Amber Mobility To Introduce Purpose Built Electric Car Sharing For €33/Week – Video

OCT 28 2016 BY MARK KANE 13

The Amber One, besides being electric, will reportedly also be long-lasting, with an estimated life span of 1.5 million km (over 930,000 miles) – which we assume may be the useful life of the platform and not the batteries themselves.

Amber Mobility

Amber Mobility[title to check]

The Dutch start-up behind the EV – Amber Mobility, is supported by Athlon and ABN AMRO bank with an investment of €60 million, in an effort to develop a car sharing service via a purpose-built electric car.

Amber Mobility intends to have running prototypes next year, and start pilot production in 2018.

The initial press says that for €33 a week ($37) gets one access to the cars, which, times four, would be about €132 ($148) a month.

In countries like Netherlands it could be an interesting proposition, as monthly spending on private cars is often much higher.

The cars will be available within 30 minutes walking distance, and there will be no requirements of returning them to their original base.

Amber One

Amber One

Freedom far beyond car ownership

Cars are the second most expensive thing we buy. Yet we hardly use them. Our precious cars are standing idle 23 of the 24 hours in a day. Owning a car, apart from a few exceptions, is no fun. Cars are expensive – gas, insurance, taxes, parking, which all sums up to 520 euros per month – and need a lot of maintenance.


Why then do people want to own cars? Freedom! Amber is offering the freedom to use a car when and where you want without the need for ownership. This is following the trend set by Spotify and others where people pay for on demand satisfaction and not for ownership. Amber is going to give you Guaranteed Mobility. For 33 euro’s a week customers have access to a car whenever and wherever they need it.


Thanks to partnerships with leasing giant Athlon and ABN AMRO bank we will start in October 2016 with Corporate Mobility, the precursor to Guaranteed Mobility. In this business to business environment we will test and develop our software and service. We are already in discussion with NXP, ASML, Philips and others to also start a Corporate Mobility hub on the High Tech Campus.


This go-to-market strategy will be scaled to realize a nationwide coverage for Guaranteed Mobility by 2020. We know that there is a demand for this service. Our own survey of more than 200 people shows that one in six Dutch drivers really wouldn’t want to own a car if they could get an alternative with the same benefits. That is more than 2 million early adopters, representing an annual target market of a minimum of 3.5B.

AMBER mobility

What are our customers going to get? Within half an hour and within walking distance, there will always be a car available. With your phone you can easily locate, unlock and start it. When you get in all your personal settings are transferred to this car. You drive “your car” to where you need to go. Upon arrival, you check out and leave the car. No need to return it. We offer freedom and flexibility far beyond owning a car.


However, currently there is no car designed to be shared. To do this right we have to build our own car. We are developing the first car purposely built to be shared. If you’re going to race on a track, you need a Formula 1 car. If you’re going to transport goods, you need a truck. If you’re going to share cars in a service platform, you need the Amber One.


This car is what makes our business model work. Amber One is a lightweight, long range, highway capable electric vehicle with a lifespan of over 1.5M kilometers. It is a modular car that will be easily upgradeable to the latest technology. And it is fully personalizable to any user that steps in. The long lifespan and modularity reduce costs, and the user experience is optimized. We are implementing the economic models and technology from the smartphone, aircraft and truck industry here. We have the team and the ecosystem to create and build such a car. Integrating the hardware and the service will set us apart from the competition. With an investment of €60M Amber Mobility will give the Dutch automotive industry a brand new position in the €3 trillion automotive market.

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FYI the monthly lease on my Volt is less 🙂

Last thing I want Sunday morning is for my shared car to arrive with puke in it from last nights drunkards…

Sure but then you also pay for insurance, electricity, possibly parking fees and service.

So you expect to be able to drive a car without insurance? Does their cost include that? I didn’t think BEVs needed much service. No parking fees.

I also have the convenience of a car whenever I want 🙂

Yes I expect insurance to be included i the price. It’s my impression that this is a common car sharing service where you just grab any car parked i your vincinity, drive where you want to go and then just dump the car. I don’t see how a personal insurance would work

Well, if you crash in to me I am going to sue you not the car sharing company. If the insurance they provide isn’t sufficient you will personally end up paying me 🙂

Is it Easter already?

Oooooh, just 30 minutes walking distance to my car!Imagine the joys of walking that with 30lbs of luggage to find the interior of the car covered in the vomit of the previous occupant.

I don’t see the “vomit” problem as being a significant issue. Amber will have a record of the previous user. You show up to a car that has any issues, you let Amber know that you want a different car. They look into the problem, and if it’s real, charge the previous user for mitigation, and if it happens enough, they will cancel that user’s membership.

1.5 million km lifespan?


Do they want it to be driven for almost 50 years?

If those cars are driven round the clock by various users mileage will start piling up really quickly. Look at that Tesloop limo service car that made the news recently, they put on 200.000k miles in just one year!

For urban areas I guess “walking” distance is ok, but if they would jump a little ahead and have it (nuTonomy?) come to you, that would deal with the luggage problem. Seems very early in the design though, no doors, lights mirrors yet.

I’d like to see the doors work… It seems a bit too cutesey for them to confidently say it will last one million miles.

Toyota, Honda, and Volvo certainly since they’ve done it.

GM maybe with the VOLT – the 300,000 mile vehicles should be coming up on their 500,000 mile marks provided they haven’t been sold – it will be interesting to see how various parts of the car have aged with that benchmark.

But cutesey doors living 1,000,000 miles reminds me of Michael Jackson’s Oxygen tents where he claimed he’d live for 150 years, and then he only managed 1/3 of that.

Everyone is getting on the ‘ride sharing’ bandwagon since the realization in the WEST is that young people can no longer afford cars of their own, to a greater and greater extent.

ZIPCAR is popular where I am – they are totally gasoline powered but the point is, they allow drivers to drive when they can’t afford a car of their own.

Autolib already does this in Paris.