Amidst Cancellation/Delay Rumors on i-Series Cars, BMW Announces Engine Production for i8


BMW's Ian Robertson Is Only Too Happy To Dispell Rumors of i8 and i3's Demise

This past month has brought rumor to the automotive world that BMW is considering scrapping, or at least delaying production of the i8 and i3 due to low forecasted demand, and poor follow through on government incentives.

Concept BMW i8, Still On Schedule for 2014 Release

So what better way for BMW to get in front of destroy this rumor than to announce that they are going to be producing the i8’s specialized engine exclusively at the BMW’s engine plant at Hams Hall, UK, and on schedule?  So they did just that yesterday at the 2012 International Automotive Summit.

Ian Robertson (BMW’s  sales and marketing manager) said of the occasion: “Our Hams Hall engine plant…will make an important contribution to the future success of the new BMW i brand and the company’s strategy for achieving sustainable mobility. The new 3-cylinder petrol engines will enable our future BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car to set new standards for dynamic performance in combination with industry-leading fuel-efficiency and low carbon emission levels.”

BMW not only took the time to reaffirm the launch of the i8 in 2014, but also noted the i3 supermini will be going on sale in 2013.

The TwinPower Turbo engine in the i8 produces 349hp, and propels the car (reportedly)  to 100 km/hr (62mph) in under 5 seconds.  This coupled with an electric drive train also allows the car to travel about 20 miles completely on electricity, while offering a blended MPG (or MPGe) of 78.

2014 BMW i8 Interior


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2 responses to "Amidst Cancellation/Delay Rumors on i-Series Cars, BMW Announces Engine Production for i8"
  1. I’ve been trying to ignore the hack job that did when they posted the initial ‘report’ but it’s been reposted on so many sites, the record should be set straight.

    There is really no truth to what they wrote, even though they carefully worded it to say ‘BMW is considering contingency plans’ rather than say they were told this or that.

    First, they said BMW is backing off their production estimate of 100,000 i3’s per year and 10,000 i8’s. That’s ludicrous! 100,000 i3’s per year??? Nowhere was it ever printed that BMW thought they would sell 100,000 i3’s per year they couldn’t build that many even if there was that much demand for a $40,000+ four seat 100 mile BEV hatchback! They couldn’t make that many CFRP bodies and it would take SB-Li Motive a long time to ramp up production of the battery packs to meet that demand. BMW has stated from the beginning they hope to sell 30,000 i3’s per year and they never commented on i8 production volumes, but I doubt they expect to sell more than 3,000 per year because it’s i VERY expensive car – around $150,000 so how could they expect to sell 10,000 per year. That in itself made the article questionable. Then look at the reasons they gave for BMW having second thoughts.
    They say BMW is worried that there isn’t enough infrastructure in place and that Europe hasn’t established the rebates or incentives that they promised they would to help offset the higher costs of electric vehicles. Really? Can you imagine the upper management of BMW gambling over 1.5 billion dollar so far for the i brand and basing it’s future on whether governments offer rebates and build out a robust infrastructure before there are really many electric vehicles on the road?

    Don’t worry, there’s no truth to the story. In fact, BMW is just ramping up for the i brand now. They are kicking off the BMW Born Electric world tour next week in Rome and it will go on for almost a year. They also are opening the first BMW i store in London this week. Here’s a link to the story about the store opening along with some new info about the i3:

  2. PhxGuy says:

    I agree that the automobile mag article this story is talking about that started all this rumor is just a hatchet job or good old fashion lazy anonymour journalism.

    Happy to put this behind us these are some cool cars that need to get build so the rich can have some nice toys as well