Amsterdam Auto Show In April Cancelled Despite Strong EV Adoption In Netherlands

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The Friendliest Place In The World For Plug-In Vehicles Loses Its Auto Show

Citing the current economic crises, organizers of the Amsterdam Motor Show said that the April 3rd to 14th event was cancelled.

In reality, the Netherlands is a very hostile place to sell cars.  That is, unless you are talking about electric vehicles.  Netherlands has the highest per capita sell rate in the entire world (1 in every 60 private sales is an electric one) thanks to strong government intervention.

General Motors Second Largest Market For Its Plug-In Car Is The Netherlands, With 2,175 Opel Amperas and 241 Chevrolet Volts Sold Through October of 2012

The overall car market of an estimated 600,000 for this year, sees 2 out of every 3 cars being sold to businesses over individuals.

It is little wonder then, that auto manufacturers were in no hurry to ante up an estimated $1 million per exhibit to show their wares to the public.

For electric vehicles, the Netherlands put 1,500 on the road before this year started, and another 2,000 so far this year.  Of those plug-in sales, the General Motors tandem of Chevrolet Volt/Opel Ampera accounted for nearly 2,500. We would wager that GM was one of those committed to attend this year.

Increasing demand on plug-ins was a new tax change that went into effect on 1 July 2012, the change involved the BPM exemption on fuel-efficient new cars and motor vehicles, and the private use of company cars.  In layman’s terms, a lot of electric and hybrid cars were sold after July and a lot less gas ones.

The bottom line is we didn’t have a majority of brands supporting this,” Joost ‘t Hooft, exhibition manager, told Reuters, “it’s mainly due to the current crisis. They have less money to spend in their marketing budgets.

The show had previous had a “economic crisis fire-sale” for auto makers by offering as much as 70% off exhibit prices in 2009, but it looks perhaps that the auto makers are not willing to burden any cost to make the trip to Netherland’s capital.  Which is a shame for us, as electric vehicles always took center stage.

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Disappointing but not the end of the world…. Colorado is closer.

I wonder when Amsterdam goes 50% EV. I say at this rate (exponential), probably 2020.

Does anyone else see exponential like I do? Certainly, the last 3 years have been doubling every year. I think doubling next year means 75k world wide. With BMW coming online along with Ford and Nissan and Spark this is easily doable.