Alta Motors Redshift MX Factory Tour And Test Drive – Videos


Alta Motors presents it assembly line for the all-electric Redshift MX, and talks about the bike with Dirt Bike Rider magazine.

Alta Redshift MX

Alta Redshift MX

“The impressive Alta Motors electric motocross bike was a sensation at the Red Bull Straight Rhythm – the combination of Josh Hill and the Redshift MX blew fans away, and the battery-powered beast has started to rack up a lot of fans too.

So when the cool people at Alta Motors said come and pay us a visit, we said hell yeah!”

The second video (below) is more detailed look at the machine with presentation from Alta’s CTO, and features a test drive on the track.

In the next stage, Alta Motors will begin production of SM bike and then also some 1-2 new models.

Dirt Bike Rider takes a look the Alta Motors Redshift MX electric motocross bike. The team at Alta give us the lowdown on the machine behind the headlines and we give the bike a good shakedown. Read the full review in the February issue (out Jan 2017) of Dirt Bike Rider magazine…”

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7 responses to "Alta Motors Redshift MX Factory Tour And Test Drive – Videos"
  1. Djoni says:

    Ecxiting thing!

  2. Vinny says:

    It is good to see someone give Zero a bit of competition. Victory sure has been a huge disappointment in that regard. They bought out Brammo and since then have done nothing with the Empulse. 2017 is just a few days away and they still show the Empulse as a 2016 model.

    1. mxs says:

      Alta doesn’t compete with Zero.

      Both companies sell different class of bikes. In fact the Alta guys would probably feel insulted if you told them they compete with Zero bikes ….

      1. Foob says:

        Oh, I dunno. Alta’s bikes are obviously (a lot) more track capable, but I could see some overlap in the street market where a lot of supermoto sales are found. I think Zero has the advantage there, as even their pretendy supermoto FXS has more energy on board than the Alta bike.

  3. mxs says:

    Great bikes … unfortunately the price kills the enthusiasm rather quickly. I mean 15K US$ is not something many weekend dirt bikers can afford.

    I don’t think you will find many people disagreeing with the advantages. There’s many, except for the one … price. It’s such a huge gap that it’s a question between riding on not riding …

  4. Tom efxman Cesarz says:

    Yo mxs

    $15,000.00 to win the Holeshot, now that is priceless.
    Your odds of going home with a victory, a trophy, and a cash prize just increased exponentially.
    And for the weekend rider, electrons will always cost less than gasoline.
    MX speeds at mountain biker quiet will keep all the other trail users happy as well.
    Just another perspective for you to consider.
    Tom efxman Cesarz

  5. Alta called me, since I have a deposit on an MX bike.

    Maybe it’s ready?