AMP EVs Delivers First Heavy-Duty Van To Navistar

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AMP EV delivered the first heavy-duty full electric delivery truck to Navistar. The foot-step van has 1,000 cubic feet of space with at least a 100 mile range

Continuing with our story  yesterday about increasing the information available on electrification of fleets, AMP, a plug-in electric motor manufacturer, has completed its first delivery of an all-electric heavy-duty vehicle in a joint effort with Navistar International, a large holding company which owns and operates many different commercial, consumer, and military trucking companies.

Amp Working On One Of Two FedEX Electric Conversions Earlier This Year

According to AMP, the heavy-duty EV will offer 1,000 cubic feet of room inside the foot-step van design and will have a maximum gross weight of 19,500 pounds. The specific electric motor and battery pack details have not been released; however it is designed to alachieve 100 miles on a single charge.


Steve Burns, AMP CEO, said that gas prices are one of the main focuses on creating an EV heavy-duty truck:

“With the ever-rising diesel prices, powering heavy-duty commercial vehicles to be all-electric is a solution for today. Navistar leads the way in this effort, and road-ready, electric fleet vehicles like the ones we are designing and producing on this project are a great fit for heavy duty urban delivery vehicles.”

AMP also stated the platform used for the EV heavy-duty is the exact same one offered on their diesel powered vehicles.   Therefore, existing vehicles can be converted to electric power, if so desired, when that vehicle needs an overhaul.

To learn more about this vehicle, take a look at the press release from AMP.

2 responses to "AMP EVs Delivers First Heavy-Duty Van To Navistar"

  1. Nelson says:

    I’d like to know how many VIA trucks have been delivered to customers. Each VIA truck sold could have been a GM Voltec Silverado. Wake up GM before breakfast is all gone.


  2. Spin says:

    None!! They don’t expect deliveries to start until sometime next year. If you send them your deposit now, you might get one in 2014.