Altran and Quimera Unveil AEGT Evo2

OCT 29 2013 BY MARK KANE 3

Quimera Announcing AEGT Evo2

Quimera AEGT Evo2

Quimera Announcing AEGT Evo2

Quimera AEGT Evo2

Altran and Quimera have extended their cooperation into electric vehicle development by announcing this:

“…a new agreement to invest in their continued development and construction of breakthrough vehicles to achieve better performance while dramatically reducing environmental impact. Both companies have strengthened their already important links in order to achieve new milestones in the fields of sustainable mobility and non-fossil powered motor sport.”

Quimera, together with Altran, recently presented the All Electric GT-AEGT and the All Electric Drift Car-AEDC. Now, it’s time to build the All Electric GT-AEGT Evo2, which in the renderings seen here, looks stunning if you crave a crazy exotic.

“This new set of vehicles will start with the introduction of the new AEGT Evo2, designed in collaboration with Dutch designer Sabino Leerentveld, the first of a new breed of non-fossil powered race cars based on a full electric power train.”

Sadly, we don’t see any specification data listed in the Quimera press release. The first version had three UQM Technologies motors with approx. 700 horsepower and a top speed of 300 kph (185 mph).

Let’s now recall how the original version of Spanish racing looked:

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What’s the overarching thinking behind this? changing the world? how? the quimera made exactly no difference. race where? with whom? to what end?

In racing only F1 and Lemans matters. They have to go electric.
If you want to change the world this is the easiest way:
Lotus Elise/Tesla Roadster size.
Something cheap that embarrasses Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, BMW, Mercedes…
It will have a cascade effect.

First, thank you very much for your article. We’ll try to provide some insights on the AEGT EVO2 project.
However, we’d like to reply to Dan Frederiksen’s post above.
It’s not within Quimera’s nor Altran’s aim to “change the world”, we better leave that to some other sort of global “visionaries”.
The aim is much down to earth, as it is to provide the most demanding test bedding platform for all this technologies as non fossil motor sport is.
We are not dogmatic ourselves and we don’t share dogmatic visions. Other people’s approach to the issue might have a shorter term strategy or just tactic, a single product selling proposition, or an opportunistic approach. No matter what, we see all of them as respectable as ours.
As per the AEGT EVO2, it has 2 engines and 600bhp, a 4 speed sequential gearbox, 0-62mph in 3 secs and a top speed of 190mph.
Hope this helps
And thank you very much again for your article
Quimera team

Nice, thanks for info 🙂