All Versions Of Hyundai IONIQ Will Be Sold Nationwide In US This Year

JAN 19 2016 BY MARK KANE 17

Hyundai IONIQ Gets Fully Revealed - Images Plus Video

Hyundai IONIQ Gets Fully Revealed

Hyundai IONIQ

Hyundai IONIQ

Hyundai is gearing up to sell its all-new model IONIQ (check info from unveiling) nationwide in the U.S. (in all three versions – hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric).

The company also confirmed that the standard hybrid and all-electric version of the Ioniq would arrive in the third quarter of this year, while the Ioniq PHEV (gas ranged extended) would arrive shortly thereafter in Q4.

In an interview with Wards Auto, Dave Zuchowski, Hyundai Motor America CEO, says that not all dealers have yet signed-on due to charging infrastructure investment requirements, but that’s not something new in the industry.

“If a customer wants to order one, he will get it wherever he’s located,” Zuchowski says. “Some dealers may not carry them as a matter of course but we’ll work through that.”

The launch order for IONIQ will go hybrid, electric and lastly plug-in hybrid.

In South Korea, sales of the hybrid will start this January in the price range of $19,000-$23,000 (~USD equivalent).  US pricing has yet been revealed; we expect that news sometime around April/May.

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What is the charging infrastructure requirement? Chademo only or combo or just L2? At least having such requirement seem to suggest Hyundai is serious about getting into BEV market, unlike some recent headlines.

What is intriguing here, is that of the Kia/Hyundai pair, it was said that Kia will focus on Battery Electric Vehicles, while Hyundai focuses on Fuel Cell Vehicles. Now here is the Hyundai side going for a triple play of Hybrid, PHEV, & BEV!

KIA, well, they still have the Soul EV and Optima Hybrid, but no word of a PHEV, yet?

The Kia Optima PHEV launches soon with the same specs as the Hyundai Sonata PHEV sister model.

If they can hold those prices for USA, they shold do well. If the hybrid has fuel economy close to the 2016 Prius, and they neat them on pricing, they may well put pricing pressure on Toyota.

It is looking to be another banner year for new EV’s coming to market as well, with the BEV model coming this year.

Banner year for introductions, but $1-2 gas really puts the pressure on mfrs to make EVs an attractive option.

After seeing the horrible resale and significant battery degradation on my former 12 Leaf, I’ll be very hesitant to jump into another EV, even though I really want to.

I guess I’m not too excited about the PHEV version due to the 50 KW electric motor. That just seems anemic. Even worse than the Ford Energi cars (which have 68 KW) My only hope is that the gearing used will allow a little more power.

It won’t be 50kW. That’s way too small.

That’s what the official documentation says. It is 32Kw for the hybrid and 50Kw for the PHEV. However, it does go through a dual clutch 6-gear transmission. So I’m sort of hoping they will be able to partially make up for the low power by revving it higher.

No official documentation has been released yet. You’re speculating over the diagram that was shown earlier.

Just think about it. You think 50kW is enough for a car this size? It’s no where near enough.

50 kW is obviously too small, but only if they design it like the Volt or the i3 REX, which are fully capable in EV mode. It looks all but impossible to achieve that with a 50 kW motor.

My guess is that if the 50 kW number is right, it will be like a PiP or Energi (only worse), where you’ll need the ICE to kick in for any meaningful acceleration or for highway speeds.

Three models are being released. Gas engine, hybrid (electic and gas) and an inclusive electric model. We are discussing the electric model.

I can see 50kW if their was also another 50kW motor on the rear axel also.

Wow. Hyundai seems to have just popped onto the BEV scene. I didn’t hear about this for very long. Only last year. I can’t imagine that Nissan is going to wait til Spring 2017 to come out with LEAF 2.

If Leaf2 will get 60kWh (or more) Batt.Power then I am fine with spring 2017. Especially I am fine if Leaf 2 will get similar (or better) torque as Bolt/I3/MB-ED

How big is the Battery in BEV and PLugIn Version? Are those facts already known?

Those are not yet known. Expectation is for their reveal to be at NY Auto show in March/April.

Every other announcement about Ioniq suggested it would be Hybrid first, Plug-in second, and Battery as many as three years later.

Interesting change of plans !

I’m still concerned that the BEV will be the ugly cousin of this trio, since sharing a platform with combustion engine cars pretty much rules out a sizeable skateboard pack.

Maybe not. Look at the KIA Soul.