Amateur Video Provides Us With A Detailed Look At The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV


2017 Chevrolet Bolt

2017 Chevrolet Bolt

There’s been only a few videos released thus far (aside from the General Motors’ promotional material) of the near-production version of the Chevrolet Bolt, but in our eyes, this one is also worth sharing as it has some long looks at the new Bolt both inside and out.

This admittedly amateur video presents some unique shots from inside the Bolt, including a rare look at legroom with a passenger on board.

The video is more a walkaround and inside look than a review, but it does present some unique angles of the Bolt and it’s definitely worth watching if you’re interested in perhaps purchasing Chevrolet’s first long-range electric car.

Video description:

“I’m back from prison and I’m here with a very unprofessional-looking video I shot of a Chevy Bolt that came and visited me today to cheer me up because I was sick and grumpy.”

“For those of you who don’t know…the Chevy Bolt is going to get an EPA-rated 238 miles on a charge for around $30k (after federal tax credit) when it goes on sale later in 2016. Very impressive!!”

Lots Of Rear Legroom

Lots Of Rear Legroom

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I’m confused.. He’s sick but doesn’t seem sick. (I’m sure his boss will be thrilled to see how sick he wasn’t)

I had to turn the screen brightness down because of those legs. Perhaps he suffers from vitamin D deficiency.

Sigh… Americans – always presume the worst from other people. Come on, give him a chance. Not much to see in the face if you have diarrhea or something. May be the reason this video was so short 😉

The last few times I was sick, I felt horrible but sounded fine. Then when I started to feel better, I started to sound horrible.

He did look a bit pale to me. It would have been nice to drive around, but it did look pretty attractive just sitting there. I think the 238 number is going to really sell a lot of these.

I really like the displays and controls.

I hope they’ve kept the cutesy video game animations to a minimum, meaning none.

Cool, looks good.

Thanks for the video. I would trade in my Nissan LEAF for one of these for sure!

In another review, a 6’5″ person set the Bolt’s driver’s seat in a comfortable position for himself, then he hopped into the rear seat behind the driver’s seat and said he had legroom to spare.

Someone get the scoop on Bolt ordering info! Get the whip cracking, Jay! 😉

It was Nick Jaynes at Mashable.

The Bolt looks the same size as the Leaf is it ?? My leaf is just the right and normal size. Tesla is too large and too expensive to go to work everyday. We dont spend all our time on the road at least most of us.

You can see all the dimensions online, but just remember the guy in the video is 6’5″ so he makes cars look smaller than they are.


Interesting. Thanks SMC for the video 🙂

SMC Says / SMCSAYS is Sam Miller-Christiansen

Yes, his mentioning prison, being sick, and showing those white (Caucasian) legs … distracts people from their vehicle interest, thus I would have not mentioned that, nor wore shorts (my legs are just as pale), but if you view his previous net-presence

… you see it is just his style (he’s real, being himself, what he is, etc.) … (for those that can’t relate or accept … ignore what you don’t understand, and focus on the vehicle).

I expect it will be this time next year before we get to see one here in central Virginia. 🙁


I expect them in TN by February, March at the latest.

Nice legs!

Nice to have a non-corporate look at the real thing. Pretty impressive. Wish he had opened the hatch so we could see how much cargo room, with and without the back seats folded down.

….and see the headroom with his head in the back seats.

SparkEV-Fiat500-Leased - M3 Reserved - Bolt- TBD

same. that’s the key for me. Dog room for our golden.

Woohoo, IBT all the “this thing sucks, it doesn’t have a supercharging network, it has horrible aero, it doesn’t go 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds, it’s got no DCFC standard”, etc.. 🙂

Looks like a pretty comfortable 200+ mile EV for under $30k! Way to go Chevy! I do admittedly wish it had a larger cargo area.

There’s always something people wish could be better. ?

Looks great. I need more -e to my Ampera.

Why couldn’t he have spent an extra 2 seconds and pop the hatch to show us the trunk space?

On the video it showed 75.5 miles on 24kWh used since the last full charge. That comes out to 181.2 miles based on 60kWh.

I don’t think it’s a linear equation. At least it wasn’t in the FFE.

Someone said it before, worths repeating;
This car would be $20k if it had an ICE, Chevy trying to charge $30k just because it’s electric, that’s where Tesla Model-3 will excel.