Check Out Amazing Photos And Video Of Packed Tesla Model 3 Event

Tesla Model 3

FEB 11 2018 BY EVANNEX 15

Tesla Model 3

Crowds gather to check out the Tesla Model 3 (Photo: EVANNEX)


Having taken delivery of his Tesla Model 3, our founder (and Dad) Roger Pressman decided it was worthwhile to show off the car locally here at the EVANNEX offices in South Florida. Even with the Model 3 currently on display at a local Miami store, RSVPs came flooding in via Tesla Owners Florida (special thanks to Club President Larry Chanin). But it wasn’t just the Model 3 that would be at this marquee event.

It turns out that Trevor Page, founder of Model 3 Owners Club, was coming to town for a vacation and agreed to come to the party for an exclusive meet-and-greet with his fans. With an active ‘Model 3 Owners Club’ forum, and over 40,000 subscribers on Youtube and almost 20,000 followers on Twitter — word spread quickly that he would be at this local event.

*This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Matt Pressman.

Above: Trevor Page, founder of Model 3 Owners Club, comes out for a special meet-and-greet here at our offices (Youtube: EVANNEX)

We picked a casual “Cars and Coffee” theme, and, before long — the event packed our parking lot with Tesla fans coming from all over the state of Florida. Tesla Model S and X vehicles all rolled in (as expected) but there was a surprise. Two other local Model 3 owners came to attend the event. Their cars were quickly mobbed by onlookers and we had a take numbers (deli-counter style) in order to control the lines to see the Model 3.

Tesla Model 3

Lines gather to check out the Tesla Model 3 (Photo: EVANNEX)

Sipping coffee and munching on donuts, onlookers appeared to be enjoying themselves while chatting about the latest Tesla news. Many were planning to head north to attend the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch later in the week. During the event, attendees also checked out other EVANNEX demo cars — including our own Model S and X — and perused a curated collection of aftermarket Tesla accessories on-site. It was a blast to meet so many Tesla fans.

Tesla Model 3

Trevor Page talks Model 3 with the local Tesla crowd (Photo: EVANNEX)

One thing became crystal clear during the party — hordes of Model 3 reservation holders are thrilled to take delivery of their car! From the (relatively small) sample of folks in our parking lot, it appears that Tesla is destined to reach many happy customers as production ramps up and more deliveries roll out. In any event, here are a few more photos from the party if you couldn’t make it…


From top to bottom: The EVANNEX cars are staged for the event; EVANNEX owners (father and sons) get ready for the crowds; a look at our guest stars (two other Tesla Model 3s); Tesla Model S and X vehicles all driving in to park; coffee, donuts, and Teslas for the guests to enjoy; more Tesla fans having fun at the party (Photos: EVANNEX)


Photos/Video: EVANNEX 

*Editor’s Note: EVANNEX, which also sells aftermarket gear for Teslas, has kindly allowed us to share some of its content with our readers. Our thanks go out to EVANNEX, Check out the site here.

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Nice photo’s

Looks like cool event, great photos except overdone colors. Looks like HDR gone wild. Side photo of the red model 3 looks photoshopped or distorted.

We’re having a similar event locally. Hope it won’t be that crowded though.

Agreed. Enough of the post-processing. It literally hurts my eyes. I’m not saying “don’t do color correction”, but leave it to color temp and tint, and maybe exposure. You’ve oversaturated the colors to the point where it looks like a Samsung TV in demo mode.

Misleading title. Should read, “…Amazingly Bad Photos…” The poor attempt to make the cars look more shiny just completely ruins the photos.

I agree. The “shiny filter” is distracting.

This is the second EVannex article with car-toonish photos. I don’t get the point in making these cars look like over-filtered figments of someone’s fantasy car photo.

Totally agree. I don’t know what kind of camera settings or “massaging” of the photos they’re doing, but I absolutely hate the way they have over-saturated the colors and have given such a phony ultra-glossy appearance to the cars.

What’s wrong with taking photos that actually look like what a real person would see if he was there?

White car with wheel covers removed looks effin’ awesome. The base wheels are the clear winner, where you can do daily driving with the wheel covers off, and then road trip with wheel covers on for maximum highway range.


How nice to see a T-shirt with the old “Model ≡” logo! 🙂

And how sucky and phony those photos look. 🙁

What’s up with Evannex and its deliberately phony-looking photos? Did they hire a wannabe photographer who has delusions of being an artiste? If so, they need to fire him and hire a real photographer.

Granted, photos are overdone, but one should relay their messages of dislike to EVANNEX directly. Perhaps they didn’t know that taking such license would so upset some people and make the necessary changes.

sorry but this photos look absolutely AWESOME very professional . thankyou ! evannex

the photos are a joke .. .what the heck … leave the filters off guys please

GM, Toyota, VW sell 30 million cars per year. Tesla struggles to sell 100,000. There is virtuallY no market for EV’s due to their charging inconvenience issues

Yeah that’s why they have over 500k reservations, because there is no market.