Ampere Makes Cheap Electric Vehicles For Rural Buyers

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Ampere Vehicles electric scooter

Ampere Vehicles electric scooter

Electric vehicles have different faces, and interesting stories around the world.

In India, for example, Hemalatha Annamalai has been pursuing her vision of affordable EVs for rural buyers since around 2009 under Ampere Vehicles Private Limited.

Hemalatha Annamalai is on a mission:

“Wealth accumulation is not my aim. I want to create a whole new manufacturing sector.I want a lot of women to come into this sector.” Already 1/4 of the employees are women.

Ampere Vehicles is now backed by Ratan Tata, as well as Infosys co-founder Kris Gopalakrishnan, and have already produced some 30,000 EVs. Today’s revenues of $1.5 million annually are expected to hit $20 million before 2020.

The company offers electric bicycles, scooters, load carriers and other special vehicles.

Low-cost EVs are sold in Asia by the millions every year. Performance and range on lead-acid batteries will not be on the forefront, but introducing EVs (“$380 for an electric cycle to $2,270 for a load carrier”) in countries in the lower part of the income per capita spectrum is still extremely important.

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What would be nice is an easy retrofit to EV to all these dirty 2 stroke scooters.

+ 100!

It might be cheaper and more effective to replace old scooters with new electric ones after they have run their life course than to try to retrofit. There is an “adoption curve” that these technologies go through. Vehicles don’t last as long in Indian conditions as they do in the US. So, the curve won’t last too long. The new scooter market penetration is a more important factor than existing vehicles.

I want a real, adult size electric cycle in the US for $380. Or even $480.

I’d like to see this kind of economical innovation in the US. Instead, in our e-cycle market, we get lots of vanity projects targeted at the luxury markets by people who seem to be dreaming of being able to afford a fleet of Teslas more than making their customers’ lives better.

A bit cynical, sure, but rooted in the truth, I think.


Don’t get fooled by the dollar number. The products that you probably have come to used to is different from what’s sold for $ 380. I see American products are normally better value for money for they are engineered and manufactured in better ways.

If you look at their website, the new model V48 (pictured) is 250 watts, 48 volt on lead acid batteries. It has a top speed of 25 km/h. That is around 16 mph which is bicycle speed. It also has a weight limit of 100 kg, or 220 pounds, so one rider or a couple of kids.