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“I’ve never ridden a bike that point and shoots as good as this…”, and thus, Kevin Bulter, awesome pro everything-we-wanted-to-be-when-we-grew-up rider sucks us once again into the Alta Motors (ex-“BRD Redshift”) vortex of “…so where’s my BIKE?”.

Autoblog feels the prospects are good for the ultimate release of this product, but we’re not weighing in on that speculation. ¬†Ultimately, the optimism is based on a new, well produced (um, well…) videos, apparently, and plans to move to a new building. ¬†Stranger things have happened, but how long has it been? ¬†Let’s not count the years.

We’ll just enjoy the two Kevin Butler videos posted a while back on their site, shall we?

Kevin Butler Ripping Through Trails from Alta Motors on Vimeo.

Here’s the full, uncut video:

Kevin Butler’s Uncut Ride Through Pristine Marin County Trails from Alta Motors on Vimeo.

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Ironic, just watched this video probably 2 days ago and wondered why the hell we haven’t seen anything lately? Do they still actually exist? Are they just hoping Honda comes along and scoop them up or something? I’m not throwing any reservation $ down the toilet until I know we can get our mitts on one.

Alta sent out an email back on the first of the month claiming to be working on production validation, with a few photographs of finalised parts as delivered from unnamed suppliers. The meat of it is as follows:

“Aside from slobbering over all the really really (ridiculously) good-looking parts, we still have challenges to meet. Our schedule for the launch and imminent manufacturing of the RedShift is focused with an intensity in ten cities. Fortunately, we’ve got a team of certified badasses (bet you didn’t know the University of Fiji offers online courses in badassery…). We’re accumulating hours of test riding the fleet daily, and our new factory comes online in the not-too-distant future. Everyone is cranked to eleven to put bikes on the dealership floor and, more importability, into customers hands as soon as possible.”

Unless they’re expecting initial demand to fall well within the production capacity of their current suppliers and vendors, I wouldn’t expect production bikes to hit dealers until summer of next year.