Alliance Seeks Help From Congress To Block EPA From Finalizing 2025 MPG Requirements

DEC 6 2016 BY JAY COLE 108

According to Alliance member Ford, and its CEO Mark Fields, people don't really want the EVs that the EPA and CARB are mandating (InsideEVs/Alex Wai)

According to Alliance member Ford, and its CEO Mark Fields, people don’t really want the plug-in vehicles that the EPA and CARB are mandating (InsideEVs/Alex Wai)

After years of being unable to sway the US government into their way of thinking, the “Alliance of Automakers” thought that a new administration would be the perfect opportunity to not only shoot down future C02/MPG mandates that call for a 54.5 fleet MPG average by 2025 (~38 mpg in real world terms), but also possibly to get CARB back under their control.

It didn’t work out that way, and now they are looking for another way…any way, to wrestle back the power.

Alliance: More trucks...less EVs!

Alliance: More trucks…less EVs!

The Alliance had sent off a letter to the Trump administration about crushing CAFE and CARB just 48 hours after the election was over.

However, the EPA realized there was still time on the current administration’s clock, and pushed out its review and recommendation to finalize the CAFE standards three weeks later on November 30th (~17 months ahead of the deadline to do so), which started a 30 day clock for public comment, before the Obama administration can give it “final approval” on December 30th.

The first response to all the happenings, was automotive CEOs like Ford’s Mark Fields publicly lashing out at the EPA, saying they had performed “eleventh-hour politics” and “short-circuited a data-driven development of regulations”, while urging the Trump administration to “continue the dialog as planned”.

But apparently the strong talk was not adequate enough, as the “Alliance” – which is really just a shell entity so major automakers don’t have to use their own name directly (looking at you General Motors, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Mazda, Volvo, FCA (Fiat), Jaguar, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Toyota), have sent up a “Hail Mary” pass to try and stop the action – because undoing it, if enacted, is no easy thing – lots of paperwork, and lots of legal action lawsuits from environmental groups.

Alliance wants Congress to attempt to block the final approval of the EPA review to lock in 2025 fleet MPG standards

Alliance wants Congress to attempt to block the final approval of the EPA review to lock in 2025 fleet MPG standards

On Monday, the Alliance asked congressional negotiators to add language, as a condition of an upcoming short term budget resolution, that would prohibit the Obama administration from giving “final approval” on the new regulation before it leaves office on January 20th.

Notably absent from the Alliance's membership

Only 1 OEM of the top 6 automakers in the US is notably absent from participation in the Alliance

Gloria Bergquist, a spokesperson for the Alliance stated:

“EPA’s sudden and controversial move to propose auto regulations eight months early — even after Congress warned agencies about taking such steps while political appointees were packing their bags — calls out for congressional action to pause this rulemaking until a thoughtful policy review can occur.”

Truthfully, the new administration has a lot of changes they want to bring about, and this particular one may not be a priority for them, as it would begin a very public feud with a lot of concerned parties that will subside  – so the Alliance will likely have difficulty getting any language added to the funding bill, which will arrive next week.

If Congress is swayed, and does show the initiative to add the tough language as a condition of the funding, President Obama still does not have to sign it, but rather he could veto it.  At this point, the future funding of America isn’t really Obama’s concern anymore, as he will be leaving office on January 20th.

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“..people don’t really want the plug-in vehicles..”

I think I heard this argument about hybrids 15 years ago. Make them affordable and reliable then see what the market does.

Gotta respect Nissan for not jumping on the bandwagon.

Trump just announced that he is putting an oil industry lapdog and hardcore climate change denier and anti-green everything pundit in charge of the EPA.

so double #facepalm

This is starting to look more and more like a worst case scenario.

54.5 MPG which is 38 MPG in the World is not asking a Lot and is very reasonable . I think it should be increased to at least 65.5 to “shake up” these auto makers that have special interest in Big 0il to “ST0P” THEM FROM POLLUTING the People & the Planet FOR BIG MONEY PROFITS..There will Be Lots of Jobs Created In “CLEAN ENERGY” & EVERYONE WINS! Not just the destroyers of the Planet.

EV and PHEV lobbies need to ramp up as well! Get with the program , both sides of isle , it’s jobs jobs jobs and money , everyone is tired of spending there hard earned dallers at the pump!

I was going to suggest boycotting the Alliance members but looking at that list, it’s quite difficult.

On the other hand, we could all just drive Tesla’s & Nissan’s of course !

Already do. And they are both terrific!

I have no problem driving Nissan & Tesla. Boycot this Alliance !

I didn’t realize Nissan doesn’t make gas powered vehicles.

That must have been a Ford Titan truck and a Chrylser Pathfinder I saw going down the road.

Nissan isn’t a member of the alliance:

That’s why we should vote with our dollars and buy from them (if Tesla’s aren’t affordable yet).

Not so fast K L. You forget that Nissan owns Mitsubishi, which is a member of the Auto Alliance. What a tangled web Ghosn weaves.

Just a small correction:
As of recently, Nissan has a controlling stake in Mitsubishi Motors (34.5%), but doesn’t own them, although Carlos Ghosn is also now Mitsu’s CEO. There hasn’t been any merging of activities so far, although there doubtless will be eventually.

Oh, and this applies only to Mitsubishi Motors, which was a tiny part of Mitsubishi as a whole. For example, no connection to FUSO, a.k.a. Mitsubishi Trucks, which has the same logo, but is bizarrely owned by Daimler and announced electric heavy trucks.

Buy an i-MiEV, then!

So they can use the profits to make more gas Trucks/SUVs? That doesn’t make sense (based on the logic being put out here).

My lease for my i3 ends in 2017… I’ll switch to Nissan or Tesla in a heartbeat.

In history, movies, sci fi and video games the Alliance usually describes the good guys.

In this case – The Alliance are most notably the bad guys in accordance with the furtherance of the Electric Revolution of Transportation.

An evolution, rather than total immediate revolution – yet indeed the ICEmakers fully intend to fight back. Hopefully this doesn’t result in “Return Of The ICES” and The Oil Empire Strikes Back”!

I think it’s an ok gesture to only buy electric cars from the Alliance members.

Do not be weak!

No gestures, vote with your wallet !!!

Weak for a Week ! But no more ! l o l ..

Yes, this is the only way to get the change that we want. We need to buy EVs and Plug-Ins from the legacy automakers who choose to embrace them. But not buy their ICE cars.

We can all agree that the Alliance of Automakers is wrong. But we do not know the individual members’ views on the legislation.

“Boycotts” only work to make change when the group boycotting is large and significant enough to affects the sales. And when the group boycotting was made up of existing customers.

A small group such as existing EV drivers should not boycott genuine efforts like the i3 or the Bolt.

If sales of those vehicles drop, then naysayers like the Ford CEO will not see the dip in sales as a potential threat to the company. They will say it further validates their point that their customers do not want EVs.

We do know who the alliance members are:

And Nissan/Renault isn’t one of the members.

Of course we know who the members are.

But we do not know what each individual member of the alliance feels about this proposal for congressional action. Or to what degree.

And telling others to boycott the EVs from other manufacturers will do more harm than good.

I’m afraid you’re right but it sure feels good to vote with your wallet.

You’re exactly right, it feels good. It feels good to vent also. 🙂

And I understand that, this attempt at action frustrates me as well.

But once people let off some steam… if they stop to really consider their options… they will come to the same realization as us.

I already told Volvo that currently they are blacklisted. (And I had 6 Volvos myself, wife and daughter still driving V50s.)

Boycott works for me… especially if they try overriding California’s Air Resources Board rules. Forget them. Neither my wife nor I want to ever own an ICE again. We have 2 effectively Solar Powered LEAFs in the garage now… and we own them and are never going back. Hopefully even if these next few years get exceedingly stupid ( IMHO they will) we will still be driving electric throughout.

And Hyundai IONIC’s 🙂

That’s fine for now , but, the tables are turning on them & it’s never too soon …One EV at a time..

Not too smart for GM to sign this and piss off the green community the same week they start producing the Bolt. Not too smart for Ford as well. But, there seems to be a whole lot of stupid going around lately.

Toyota, VW, etc.. all either have plug-ins on the streets now, have recently released plug-ins, or have new ones coming down the pipe.

And what they stand to lose says everything about how far behind they follow.

EPA has kicked the bee hive. People don’t necessarily want fuel efficiency, anymore. The sides are further apart. This is not over, and CO2’s number one source in the United States is now transportation:

Claiming transportation CO2 is #1 is misleading. Transportation of all forms, including planes, heavy trucks account for about 25%. Among them, passenger cars are bit over half (about 15%). Since electric generation is not CO2 free, converting all passenger cars to EV would only result in about 8% reduction, probably even less.

Far better for many people is to skip their yearly vacation to far away lands. By skipping air travel, they’d save about half of their CO2, more than they’d save by switching to EV. This is why flying around the world to preach climate change is hypocritical.

Of course, if you switch to EV, benefits are far more than relatively small amount of CO2. It means reduction of really harmful stuff like NOx, HC, SOx, etc. in your neighborhood.

AFAIK, there is a lot to dissect among what carbon sources are commonly boiled down to a trio; Industrial (cement, aluminum, agg), Transportation (you mention) and Electric (residential, commercial, ind). It never got much over 6Gt, for us, and is back in the 5’s today. You’re arguing against EIA, to say “25%” or ~2Gt is the transportation slice. I don’t know the respective pieces within, as I’m sort of focused upon another slice. Also, AFAIK, your point about planes is well taken.

Didn’t you say, I need to get out more just a few hour ago? Now, I should not take those vacations because I’m polluting more.

You’re bringing up towing with EV on CO2 discussion? But if you want to save on CO2 to the max, forget travel. Just die.

I think you are unduly belittling how large an impact it would be if all passenger cars, or even the majority of them, were switched to electric drive.

Once the majority are EVs, and I’m sure that will happen sooner or later, then that will create cultural momentum and economic pressure to convert other types of vehicles to electric drive.

And the sooner the better!

Is that like the domino effect used to justify Vietnam war? Do the math on personal vehicle CO2 emissions when converted to EV, and it’s not much in global scheme of things. Seeing how majority of people I see in my commute drive alone in SUV / truck, domino effect isn’t likely.

You need to get rid of the 8% on your way to 0% (obviously).

Flying around to raise awareness is almost certainly a good investment if it results in even tiny changes in behavior. (also obviously).

If it’s 0%, you’re producing CO2 like before. I think what you mean is 100%. That’s far away from less than 8% possible with EV.

The fact remains, if you want to curb CO2, skipping any kind of travel is good. Since planes rack up so many more miles than cars due to much higher speed, it’s far easier to pollute with planes than cars. And that’s what people do: rack up airline miles.

Changes in behavior is dubious, and it can be just as effective by using Skype. All these flying around are excuses to party in far-away countries. As I said, hypocritical.

GM is losing money on BOLT… so they want out… Ford is releasing weak entries… so… stick with the companies that are actually working towards an EV future… Renault/Nissan/Mitsubishi, BYD, and Tesla. Don’t buy from anyone else unless they change their behavior.

I Boycott GM cars , PERIOD!! They can Drive them themselves. No Thanks!

Uh…. GM doesn’t have a notable vehicular autonomy program.

“General Motors now has 30 self-driving all-electric Chevrolet Bolt vehicles that it’s testing on public roads in Scottsdale, Ariz., and San Francisco, GM CEO Mary Barra said Monday during the automaker’s third quarter earnings conference call.

“We are making great progress on autonomous development,” said Barra, adding that the company now has 30 self-driving vehicles on the road in Scottsdale and San Francisco.”

we might have to skip chevy bolt and wait on leaf 2017 or model3.

Bolt is a side show, don’t believe the hype.

I and many others are waiting for the M3, Much More Car In a totally different League For Less Money..Worth the wait..

Less money? Sure, maybe in 2020 when you maybe can get a base Model 3.

Ok, So what? Just Gives them more time to get the Bugs Out..

So what? That’s 4 years you could be driving an EV instead of your gasser.

Or you can spend that price premium on better thermal insulation for your house and get regular minimal size hybrid for small price premium over plain ICE. It would make much more real difference for environment. Sure you will not have bragging rights than of being the greatest greenwasher in the neighborhood 🙁

What price premium?

Do you really the think the way to prove to ICE automakers that they should make more EVs and Plug-Ins… is to refuse to buy their EVs and Plug-Ins?

This tribal attitude of “Us” vs “Them” will not help EVs gain traction.

If the vehicle you want the most is a Leaf or a Model 3, then buy them! They’re fantastic vehicles.

But if you want a Bolt, then voting with your wallet is buying a Bolt. You’re voting for the product you want and sending that message of demand to the manufacturer, the dealers that sell it, and the engineers that built it.

…and at the same time financing their lawyers.

No thanks.

Exactly. Buying a car from them – any car – gives those who behave badly more resources to fight against you – their potential customer.

Just say no.


Then you shouldn’t buy from Nissan, Mitsubishi, or Hyundai since they are members of the ADA, which is fighting to prevent Tesla from direct sales. Why help fund their lawyers.. right?…

Kdawg that has nothing to do with this Alliance.

It’s another “alliance” preventing EV sales, right? Or are you a fan of the ADA now?

Have you priced corporate lawyers lately? I assure you that your $30,000 EV is not employing their lawyers. XD You’re employing union workers who manufacture them.

You can buy whatever vehicle you would like. I would never steer anyone away from a Leaf or a Tesla. 🙂

My issue is in actively telling others to boycott Ford or BMW or GMs EVs. It keeps a potential EV or Plug In Hybrid off the streets.

And not only would this not change the company’s stance… it would likely harden their resolve to undermine emissions standards and ZEV mandates as their sales drop or stagnate.

I am not buying anything from these sore losers.

That is exactly why Ford is campaigning to the government and saying that “nobody wants to buy EVs”.

You are just giving them more evidence to fight you back.

If this election has taught us one thing, that is “calling the other side deplorable” doesn’t help you to win the elections.

I am the Boss…

I am the Boss because I can fire everybody from Mark the CEO, all the way down to the mailroom, by taking my business elsewhere.

Last time I looked, Trump Won and EV sales are less than 1% of the total in the US.

Thanks for doing your part and being an extremist to isolate the other 99%….

The Alliance is “Crony Capitalism” at its very finest. Get ready for interesting times ahead.


I really hate this kind of crap.
I’ll vote with my wallet.


Money is the only thing that corporate creeps pay attention to. Hit their quarterly numbers and they are happy… but if we make them miss them… then you have their attention. Stop buying gas… we got big oil’s attention. They are going to try anything to get back to their old gassy, fart filled polluted world. We must keep fighting them.

If you want to “convert them”, then you should stop buying their gas models and go out of your way to buy their EV models.

So, CEOs such as Mark Field would have no more excuses…

It’s just business. It’s their job to do what’s best for their companies and ultimately the shareholders. In the end though I hope they fail.

Looks like Al Gore set Trump straight, yesterday /sarc. Stay tuned, as Ivanka’s pre-fabricated spat with “Dad” turns into a brand-building twitter feud.

Hyundai and it’s Ionic line might be the winner in all this.

I for one am ready to give the Ionic 200 mile EV a serious look. They have a very nice design. Lots of thoughtful features. Gonna have to drive one soon to see if it works well. Looked great at the car show. Hyundai seems clearly serious about developing it.

The alliance itself is bad news, even if they don’t manage this specific maneuver in time. And boycotting buying cars from all its members would be problematic as folks note, given that between them they make most EV models sold in the US (only Tesla, Kia/Hyundai and Nissan are missing).

I hope someone starts a big online petition. If they get such a petition signed by 0.5M-1M people warning them that if they persist they’re risking a boycott, they might reconsider. In particular, the members have to explicitly named & shamed every time the alliance is mentioned.

I don’t see Honda on the list too.

Honda is asleep.


No, Honda is not asleep. You are asleep 😉

It doesn’t matter what these guys do. Go ahead and sell more trucks. That will only drive up the demand for remaining EV makers: Tesla, Hyundai, Nissan, etc. EVs aren’t going to disappear just because of some fools.

If Dump really wants to make American great again, they’d slap down the alliance as cry babies and tell them to follow Tesla’s example of making great American cars.

F YOU, you stupid ‘auto alliance’. You are only doing this because gas is cheap right now. As soon as gas prices go back up (the they INEVITABLY WILL due to the fact that oil is a finite commodity that we literally burn up), you will be screwed like you were in 2007 when you tried to sell Hummers while gas cost $5/gallon!

UGH. You are just going to screw yourselves.

It is sad to see so much OEM not putting their full hart and soul really improving automobiles. They really seem to act super short term as if nothing was going on with our environment, just keeping the business as usual as long as possible. Thankfully there are some others that thinks otherwise.

Most of the automakers in the alliance have done nothing to further EV adoption. It is shortsighted to punish GM, BMW, and Mitsubishi (three of the leading EV automakers in the world) because Volvo, Jaguar, FCA, Mazda, and the rest of the alliance automakers can set policy for the alliance as a whole.

Volvo is at about 3% EV sales globally. And one of the companies that are furthest along in electrifying their vehicles.

GM would need 300k sales to match that. Where are those 300k sales?

How is Volvo “one of the furthest along” in electrification when they are at 3% of global EV sales?

GM has the top-selling EV in the US.
Mitsubishi has the top-selling EV in Europe.

Because few companies are even close to such percentage. Volvo are at 3 times the global average for EV sales.
GM is one of many car manufacturers with a much lower percentage.

18% of Volvos models are offered with a plug. A number that is likely to increase to 45% next year and in two years you should be able to get any of their models with a plug.

Sorry, I don’t give Volvo much credit for offering multiple lackluster plug-in models that nobody wants to buy.

I give GM and Mitsubishi much more credit for making plug-in models that are top sellers in their regions.

You need 60 votes in the Senate. Not likely. But if you want to alienate 95M Millennial voters and customers, this looks like a sure fire way to do it.

BAM exactly the reality right there.

The “Alliance of Automotive Evil” wishes to converse with the Dark Orange Emperor… /s

Pardon my cynicism, but honestly it puzzles me that anyone is surprised.

It’s not necessary for legacy auto makers to have evil intentions about ignoring the effects of pollution on our environment, to explain this behavior. One only needs to understand that those auto makers make a lower profit margin selling PEVs than they do selling gasmobiles.

I feel ambivalent now about my Volt. Next time I am going to shop for a car I will think twice about getting another car from GM.
How shortsighted.
I hear that Mary Bara is also in the circle of economic advisers of the pres. elect.


Vote w/ your wallet.

I am getting rid of my volt and will boycott GM from now on.

Moving forward, my car will come from Tesla, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, and Honda.

Add Subaru to the green list.

Lol Subaru!?

What is your favorite Subaru plug-in vehicle exactly? Heck, what is your favorite Hybrid Subaru? The crosstrek was discontinued.

Does Subaru even have a vehicle with a MPG as high as the Gen II volt in hold mode? Much less any EV range?

How about your favorite Honda or Hyundai EV?

Are you going to lease the Fit EV? Cause you cannot buy it.

Or the Sonata plug-in hybrid which just barely sells at the level of the Spark EV?

Or are you gonna go to Kia who sells about 100 Soul EVs every month?

Chevy has sold more plug in vehicles in the US than literally any manufacturer. Including Tesla and Nissan.

Other than Tesla, Chevy is the only US manufacturer which has not one, but two dedicated vehicles built from the ground up as plug ins. That is commitment.

Go ahead and boycott indiscriminately if you want… but this grand standing makes no sense whatsoever. XD

Do not be weak! I might be dead in 25 years but I am responsible to not leave those who follow me a reasonable world without all the damage that we are currently impacting. USA is the worst.

Pick a car company that is all in.

No gestures, vote with your wallet !!!

I am weak? USA is the worst? Yeah… okay then.

Being strong is making tough choices and looking for the most effective path towards the outcome you want. Not throwing a fit. 🙂

I should hope most strong minded EV drivers vote with their wallet by purchasing an EV from *whoever* they want! And work to convert legacy companies from within.

As for you, CLIVE, do whatever you’d like.

I saw a ford focus BEV in the central Florida wild for the first time ever. Change is slow.