Alpha-N Performance Modifies a BMW i8


Alpha-N Performance, a German tuner, has taken to modifying the BMW i8.

The tweaks appear to be mostly visual, with a carbon fiber spoiler up front, some flashy gold-colored alloys and  a big wing out back.

Alpha-N rendered these tweaks onto an i8.  This is not an actual production vehicle, nor is the modification kit in production yet.

Alpha-N says that it may offer such a kit for the i8, though it hasn’t made a final decision at this time.

We suspect several tuners will step forward with mods for the stunning i8, but what we’d really like to see is for some to tear into the engine to find more HP and to tweak the software for more performance.

Then, we’d love to see mods for the i3.

Source: In Auto News

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“Alpha-N rendered these tweaks onto an i8. This is not an actual production vehicle”

Since the i8 is sold out, they might struggle to actually make and test the tweaks.

Has BMW announced the number of i8’s they intend to sell?

Uggh! I hate the Joe-Honda thought process that says every car must have a giant Le Mans wing. These wings don’t even generate any useable downforce below 130 mph (speeds which this car and the boy-racer Hondas can’t even reach). Morning’s first rant over I will say I do like the addition to the nose.

dumb wing

make the rims grey and take off the wing