Amsterdam Airport Taxis Switch From Tesla Model S To Model X

APR 23 2018 BY MARK KANE 15

BIOS-groep switches its Tesla Model S taxi fleet at the Amsterdam Schiphol airport over to the Tesla Model X.

BIOS-groep takes its electric Schiphol taxi services to the next level with Model X

The company made a big splash when in late 2014 it introduced a 167-strong fleet of Tesla Model S taxis.

The cars were used very intensively and on average covered over 250,000-300,000 km (155,000-186,000 miles) on each odometer by the end of 2017! Not bad for less than 4 years of service.

Now, BIOS-groep is replacing the Model S with the Model X, which is considered as next level, especially due to its 7 seats, instead of 5.

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Interesting is how well the company adopted Tesla’s DC fast charging (60 kW on-site), supplemented by AC charging overnight.

On-site AC and DC charging backbone of daily operations

Over the last few years, Amsterdam Schiphol airport’s vision on sustainability has accelerated the roll out of electric mobility. This transition allows travelers to enjoy the comforts of driving 100% electric without polluting the environment. Using renewable energy to charge, the Schiphol taxi rides are completely emission free. BIOS-groep, one of the larger taxi companies operating at the airport, went all-electric with a fleet of Tesla Model S in 2014. To date, they have saved more than 2,500 tons of CO2 per year. It is crucial for taxis to start their shifts fully charged for the day, so in collaboration with Tesla, BIOS-groep installed their own on-site AC charging solution, the backbone of their charging routine. After four years of successful customer and driver satisfaction, BIOS-groep decided in early 2018, to replace their entire fleet of Model S with Model X.

Next level

Stef Hesselink, Managing Director of BIOS-groep, recognizes the Tesla taxis at Schiphol are being used extensively, ”But the Model S have held up beautifully since they’ve been put to work in 2014, having an average of over 250,000-300,000 km on each odometer by the end of 2017.” Taxis and other commercial vehicles have a very different usage pattern and could drive up to over 100.000 km per year. BIOS-groep carries out more than 170,000 rides per year to and from Schiphol, so the time came to renew the all-electric fleet. “We loved Model X, and the ability to transport up to seven adults as well as their luggage coupled with the high residual value of the Model S, made a very appealing case,” concludes Mr. Hesselink.

Charging routine

BIOS-groep takes its electric Schiphol taxi services to the next level with Tesla Model X

BIOS-groep’s taxis are primarily charged overnight or during downtime, using regular AC chargers at their own depot, allowing the drivers to always start their shift fully charged. To complement their operation peaks, BIOS uses its on-site DC fastcharging solution provided by Tesla, which can charge the cars at 60kW.

Charging for Schiphol Tesla taxis

In cooperation with Schiphol, Tesla also created the largest dedicated DC fastcharging station for a group of cooperating taxi fleets. It is not part of Tesla’s public Supercharger network. It is available exclusively for taxis serving the airport, to complement their charging with the quickest recharge available at the best possible location. More capacity is scheduled to be added to this site very soon.

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It would be nice to know the state of health of the batteries after that many KM.

Well you came to the right place to get this type of information Thanks to InsideEV

Would they sell those to out of country customer

Which country? I don’t think there would be any physical barrier to driving the car in Canada (dunno about legal barriers), but the European Tesla cars use a different plug, which would be an issue any time you wanted to use a public EV charger.

Not if you used one of these J1772 > Type 2 adaptors, it wouldn’t… (ADP7).

United States, Can you take it to the service center for a refit

A lot of these high mileage Tesla’s from Schiphol were bought by a company in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. They sold most of them pretty fast. They do still have a few:

Most prices on there include a 21% VAT that company buyers can ask back.
A 2014 Model S85 with tech package and 260.000 km (162.500 miles) still costs € 37.000 excluding taxes, the original value including 21% VAT was € 80.090 for that vehicle. So still about 56% of original retail price.

That is a ripoff if the vat is included. I will never want that tax concept here in US

It would be nice to know the state of the batteries after that much use.

Agreed, and also how their reliability and maintenance compared to their previous ICE fleet.

One would have to assume that as they repeated their ‘experiment’ by replacing S’ with X’s that they were happy enough… But it would, indeed, be interesting to know what the average battery capacity degradation was but also some measure of reliability. I’m sure Tesla could reveal this data if they wanted – they’ll have all the data on their servers.

The Tesla Model X will be a great taxi.

All taxi-companies in all major cities and airports all over the world should choose the Tesla Model X to replace their current vehicles.

The previous two years we were in Amsterdam, we’ve taken the Tesla Model S taxis from Schiphol.

This fleet already exists since November. I am a taxi driver myself in Amsterdam. Driving the Model S 100D together with 200 others driving the 85 now. Those will all be replaced by White 100D Tesla’s soon. There are 2 companies which have these fleets in Amsterdam. 1 is the black model X’es. The other White Model Ses. And then there are about 400 independent taxi drivers with an electric Taxi, most of them being Tesla’s as well! Older and newer ones.

Reviews I have read/watched indicate the Model 3 has more rear leg room than the S. It would seem to be reasonable to suspect that as soon as the 3 is widely available there will be some uptake as a Taxi. Same goes for the Bolt and the new Leaf.