AMG: Project One Probably Faster Than Porsche 919 At The ‘Ring


But that doesn’t necessarily mean it will go after the lap record.

Here we were thinking the Project One could go after the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ’s Nürburgring record and now Mercedes-AMG suggests the F1-engined hypercar might have what it takes to claim the outright record. There’s a major difference between the lap times of the Jota and the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo purpose-built race car as the former needed 6 minutes and 44.97 seconds to complete the task while the latter did it in a mere 5 minutes and 19.55 seconds.

Can a road-legal model like the Project One even think of competing with a track-only beast? Mercedes-AMG through the voice of its boss, Tobias Moers, seems to think so. Speaking with Australian magazine Motoring, the man calling the shots in Affalterbach said their upcoming hypercar could “probably” beat Porsche’s Nürburgring time:

“It would be close, but I think we could. I just don’t know what we’d do it for.”

Moers pointed out the major differences between the Project One and the 919 Hybrid Evo, mentioning Porsche’s track beast does not race anywhere and as such does not have to comply with any rules. On the other hand, AMG’s new performance car has to be fully road legal and that obviously has an impact on the technical specifications. Moers went on to say that although they could tweak the aero and remove some weight to make the hypercar faster around the ‘Ring, they won’t be going down that road.

Revealed about a year ago as a concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Mercedes-AMG Project One has recently advanced to prototype testing at the Millbrook Proving Ground in the U.K. All 275 cars planned for production have already been sold, with customer deliveries to begin sometime next year.

The way things are right now, it seems unlikely AMG will attempt a record-breaking attempt with its hypercar. If by any chance they’ll have a change of heart, expect the car to be the standard production model rather than a custom version modified to shave off seconds from the Nürburgring lap time.

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Will be interesting to see how a stock Tesla Roadster P (performance version) does on Nürburgring…

Perhaps Mercedes-AMG does not want the exposure of Tesla Roadster dethroning a Project One Nürburgring record?

What will be interesting is to see if Tesla bothers to take one to the Ring, or if they will wait for an owner to do it.

They have yet to take the Model 3 Performance to the Ring. Or even closer tracks to home, like Laguna Seca.

Maybe they are waiting till they are done fine tuninng Track Mode so they can have a professional run tracks with that

With racetracks suspension, weight, tires and downforce are a LOT more important than the outright power of a car. Besides the 919 already had a 430hp electric motor to mask the deficiencies and work in concert with the 720hp petrol engine.
With a heavy 200kWh battery in the Tesla and limited aerodynamic except for a massive diffusor at the moment (though I am looking forward to what the SpaceX thrusters will achieve) makes me sceptical if the Roadster would even be able to beat the Lamborghini on the track.

Probably not, but highway passing will be like the “third encounter”.

I think this indicates the difference in mindset between Tesla and the legacy manufacturers. Tesla would see this as a challenge while the legacies don’t want to know.

Or could be they don’t see the point, since they are only building 275 of them and they are already sold out. It would just be extra expense to developing the car that wouldn’t help improve the production version.

?? What ??
The legacy manufactures have been racing cars and going after records since cars were made…
Tesla has done nothing in racing or going after track records…
Now people who have bought Tesla’s may race them but Tesla themselves is a no show in racing to date…

The key to the Ring is the driver. Timo Bernhard is the winnest driver in the history of the Nurburgring. He grew up literally down the road from the track. He is the only one who can even drive the 919 that fast on the Ring. Good luck AMG

MBenz can stick to the grease boxes it loves so much. The Nio EP9 just about has the Lambo covered. 6:45:

The Lamborghini beat the car that can barely be called production car