Alta Motors’ Redshift Manufacturing – Timelapse Video


Alta Motors pulled back the veil of secrecy surrounding production of its electric motorcycles Рthe Redshift MX and SM.

Redshift Manufacturing Timelapse

Redshift Manufacturing Timelapse

Both models are assembled in California in a facility designed to handle “thousands” of bikes annually.

“Alta Motors has recruited a team of dedicated engineers from across industries to develop a world class motorcycle production line capable of production thousands of Redshifts every year.”

“The Redshift production line is built to the leading automotive standards to deliver you high quality electric supermotos and motocrossers”

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Street tire on the rearwheel, knobblies on the front?

Yeah, that does not look very convincing at all. I know nothing about the company, but that kinda suggests the video is a pure PR move, and has nothing to do with the way actual production happens.

They need the street tire to dyno the bike

Dyno’s and knobbies are a bad mix. The tire will suffer the most out of that relationship.

Obviously not when the knobbies are on the front …

Looks good ! However > How much ? How many levels of charging ? and range?