Alta Launches New Redshift EX Electric Motorcycle – Videos


Alta Motors has just introduced a new model. Meet the Redshift EX: a street legal electric motorcycle that’s ready to tear it up off-road at a moment’s notice.

The Redshift variant is a common sense addition to a lineup that includes a race-ready motocross machine, the MX, and a supermoto for conquering urban terrain, the SM.

At first glance, you might think that this new EX is just an MX with lights, horn, and other things needed to be street legal (or, alternatively, an SM with MX wheels), but the folks at Alta have put a little more thought and effort into it than that. The California company tells InsideEVs that, not only is the suspension set up a bit softer than the MX, but also,

“The performance maps and firmware have also been set up a little differently to tailor [it] to all the different terrains the EX is meant to handle.”

Like, its stablemates, the Alta-designed liquid-cooled motor spins out 40 horsepower and 120 pound-feet of twist. It also comes complete with high quality components like WP suspension and Brembo brakes. At $15,495, the price reflects that quality. Range is given as 60 miles.

To help you forget about the cost and convey the joy of riding a machine like this on mountain trails, Alta has put together a sweet video that’s well worth your time. If that’s not inspiring enough to make you look for more information on the bikes (or your cheque book), the outfit just happens to have published another video of a separate adventure they had on the Redshift EX, which you can watch for yourself below. Enjoy!

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Like mx, trail riding is an area where EV range isn’t a big deal. 60 miles is a lot of off-roading. Plug it in for the night at your toy-hauler and repeat the next day, that would make for an epic weekend.

But that price tho’……..

Have to ask how much riders are willing to pay to not have their leg burned from a hot exhaust.

That torque will be welcome on the trail in tight maneuvers.

That price is an issue, but in this case, I really feel you get what you pay for.

Chain-driven, so no need to worry about breaking belts. Plus, it’s built to handle savage jumps and bumps.

Already mentioned in the post, but it’s got some really top-end components. WP, Brembo, Warp 9 wheels, etc.

The Zero FXS is the same price as the Honda CRF450R.

Agree, HP not bad, range not bad but that price, ouch.

60 miles doesn’t work for me and neither does the $15K price tag.

I would love to go electric and replace my noisy old Honda XR-250. But, I have 100 miles of range and sometimes I use it all.

Electric motorcycles are only going to get better, cheaper and offer more range. As soon as they rival the range and price of a gas burner, I’m going to pounce on one. I also ride mountain bikes and love the idea of silent travel through nature.

I’m more of an enduro rider, so range is important for me.

But I do see a market for these. So do people living close to a track ?

How heavy is this? Low weight is an advantage, when it comes to handling.
I used to have a Husaberg, with the first engine. Super low weight, very good handling . . And frequent engine valve adjustments..
Strong engine, excellent shocks.

The EX is 275 lbs, pretty competitive weight wise. Also, electric bikes are a bit more nimble for their weight, since there’s no rotating mass to affect turning.

Additionally, no valve maintenance. 🙂

I paid $5k for my Honda 400cc trail bike, 16 years ago! $15k? Sorry, out by a factor of 3…

If you calculate inflation at, say 7% average over those 16 years the comparative price comes out at about $14,800- not including depreciation on your old bike [now worth $500?], nor fuel & maintenance savings in future, the electric bike is a no-brainer.

Redshift EX should be compared to an $11k KTM or Husky. Factor in the minimal maintenance required on an electric bike and you’ll probably break even in less than a couple of years! Electric is the future!

I want to love this bike and maybe could get over the price (maybe not) but this is street legal for a reason and it’s not just that 60 miles is a short range but then you have 2.5 – 4 hours for a re-charge before riding again. It’s not like just filling up and off you go. Just don’t see how 60 e-miles could make for any kind of a DS bike.