AlphaElectric Explains Electric Car Benefits For Businesses – Video


Alpha Electric Smart ED

Alpha Electric Smart ED

In this 3 minute 16 second video, AlphaElectric discusses several benefits of an EV for businesses.

It is absolutely packed full of good intel, which should help businesses decide whether or not to make the switch to electric.

EVs aren’t just for everyday driving. The list of available electric vehicles continues on over to commercial & industrial sectors as well. So, keep your eyes open!

A shot in the dark: How many business owners have an all electric fleet or at least an electric vehicle in their fleet?



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EVs seem like they would be great for your fleet. Low fuel costs and you could fire your maintenance person since they are so low maintenance.

Should be a no – brainer in Britain seeing as their are restrictions on petrol-fired driving (as also in Paris so I’m told), and with Petrol being very costly, the difference between this price and the admittedly elevated cost of electricity is larger than what would be found typically in the states. Now around me, there is a computer repair store called ITEK that has 2 SMART42’s. Identical except one is an Electric Drive. They use the electric most of the time, but the gas powered one for distant deliveries outside of the electric’s range. Cost of charging infrastructure for it is minimal, since they get 50% off their state income taxes, and their only infrastructure to date has been a 120 volt outlet mounted on the wall of the building where the ED parks. Cost of operation, is usage, plus $14 since the car presumably kicks up the demand since they are charging during business hours, but is only $14 per month and seeing as the energy charge isn’t that much, they more than make up for that with gas savings, even at $2.80/4 quart gallon. So this business successfully uses a lowcost ev for most (not all) deliveries,… Read more »