Alta Motors “Hot Lap at 408MX” (video)


Dennis Stapleton, yes, that Dennis Stapleton, (AMA Pro Racer, etc.) takes some awesome laps with the Alta Motors test bike.

Besides just watching some great riding, Stapleton talks about the difference between riding this bike and one of his gas bikes.  Which, as you know, we like to discuss.  He goes into some detail about how he adapts his riding style and corner timing as well – our favorite observation: “… you gotta ride it like a 2-stroke, but it tracks like a 4-stroke”.

Hot Lap at 408MX from Alta Motors on Vimeo.

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Now who’s going to complain about a lack of noise? Pretty weird to hear its speed (rpm) and motor whine change almost like a V12 F1.

Would it be that it’s a brushed motor or DC?

Almost like?
I don’t think so, but the sound take might have something to do with it.