSLA have a borrowing fee, called a negative rebate. This is expressed in percentage terms but it is not, technically speaking, interest.

I don’t know if TSLA has a negative rebate right now, but it has in the past.

Lol, this is pretty funny.

Big story, famed Tesla short seller predicts that Musk will do exactly what he said he would do several years ago.

Color me confused.

Musk said once Model 3 was in full production, he wanted to hand CEO duties over and just to product design (which is what he prefers). In fact, Musk was not the original CEO, just lead investor, of Tesla and only took over, “because he had to.”

He has basically been interim CEO for 8 years.

This should be fun.
Over 200 comments.

He is very close to infallible.
Has Tesla merged with Scientology yet?
It is a religion I much admire because it builds a wonderful product that I simply cannot afford.

Agreed. Will investors hang in once the messiah leaves? I think not. Elon will leave when running Tesla isn’t fun anymore. When it becomes all about manufacturing, customer relations, balancing budgets, labor unions, supplier contracts, law suits and less about sitting around with designers and picking out the colors for the next big reveal.

The only question is, when will this be and I agree with the “analyst” above, it will be soon and likely in the next couple of years. “Production hell” is really not his thing and it’s rapidly becoming either that, or go out of business.

It looks like Chanos is succeeding in pushing falsehoods into the heads of the weak and easily manipulated.

Musk stepping down from the position of CEO is not the same as Musk leaving the company. He will continue on as a board member and will continue to be associated quite closely with Tesla.

This is nothing new. It happens all the time in companies. Larry Ellison stepped down as CEO of Oracle back in 2014. ORCL shares are up and everybody still associates Oracle with Larry Ellison.

But I guess if Elon does it, it will for some reason lead to catastrophe, right? It is amazing what you haters will lap up from the bowl that shorters like Chanos feed you from.

Another Euro point of view

“It is a religion I much admire because it builds a wonderful product that I simply cannot afford”

That is not worse a definition of Tesla than others.

What wonderful product does Scientology produce? Serious question…

The E-Meter!!

The investors would like to make money.

High risk, high reward, few have Elon’s tolerance for Risk. However, until the majors have cars in every Tesla segment and there is a competitive supercharging network, the majors will have a hard time competing. In Europe, the majors are investing in supercharging But they Still have the problem of undermining their own profitable ICE vehicles with expensive EV sales. Once they let go of ICE sales, real competition will start. Based on 5 years to pay off battery plants and 2020 before EV from the major are in volume (there are only planning for 30k batteries for most new EV’s in 2018,2019) my bet is Elon has plenty of breathing room until 2025.

Another Euro point of view
“My bet is Elon has plenty of breathing room until 2025”. I would say till 2020 rather. True 2018 is not going to cause problems to Tesla as per a market share point of view. It is not 15K Jaguar I-pace and 15K Audi e-tron that would cause a serious treat to Tesla and Nissan is not competing in same market. Now part of that breathing room is given by Tesla itself by seemingly hinting to competitors that its $35K Model 3 is instead a $45K Model 3 and that Tesla is not so good at ramping up production after all. Both those aspects makes a huge difference. I believe Tesla headwinds as far as competition is concerned will rather start to come in 2019 and would mainly come from brands well established in the USA (Nissan & GM) and not from European brands. For winning substantial market shares in mass market segment (up to $35K) it is already to late outside of the USA as Model 3 will not come in volume production outside of the US before 2019 and by that time both in Europe and in Asia larger competitors with better production execution will have similarly priced… Read more »
“It is not 15K Jaguar I-pace and 15K Audi e-tron that would cause a serious treat to Tesla” Those (and many others) are a threat to ICE cars, not to Tesla. There is a repeated false meme that EV’s cut into each other’s sales. But the reality is that EV’s have been cutting into ICE sales. The cruel thing that Tesla has done to ICE car makers is that they have forced them to build EV’s that compete with Tesla’s vehicles. And since Tesla cars have been simple better than their ICE competitors in the same segment, now the ICE car companies have to BEAT THEIR OWN ICE CARS in order to compete with Tesla. What is that going to do to the market? It is going to throw open the doors EVEN WIDER for EV adoption. Tesla will be the first to profit and grow from more drivers realizing that EV’s beat their old ICE cars. An overall change in the market from ICE to EV’s benefits Tesla more than any other company, because they don’t have any ICE car sales to lose. The more viable EV competitors come to compete against Tesla, the faster the ICE market share… Read more »
Another Euro point of view

It is often the case that corporations need different type of personalities at different stages of their life. Now in case some of those analyst’s opinion is that stock price is supported by the fact that Elon is CEO of Tesla then obviously last thing which Elon should do is resign. Now if, as Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan predicts, Tesla faces strong headwinds in 2018/2019 due to OEMs finally waking up and shaky financial stability (rising interest rates/cash burn rate etc.) then we could have Elon pushed to the exit by main institutional investors. But we are not there yet.

This is not an analyst.
Most analysts at well respected firms are not allowed to hold positions in the stock they comment on, to keep them honest and independent.

This is a FUD spreading speculator.


^^^ “Analyst” Predicts Musk Will Leave Tesla – gets more clicks.

+ infinity

Elon Musk still has several objectives tied to his stock compensation plan for Tesla, Inc. The analyst is obviously naive to this. My guess is that Elon will stick around until 2022 or 2024 after the release of the Semi, the Model Y, 2nd-Gen Roadster, and the Tesla Pickup. At this point, I see SpaceX / The Boring Company / OpenAI being his primary focus because it is the best vessel for solving new problems and electrification of road transit will be well-solved. I can see Franz or Jerome taking up the mantle of leadership at Tesla at that point, and a major restructuring as Tesla Automation becomes a more innovative part of the corporation. If following TSLA has taught me anything, it is that cynics have a home in short-selling positions. I seek the optimism of our future, not its collapse. To that end, I am truly sorry to see Faraday Future flop this week, with news that nobody works there anymore. Meanwhile, Tesla acquired a company within driving distance of where I live, and I know three people who have plunked down for the 2nd Gen. Roadster and one local trucking company that anted up for the new… Read more »

I say it again Tesla is not just a car company.
It would be interesting to imagine what Ford would be like today if it had also sold fuel at Ford Fueling Stations.


Another Euro point of view

“I say it again Tesla is not just a car company”.

On the surface of what available press articles say you are right.

Now if you do dig in a little deeper it is not so obvious that Tesla other ventures will be successful.

For example the press mentions the gigafactory but fails to mention that it is Panasonic that makes the battery cells inside the gigafactory, Tesla own the roof and assembles (rather clumsily lately it seems) the cells into battery pack. So Tesla does not make battery cells, it owns the roof, completely misrepresented fact.

Also, press is full of articles about Tesla putting online a giant battery in Australia but mostly fails to mention that Hyundai electric will put online a 50% larger battery in February next year also in Australia. It is a highly competitive cut throat business and Tesla is not renowned for the needed thriftiness such small margin operation requires. I would say so far Tesla has been a successful (as far as revenues are concerned) maker of high end electric cars. For the rest it’s to be seen.

“Another Euro” FUDster continued his Tesla hater campaign:

“So Tesla does not make battery cells, it owns the roof, completely misrepresented fact.”

Speaking of FUDsters misrepresenting facts…

Tesla controls the rate of production at Gigafactory One. It controls the raw materials fed in at the “front end” and is responsible for pack assembly and thus the rate of products coming out the “back end”.

To characterize Panasonic as being in control of production at Gigafactory One is certainly misrepresenting facts!

The name on the side of the building is “Tesla”, not “Panasonic”. That’s a hint, son.

Everyone is forgetting to take into account all of the new companies Musk will start in the next 5 yrs, and how that will play into his time management.

Perhaps he will start up an AI company that clones people via a robot body. That will allow him to start up even more companies simultaneously.

Another Euro point of view

Exactly, then put those clones on top of a rocket to allow them starting new companies on other planets. All subsidiaries of Tesla Motors Intergalactic Inc. 2025 tsla stock priced at $1’000’000 each. The problem with skeptics is their shortsightedness.

The sooner the better, for Tesla’s sake. Elon could become “Chairman” or be installed in some mainly symbolic position so the investors don’t freak out. He’s best at cheerleading anyways, so it be beneficial to the company. Especially the production side. What other CEO of a multibillion dollar auto company has missed every single deadline for a product?

Not just an automotive company as you know. They’re also the only the only company to enter the automotive manufacture sector in nearly a century.

I think you’re continuing to reach a bit to justify your bias, there, Bro. You should consider being slightly less emotionally attached to Tesla.

Interested to see how sore you get when Nissan and Tesla blow past GM for sales in 2018.

What are you, Chanos’ shadow?! The original ‘deadline’ for Model 3 hasn’t even arrived yet! The car’s slow ramp up notwithstanding, they’re STILL far ahead of where they originally planned the Model 3 to be. I understand the conservative’s penchant to believe in the sh…er…stuff they make up, but you guys are simply going to have to, at some point, deal with reality.

Who pointed a gun at Elon’s head and made him move up the deadline to July 2017? And who pointed the gun and made him promise 1,500 Model 3’s produced in Q3 2017? Or the guy with the gun that made Elon pledge 100k-200k Model 3’s produced in 2017?

Oh wait, those were all self-imposed deadlines/goals that he ended up breaking.

br?1999 continues his klown komment campaign…

Poor baby. You just can’t deal with the fact that Tesla not only met its deadline for Model 3 production, Tesla actually moved up the date for start of production by several months… or was it a full year?

You’re still obviously in the Denial and Anger stages of your grief over Tesla putting the Model 3 into production. But you’ve also “progressed”, if that’s the right word, to the Bargaining stage: “Oh, current Model 3 production doesn’t count because the cars didn’t have the trip odometer enabled until recently…”

😆 😆 😆

Perhaps a better question would be “What other CEO of a multibillion dollar auto company has missed every single deadline for a product and still consistently raised their stock price?”

From an investor or board of director point of view, the fact Tesla can continue to be successful and growing despite setbacks demonstrates that Mr. Musk is a fantastic CEO. However, I would expect him to make a change in the next few years. Ideally, he would remain the CEO and continue to balance hype and expectations (at which he is exceptionally skilled), but he will realize he doesn’t need to micromanage his workers and will instead hire and promote competent managers.

Shorter FUD. They must be shaking in their boots.

Another Euro point of view

They probably should as story is still well alive and kicking. When Model 3 bottle neck disappear stock is likely to climb steeply. Now in mind term (end of 2018/mid 2019) I think shorts are right. They always were a bit wrong on timing though.

Selling 250k model 3’s per year has already been priced into the stock. What would cause a change is if Tesla fails to come anywhere near 5000/week in 2018 then the stock will likely fall unless it’s already significantly down for some other reason.

“Selling 250k model 3’s per year has already been priced into the stock” Not by Wall Street analysts. They have consistently predicted much lower numbers than that. Here is Morgan Stanley predicting that Tesla will only build with 60k units. And not in 2018 but in 2019. Then only 130k units in 2020. Morgan Stanley is claiming they won’t even hit 250K units until some time in 2021: TSLA has less than 100K units baked into the current price based upon what analysts have been saying. But then again the analysts have been so badly wrong about Tesla numbers that it isn’t even funny. Here is how badly they were off on the Model 3 right from the start. Some were saying as low as 20K to 50K Model 3 reservations for all of 2016: Tesla did in hours what the analysts thought would be the numbers for the whole year, and those analysts were off by an entire order of magnitude in the end. Don’t bet TSLA stocks being lower than they are today at the end of 2018, based upon delivery volume of 200K-250K units. Not only is that not fully priced into the current stock… Read more »

For shorters that bought options a few months ago, they are probably very giddy at the moment!

Chanos started shorting TSLA when it was $190, and publicly stated that he continued to increase his short position all through the $200’s.

He is likely 4:1 underwater, even taking prices this summer into consideration

That’s like folks who brag about the $1000 dollars they won in a big poker pot, but don’t mention the $4,000 dollars they lost in all the pots they lost before they won.

“For shorters that bought options a few months ago, they are probably very giddy at the moment!”

Yes, but those aren’t the people who serially post Tesla hating FUD to places like InsideEVs. Those are the people who quietly make their money and exit their short position when it’s prudent to do so.

People like Jim Chanos and Mark B. Spiegel and Three Four Five Electrics — and most likely you too, Br?1999 — stupidly keep their investment in Tesla short positions over the long term, absolutely guaranteeing they lose money!

So yes, Tesla haters, please do keep up those long-term Tesla short positions — it helps drive up the stock price!

😀 😀 😀

@bro1999, “For shorters that bought options a few months ago, they are probably very giddy at the moment!”

Just Google this term: “Tesla shorts 2017”.

That’s all I am saying.

Considering Tesla’s sky high IV, the money made on puts are peanuts…and i doubt many have the guts to sell calls. Just ask the shorter mentioned in the article.

Another Euro point of view

There will be a lot of funny blasphemy on this threat I feel 🙂 🙂 That’s an enjoyment to read so thank you very much to Insideevs Team !

Oh goody. Another idi*t analyst making the news with stupid comments.

My thoughts exactly. If any of these shorting analysts were any good in predicting the future, why are they always shorting despite a general trend of this stock to rise over the years, and not just when the stock is at a (intermediate) peak? .

Yeah, it’s almost like these “analysts” are not giving honest analyses at all. It’s almost like they’re just trying to sucker investors into going along with whatever pumping or dumping trend their firm is currently engaged in.

Reality check: If you want good investment advice, you’ll have to pay a real financial advisor for that. You certainly won’t find it given away for free in an online blog post!

I’ve said for quite some time that I believe Elon Musk will leave before the end of 2020. Today I would guess it will happen much earlier than that, I believe there is a significant risk/chance he will leave in 2018 already. Why? Because Tesla is having huge financial issues and they are rapidly getting much worse. When people see that 250k model 3’s per year is not pushing Tesla into the black the stock will take a huge hit. If indeed Tesla actually manages to reach 250k/year, my prediction is less than 200k/year.

I don’t think Musk wants to stay onboard when the stock finally takes a dive towards more sensible levels. I think he wants to be out well before that in order to put at least some blame on his successor, “It was all fine when I ran the company, now look what’s happened!”. Also I think he is more interested in SpaceX and even the Boring company at this time. Stepping down from Tesla at the “peak” (sort of) to focus elsewhere makes sense.

No idea if he will, but I think he probably should. Tesla would probably benefit from a CEO that’s less of a visionary and more of an execution kind of guy.

It would still be very interesting to see how the market would react to a replacement. And of course how it changed Tesla. Both of which presumably depend quite a bit on precisely who took over the reins.

I’m sure Elon Musk’s almost mythical status accounts for at least half of Tesla’s inflated stock value so I can see how a shorter would be dreaming of his departure.

Dream on and remember: it’s only money.

No. That is the lie that Chanos wants you to believe. He wants you to believe that it is all just Musk, so you should buy his hedge funds that short TSLA. If it were all just Elon, TSLA would have IPO’ed at $100 dollars, because Elon was in charge back then too. The reality is that Elon is now the superstar his is, because the underlying product was a huge winner. Elon wasn’t a household name when he was with Paypal. He wasn’t a household name in 2002 when he founded SpaceX. He is now a household name today because the Model S was a massive success. He wasn’t a household name prior to being part of Tesla. He is a superstar now because he has a portfolio of revolutionary, successful products under his belt. If Tesla would have built just another sub-100 mile compact EV that was slow to drive and slow to charge he wouldn’t be a household name today. The cars are the real stars at Tesla. Now Chanos wants you to believe otherwise so you come to the conclusion that TSLA shares will drop. If you believe that, you might even buy into his 2… Read more »
It puzzles me that this is being reported as “news”. It may have been news back in 2013, but as for example a Teslarati article reported in June 2015: Back in 2013, a Reuters interview asked about his future as CEO of his multiple companies to which he mentioned that he would “stay with the automaker through the successful launch of the Model 3”. Personally, I look forward to the day Elon Musk leaves Tesla Inc.; a day when Tesla might start moving towards more normal day-to-day operations, instead of the constant disruption caused by Elon’s policies of micromanagement, setting impossible goals, batch processing of its cars, etc. I have a lot of respect for Elon; for his futurist vision; his tireless dedication to his work; his ability to see the big picture, rather than focusing on short-term profits; and his willingness to bet his entire personal fortune on Tesla’s success. But if there was ever a time when Elon’s management style was actually good for Tesla, that time has passed. Tesla Inc. has grown far too big for anyone to successfully micro-manage the company, and it’s past time for him to step back and take a more back-seat… Read more »

Sell stock -> Step down as CEO -> Stock crashes -> Buy all stock -> Return to CEO position without having to deal with greedy “investors” any longer

Sounds like a solid plan to me 😀


I don’t think that this even is “news” since Elon himself has said in the past that he does not want to be CEO at Tesla for long. He only became CEO because Martin Eberhard turned out to be a total wimp and was about to crash the company.
I even expected him to sell Tesla to Toyota/GM/Ford around 2020 until the merger with SolarCity. But after that and the fact that the price of the stock depends a lot on him directly, I suspect that he will remain CEO on paper but someone else will manage the company behind the curtains…

“Elon… only became CEO because Martin Eberhard turned out to be a total wimp and was about to crash the company.”

Hmmm, well that’s about the most biased, one-sided revisionist view of history I’ve ever seen regarding Tesla Motors!

If either Martin Eberhard or Elon Musk had put a cap on out-of-control costs in the early years of Tesla Motors, things would have gone much more smoothly. And a lot of those out-of-control costs were due to Elon’s obsession with perfectionism; his habit of repeatedly insisting that parts of the design for the Roadster had to be altered even after supposedly being finalized.

Not to suggest that Eberhard didn’t bear part of the blame, because he was CEO and was supposed to be watching costs, but to blame Eberhard for all the cost overruns caused by Elon Musk is about as blatantly biased as it’s possible to get!

Yes, Elon famously said that in the end it would have been cheaper to build the rolling chassis from scratch themselves after all the modifications that were made to the Lotus based shell.

Martin Eberhard’s original plan was to just stuff the tzero drivetrain into any street legal rolling chassis he could get his hands on. He didn’t plan on stretching the wheelbase, or spending money to lower the step-over height to make it easier to get into.

Martin’s sin wasn’t spending the money, it was him not saying no to what the money was being spent on, and not setting the boardroom table on fire to warn everybody that costs were out of control when others kept spending and spending. He didn’t lead enough, and followed too much.

It’s funny Elon more successful by 1000 times than the average person who reads this board and people all want to say how bad he does things facts are facts that he hopes and wishes his numbers come out right but as most should know when you have the 1st employee working with you in your company you still are still are able to do well but as you add employees to equal 32000 people it’s harder to be as effective as your singular self via work accomplishments.Elon is amazing at communicating you just don’t hear he says he wants and thinks company can do something in the time specs and numbers he hopes to hit the one thing seems to be a reacuring theme that Tesla is late for dinner but they always seem to make it to the table sometimes they don’t like main corse so they just come for dessert but they always have made it to the tables last 10 years sometimes they fast other times they feast and the later is on the plate next

Haters should not worry about the splinter in Elon’s eye but should worry about the log in theirs. Wake up he is more successful than most in the world he has billions of net worth the average American Think might have 1000$ in savings

The correct term for unsolicited financial advice that is provided for free while promoting one’s company is an “advertisement”

What is Chanos advertising? He is advertising for two funds that his company sells that both hold short positions in TSLA:

1) Kriticos fund — This hedge fund is reportedly down roughly 10% this year, while the broader stock market is up about twice that. It is under-performing the market by roughly 30%+

2) Ursus strategy fund — This is also reportedly down roughly the same amount, and also is short TSLA.

What he is selling you is a the sales pitch to justify selling you his two funds that short TSLA. If you buy the sales pitch, he just successfully sold you on his advertising pitch.

If you then turn around and parrot his sales pitch, you are the walking talking equivalent of saying that everybody should drink Pepsi because you just watched the Pepsi ad staring Kendall Jenner.

Manufacturing requires patience, attention to detail, and a long attention span. Musk has none of these. Once the market matures, he will grow bored and leave, and Tesla will be better for it.

Pretty sure you’re confusing manufacturing with cross-stitch.

“In the coming years”

Sure, every CEO will be stepping down (or fired) in the coming years.

Just how many years is the mystery.