Amp Opens First Dealership, Offers Electric Models of Mercedes and Jeep SUV

MAY 21 2012 BY STAFF 2

This past weekend Amp Electric Vehicles opened its first “flagship” dealership in Cincinnati, Ohio.  If you are wondering why anyone would choose Cincinnati as a place to have their first flagship dealership, well its because Amp headquarters/factory is located not too far away.

Interesting to note, is that the flagship dealer is not of the stand alone variety, but is alongside Dana Hackney’s Mercedes Benz and Jeep dealerships, with both brands provided the underpinnings for electrification by Amp.

“We are very excited and proud to share this important moment,” said Dana Hackney, “To many people, the EVs that are on the market today are small. AMP all-electric SUVs offer a unique full-size EV experience. The wait is over. People wanting a full-size EV can now order an AMP.”

Trust Us, Its an AMP MLe. Hopefully the Production Version Will Have A Little More Badging

On hand for the grand opening was the AMP MLe, (which is a Mercedes ML350 at heart).  Amp touts this vehicle as “the only production All-Wheel drive electric SUV available today.”  Also in attendance was the  AMP GCE, (which is based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee).

Both SUVs are said to be able to travel up to 125 miles on a single charge, and are eligible for the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit tax credit.  Pricing starts (for the Jeep) at around $57,500 and meanders north shortly thereafter.

While no cars are currently available for sale, if you make the trek to Cincinnati, you can reserve your own copy for $5,000 down (filly refundable), with first deliveries to take place before the end of 2012.

Amp Electric Vehicles

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If AMP’s facility was next to a Dodge dealership, would they be offering Durango and Journey eSUVs?

If one simply has to own a big, heavy SUV, I can see this as one option out there. You won’t be buying a purpose-built machine based on a low CoG skateboard battery pack like the Model X, and you will be paying approximately the same money. You will get a standard, not-very-aero body that was designed with a gaping grille to cool a hungry ICE.

I’m not certain why AMP is using Model X as a comparison as to me, the only two benefits of opting for these SUVs is that they are available now, and are built upon proven existing platforms with many parts available from well-established OEMs.

Give the customer the drivetrain back so he/she can sell it and you may have a very good ( and stealth ) eSUV option if you are worried what your G.O.P. flag-waver friends may think


AMP’s should be located here in Los Angeles. They may get more business.