FOMM Concept One – A Flood-Proof (Well…Sort Of) Electric Vehicle

MAR 29 2014 BY MARK KANE 2

FOMM Concept One

FOMM Concept One

Japanese company FOMM, founded in 2013, recently presented its concept electric car Concept One, which is… electric when you want it, gas flood-proof when you need it.

But flood-proof is not the only thing that surprises.  The second surprise is number of seats – 4 in such small vehicle. FOMM Concept One is about 2.5 m long and empty weighs ~1,000 lbs. Range should be 100 km (~ 60 miles).

The front wheel-drive car is equipped with two in-wheel motors 5 kW and 280 Nm (at the wheels), so it shouldn’t have problems zipping here or there in the city environment.

“Flood and water damage resistance capability helps prevent breakdowns even in the floods and downpours that often occur in Southeast Asia (Note 1). Even if caught in a flood, a water-jet generator allows vehicle movement on the water surface (Note 2).”

Note 1: Maintenance work is required after vehicle was caught up in floods or water damage.
Note 2: This is an emergency function. This is not an amphibious vehicle.  Movement capability on water is limited.

Possible pricing could be ¥1 million (less than $10,000).

FOMM Concept One

FOMM Concept One

FOMM Concept One

FOMM Concept One

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The problem during floods is, that in most places the water is not standing still, but flowing with high current. It can be deadly dangerous to try to pass through it in a swimming car.

Most of the people get done in my area during heavy rains is when they go driving into a place were the water covers the car up and fills it up with water. Also it can take only eight inches of water to knock a car over.