Alleged Saboteur To Discuss Tesla Whistleblower Submission With SEC


The SEC has responded to Martin Tripp’s Tesla Whistleblower submission and a follow-up is looming.

Stuart Meissner — attorney for alleged saboteur/whistleblower Martin Tripp — has publicized that the two will soon be meeting with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. He had previously contacted the SEC with Tripp’s whistleblower submission and was awaiting a return call.

According to Meissner, there will be a follow-up next week, during which the SEC can expect full cooperation from Tripp. However, beyond his recent Tweet exposing the upcoming meeting, he explained that he won’t be sharing future information about the specifics of the meeting.

CNBC shared that the SEC has received some 22,000 whistleblower complaints since August 2011. A whopping 4,400 of those came in 2017. Only 46 resulted in awards to the whistleblower. However, if Tripp feels he has a case, he has every right to come forward. It’s important to note that the fact that he’s exposed the alleged issues and the SEC has agreed to meet, this doesn’t prove anything on either side. Additionally, neither Tesla nor the SEC have commented on this news. Probes Reporter CEO John P. Gavin told CNBC:

The SEC would be irresponsible if they did not follow-up on a well thought out whistleblower complaint. However, that does not mean that anyone has done anything wrong or that wrongdoing will be found. But it could be.

The SEC doesn’t usually release information about these interviews or investigations. This could lead to accelerated scrutiny for Tesla or a full SEC investigation. It could just as easily fizzle out and amount to nothing. While there is very little information available, Probes Reporter says that Tesla has had run-ins with the SEC in the past and some may be ongoing.

Meissner has a strong history of working with the SEC and representing whistleblowers. In fact, he assisted in drafting the SEC’s whistleblower rules, according to CNBC. He shared:

Getting a call back is 70 percent of determining if there will ever be SEC action, in my experience, especially with regard to the statutes that are in play with regard to the Tripp submission.

Source: CNBC

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One persons saboteur is another persons whistleblower. But which came first or was he a whistle blower all along just pretending to be a saboteur or vice versa? In this day and age of non-truthiness it’s easy to make up your own story and just add lie on top of lie, like our Fearless Leader, who has found an audience with those who have abrogated their critical thinking abilities, which were never strong, in favor of following one who tells them not to think..

If he is a whistleblower, it would seem that he would be delighted to share who was on the receiving end of all that stolen data. That way Tripp could show how beneficial it was for the data to get out, and what a great benefit his whistleblowing was. So far, who got the stolen data streamed from Tesla’s computers is still a mystery.

I believe only Tesla has made the accusation he “shared” the data with anyone. For all we know, the “3rd party” was Google as he sent stuff to his personal Google Drive account to gather evidence to submit as a whistleblower.

Such transactions have audit trails. He can easily expect his life and privacy turned upside-down. Whatever compensation he hopes to get for blowing a whistle or blowing smoke, it will never address the toll this experience will take on his life.

And does the financial trail lead to Chanos. That’s what the SEC should be searching for.

what financial trail?

I don’t know where this all is coming from. I thought it had been established that Tripp was feeding info to that dishonest Business Insider reporter who keeps writing stories attacking Tesla and also making personal attacks on Elon Musk. Elon also said Tripp admitted that reporter was bribing Tripp to give her insider info.

Is it really in dispute that Tripp was feeding info to that dishonest reporter with a grudge against Elon?

So what was the data?
SEC is going to only be interested in financial data.
Where exactly did he get that, as a QA person?

As I recall, Elon claims that Tripp put some data harvesting software onto computers using someone else’s work station.

Tripp claims not to have sufficient expertise to do that.

Yes, harvesting and transmitting software. What is unclear is whether Tripp wrote the software himself, or if the unnamed co-conspirator on the receiving end of the harvesting software provided the code and Tripp just installed it.

How exactly is a QA guy wondering by the finance ppl’s computers?
See, this is showing a real lack of security.

Yeah but King Trump does get deals done. Just got a deal with the EU

There was no deal. There is a kinda/sorta/possible promise to discuss the tariff situation in the near future.

It was sarcasm

No deal. Just NOT running deliberately into a catastrophe that serves no good to nobody.
But the propaganda machine works:he got a great deal !
Like: I did a great deal by not jumping out of the window.


Take a car. Run it off the road into the ditch. Point the front end of the car back towards the road, but don’t actually get it out of the ditch. Take credit for saving the day when you ran the car of the road and into the ditch in the first place, and the car is still in the ditch.

That makes you King of the Ditch. Same thing as Trump claiming to be King of the Deal.

“King Trump does get deals done. Just got a deal with the EU”

Only if you call the Orange One stepping back from one of his threats (but apparently not others) to start a trade war with the EU as “making a deal”.

A bully agreeing to stop one specific case of his bullying behavior isn’t “making a deal”. It’s merely deciding not to follow through on one of his threats.

I was wondering the same thing.
He strikes me as the type that decided to ‘whistle blow’ only after being caught.
But the question is, what he was stealing was data and information, and who would it be useful to? Was what he stole of use to SEC, or competitors, or both? If SEC only, then obviously, he would be whistle blower. BUT, if that data could be used by competitors only, well…
Supposedly there is evidence of his setting one of the fires (and unable to rule him out in the other fires i.e. he could have set a number of them ). Why would a whistle blower set one?

Seems to me it’s more likely that Tripp is merely a pawn used by a dishonest Business Insider reporter digging for dirt on Tesla, rather than taking initiative on his own. Perhaps the accusations of sabotage are another case of Elon overstating his case when he angrily denounces someone for attacking either Tesla or him personally. He did the same with Martin Eberhard and with New York Times reporter John Broder.

I agree that Musk did a number on Eberhard, but, broder was an out and out liar and was caught in it. That was his own fault.
Tripp is going to be interesting.
very curious to see what this one goes.

This is a guy who only claimed to be a “whistleblower” after he got caught feeding data to a reporter with a history of attacking Tesla and Elon Musk personally. According to Tesla, this dishonest reporter even bribed the guy.

I don’t think Elon comes off much better. He accused the guy of being a saboteur, yet that charge is found nowhere in the complaint Tesla filed against him.

Looks like case similar to feud between New York Times reporter John Broder and Elon Musk. Both of them seemed far more interested in defending their own reputation than sticking to the facts. But this time it’s even messier since criminal complaints and complaints to the SEC are involved.

But it certainly is an interesting soap opera! Make some popcorn and pull up a chair. 😉

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Curious to see what kind of data was taken and who he sent them to.

You might be surprised, let the judge decide.

Maybe he is a whisteblower after all…

PS: There is also an ongoing investor lawsuit againsf Tesla. Read the allegations from various witnesses. If true, Elon Musk and other execs repeatedly lied to investors in 2016-2017 about state of the Model3 production.

classic troll move there admitted shorter tftf. You doubled down on a “we’ll see” with an attempt to change to subject to more FUD that has already been hashed, re-hashed, and re-re-hashed before.

Diving straight off topic does not add “balance” to the conversation.


Both lawsuits (Tripp and shareholders) are ongoing.

Well of course this is just a rehash, just an old Tesla Death Cult conspiracy theory about Tesla’s production dressed up with new fake “evidence”.

Your FUD here fits into category #5 of Zachary Shahan’s handy-dandy list of Big Lies from the Tesla Death Cult (my terms, not his):

5. Newfound paparazzi interest in manufacturing & finance: Much of the problem in media coverage of Tesla comes from not having a strong grasp on the auto manufacturing world or the finance side of the business. Because there’s so much interest in Tesla and so much demand for Tesla news, various writers and outlets stretch into territories they don’t understand well. Thus, industry norms or slight tweaks leaked out of Tesla factories end up being reported as mountains rather than the molehills or standard procedures that they actually are. The confusing thing that drives people to talk of conspiracy, of course, is when a well recognized business outlet like the Wall Street Journal misrepresents what is happening. They should know better, right?

defensive TSLA fanboi acts all defensive. News at 11.

If it “bleeds it leads”, on News at 11 tonight, with St. Elon back on the sacrificial altar, once again ready to be completely devoured, by the usual suspect Tesla Zombie Stone-Casting well wishers!

is that like, in discussing a cave-rescue mission, you dive straight-off-topic and call somebody a “Pedo”?

Because, if you Tesla shills are going to persist in name-calling, you’ll have to find something different than “The T Word”… Since your leader, Mr. Musk, completely busted that word with his stunt last week.

My only hope is that, when you will want to help someone in difficulty in the road for example, in using your car for searching for help or transporting somebody wounded or something else, and others people already there will say to you that you can put your car “where it will hurt you more”, you will surely smile to them, giving them a hung and them leaving happy by the answer…

Gosh, I’m sure that Tesla is going to collapse due to Elon losing his temper during a Twitter war and calling someone who directed a sexually suggestive insult at him, a “pedo”.

What Elon said is embarrassing, but really, if this is the worst thing the Tesla Death Cult can find to whine about, it’s a sign of their rapidly growing desperation over how well Tesla is executing its Model 3 production ramp-up!

Go Tesla!

exactly right.
He is a QA guy. He was not a dept head, a manager or any type.
I seriously doubt that he had access to any data that the SEC would be interested in.
OTOH, manufacturing data would be of great value to Chinese companies, and they would happily pay LOTS to access that.

Any evidence of material misrepresentation would be of interest to the SEC. It needn’t be financial.

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

Of course ” the SEC can expect full cooperation from Tripp”, he’s the one contacting them, not he other way around. He’s claiming he has evidence of illegal activity, so let’s see what happens next.

Hmmm, I think it was Tripp’s lawyer who filed a complaint with the SEC, not Tripp himself. Or at least, reports of that filing surfaced only after Tripp hired a lawyer.

Of course, Tripp would appear more credible if he had filed the SEC complaint before he got caught… not afterward.

We won’t here any actual real information out of this issue until the SEC releases their decision. Both sides (hopefully) know better to talk about it now that the SEC is actively looking at this. We all see the odds of success in the statistics of whistleblower status being granted by the SEC, so we all know the hill that has to be climbed.

What the SEC investigation won’t ever divulge is who was at the receiving end of the datastream hacked from Tesla computers. That will have to come out of the civil trial against Tripp and his as of yet unnamed co-conspirators at the other end of the datastream.

Frankly, Tripp is the nobody cog in the wheel in this situation. The real story is in who was getting all that stolen data. Especially in the wake of Uber having to give up $245 Million worth of their equity to settle with Google/Waymo over Uber’s proven espionage. Google essentially owns a very small part of Uber now. It will be interesting to see if Tesla ends up owning part of some other car company under a similar settlement for stealing Tesla data.

“his as of yet unnamed co-conspirators”
Nothing has been proven to show he has “co-conspirators”. Only accusations by Tesla. Once again, we have a TSLA fanboi spreading FUD. Typical.

His co-conspirators are listed as John Doe’s in the lawsuit as recipients of the stolen data. Sorry you haven’t read the lawsuit to know what you are talking about.

Just like when you made your $100 dollar bet that you begged me to take and were wrong then too, and still haven’t paid it yet. When you going to pay on your bets?

A Tesla Death Cultist calling actual facts which debunk his own FUD as “FUD”. 🙄


Tripp is a known quantity at the factory. He was regarded as quirky and unstable by co-workers. You don’t want this sort of guy trying to say he’s blowing a whistle, because at some point, he’s gonna talk about aliens. I’m glad he didn’t shoot up the place and hurt or kill my friend. This is just the sort of individual that is easily manipulated by deep pockets that oppose Tesla. It’s open and shut to me on character and action.

We went from whistleblowing to premeditated murder. Hoo boy!

At least they didn’t call him a “pedo”… because doing that would be absolutely unhinged, wouldn’t it?

@ bro1999,

Only a competent SEC Lawyer, would actually want to use your “Hoo boy” actionable “Pretzel Logic”, on this “Missle Blower”, and his high value, ready to light up, CEO target!

Yelp. Only the people that knows Tripp’s know him. We shouldn’t be casting that 💩

It went there when Tripp told a co-worker that he wanted to take a gun to the Tesla factory and shoot the place up. Luckily the Sheriff investigated and determined that Tripp was no more trustworthy about making threats as he was about anything else, and Tripp’s threats was just hot air.

“We went from whistleblowing to premeditated murder.”

No, not actual murder; merely threats of a mass murder spree shooting. At least that was the report made by one of his friends.

Obviously that’s another fact of the case of which you are ignorant.

He wants to break the wheel

It’s wait and see

The SEC should be investigating connections to CHANOS, there could be a money trail they can follow. Insider trading violations? The government has got to get on top of short trader fraud, if there is any.

This is about to get very interesting, Tesla made some very serious accusations of Mr Tripp, Lets see which ones are fact, and which are fiction…

Yeah, too bad that there was not only one whistle-blower at VW between 2009 and 2015 to reveal the cheating emission way of doing business. It would maybe had prevent the death of hundreds, maybe thousands of people all around the world where these cars were sold, circulating and polluting the air that these persons were breathing, and tens of thousands heart, lung and other breaths diseases in old people and in children, with health treatment and other economical cost associated to that…
Yet, what this whistle-blower has to say (or invent to defend itself from spying practices) about Tesla behaviour has to be far more serious than that…
Seeing the positive part of these things: for cheating emissions, with all the legal, fiscal, economical and health consequences of that, VW sales are growing fast, so, maybe, all this story could be a good thing for Tesla…:)

You mean like the accusations that Tripp already admitted to directly to Tesla security when they confronted him with the facts before they fired him? Or the accusations that Tripp already admitted to when he was interviewed by BI after he was fired?