Amsterdam Intends To Entirely Switch From Diesel To Electric Buses


GVB diesel buses

GVB diesel buses

Amsterdam is preparing for a bold move of switching its entire bus fleet to electric in 10 years – by 2025.

City council already announced the move and now they need to square the deal with city bus firm GVB.

In about two years, Amsterdam should get the first batch of 40 buses, although Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport already has its own fleet of 35 electric buses.

Separately, GVB will cover buildings and metro stations with solar panels.

Source: DutchNews

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14 responses to "Amsterdam Intends To Entirely Switch From Diesel To Electric Buses"
  1. scoops says:

    Rode A BYD electric bus in Schiphol, I was really excited as it was my first time on an Electric bus. Left very disappointed; it was very loud and not smooth at all. Partially the driver’s fault because we had stopped in front of the airplane and then without warning the driver lurched forward to get about 5 feet closer to the plane. Caught everyone off balance.

    1. Harry says:

      That’s not the fault of the bus. Was it loud because it was near the airport or was the bus itself loud? Tell us more about the bus was like, not about the environment or the driver.

      1. Yup says:

        I saw a video on a BYD and the gear whine and rattles were remarkably loud, though not quite as loud as a diesel. It seemed more like a 20% reduction in noise than the 90% people are imagining. I haven’t heard any other electric buses, so maybe that is a BYD specific thing.

        1. Mike777 says:

          Not good. Confirms Chinese cheap junk image.

        2. Hartmut says:

          The electric buses in Vienna are extremely silent. Can only recommend to ride one.

        3. scoops says:

          Exactly this. Only slightly quieter than a diesel. There was also a fairly loud click when switching between throttle and regen

    2. Craig Capurso says:

      should get Tesla to build them

  2. Scramjett says:

    Does anyone who has been to Amsterdam know where the buses are and where they go? Most of what I’ve seen of Amsterdam is that it is wall to wall bikes and trams with some cars thrown in also. If there are buses, they would seem to be rare. Are they mostly in the “suburbs” and “countryside?”

    1. Robster says:

      I live in Amsterdam and we have lots of buses. Indeed lots of trams and bikes but also dozens of bus lines. They go from the different trainstations (including central station) to everywhere in town and outside. Also for major centre plazas to lots of places. But indeed if you want to move fast and blend in, just take a bike..

  3. finecadmin says:

    And not a single fuel cell among them.

    What a difference a year makes- oh, right, no difference at all. It was Ballard that has to do a 360; we were onto the scheme all along.

  4. Steven says:

    Dear SEPTA, please!

  5. Mister G says:


    1. Will says:

      so? an ebus is still better than a diesel bus