Alta Motors Began Deliveries Of Redshift Motorcycles

DEC 18 2015 BY MARK KANE 6

Alta Redshift MX

Alta Redshift MX

San Francisco-based Alta Motors began production and deliveries of its breakthrough performance electric motorcycles Redshift (available in Motorcross MX and Supermoto SM versions).

The first Redshift MX was purchased (through BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco) by Eric Gauthier and Jeannine Smith, who own and operate Suspension Performance in Mountain View, CA.

Marc Fenigstein, co-founder and CEO of Alta Motors said:

“We’ve been quietly driving towards this moment for over 8 years in pursuit of creating the best motorcycles money can buy. The result is a machine with a whole suite of new technologies, and a very different motorcycle than anything that has come before. The Redshift feels immediately comfortable to anyone who has ever thrown a leg over a state of the art performance motorcycle, but offers a leap forward in control, feel, and the connection between the rider’s brain and the tires on the ground. To have successful, speed-minded customers like Eric and Jeannine take delivery of the first Redshift is a tremendous honor for Alta Motors.”

Alta Redshift MX

Alta Redshift MX

Alta Motors was founded as BRD Motorcycles in 2007 and later changed its name:

“Alta Motors began in 2007 as an idea – what the perfect torque delivery of electric drive could do for motorcycle riders and racers. Officially founding the company in 2010, Marc and his partners, Derek Dorresteyn and Jeff Sand, have been obsessively churning out ground-breaking technology to build the RedShift, a legitimate performance electric motorcycle capable of competing against any bike and power plant on the grid. The Alta team now includes the very best from Tesla, GM, Toyota, Volkswagen and AMA racing.

The RedShift isn’t put together from off-the-shelf motors and electronics from automotive, bicycle, industrial or even aerospace applications. This electric motorcycle is a clean sheet, proprietary design.  Every part was created, tuned and tested for pure performance on-road and off.”

Alta Motors is hiring for various positions (see jobs openings).

Alta Redshift MX

Alta Redshift MX

Highlights of Redshift performance was shown in November when Redshift SM won against gas-powered competitors:

“Recently, the Redshift SM proved its outrageous performance by winning the IMS Sacramento round of the Supermoto USA race series held November 6-8.  Alta Motors technician and pro racer Kevin Butler took the Redshift from the last place on the grid to first across the finish line in his first-ever supermoto race.  The victory also marks the first time an unmodified, production electric motorcycle triumphed over gas-powered competitors.”

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I’m beginning to think this animal is in a strange land between the 250’s and 450’s. I’d sure like to demo one. I bet it would handle Colorado’s mountains as well as my KX450 as I lose a ton of power approaching 13-14k feet.

The battery on that bike looks really, really small. What range does it have? Pretty low double digit figures would be my guess.

Their site list the battery kWh as only 5.2 and 2 hour range.Price about $15K

Seems the bike has 50 mile range.

$15,000 for 50 mile range is expensive, but the fun loving people can buy it and use it on good weather days (when there is no rain / snow) for both fun and lesser fuel cost.

It sounds a bit rickety I think. I’d rather buy a Zero if I was in the market for one.

Rickety? Seriously? The RedShift is a beast that will dominate its competitors – gasoline & electric powered alike. Sit back & take potshots, step off or get used to the future of fast!