All Japan EV-GP Series Round Three; Tesla Wins While LEAFs Duel (w/video)

JUL 27 2013 BY MARK KANE 3

Last weekend, Japan Electric Vehicle Race Association (JEVRA) organized the third round of its All Japan EV-GP Series on the Tsukuba Circuit.

A total of eight cars raced, including one Tesla Roadster, five Nissan LEAFs, one prototype Mazda Demio EV and one conversion.

Unfortunately, from the first round to second and now the third, the number of participants is shrinking.  This last time out, the EV-3 class, which is usually occupied by i-MiEVs, was empty.

The Tesla Roadster of course won with ease, but in EV-2 class, there was a duel between LEAFs with some side-by-side action.

Here are the race results and the championship standing.

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How popular is this event? I saw no one watching from the stands.

Why is the car shown at 0:18 a Toyota AE86 / Scion FR-S ICE powered vehicle? Damn, for a moment I thought Toyota stuck the RAV4 EV Tesla motor into an FR-S to give the Tesla Roadster a little competition…wouldn’t that be fun!

It a start, to bring all the family to see including the youngest..
So yes spectators please !