All-Electric Car Sales In Western Europe Soon To Exceed 1% Market Share

NOV 30 2015 BY MARK KANE 10

Renault ZOE powered almost entirely by renewable energy in Scotland

Renault ZOE could be #1 among all-electric cars in Europe in 2015

EagleAID notes high sales growth for all-electric cars in Western Europe.

Last month, BEV sales in Norway, France, Germany and UK improved anywhere from 47.6% to 93.9% year-over-year. Average sales growth for electric cars in Western Europe was nearly 66% in October.

Without considering plug-in hybrids, market share already hit a 0.77% average. Top models are the Nissan LEAF and Renault ZOE, with Tesla Model S in third.

BEV market share in Western Europe in October – 0.77%

According to EagleAID, if the German government applied some incentives to encourage buying BEVs, then market share could exceed 1%.

“Thanks at least partly to rumours of an impending German government rethink about the payment of electric car subsidies, this year’s lively electric car sales progress gave rise to the view that before long West Europe’s monthly car sales penetration could conceivably touch the 1 per cent level.

That upbeat prediction, apart from the assumption of forthcoming subsidies in Germany, also assumes ongoing purchase and ownership incentives in markets such as Norway, France and the UK for instance.”

2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF

Source: EagleAID

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It will be interesting to see how the curve compares with say mobile phones.

As Soon as they find the Combination Code to Cheaper Batteries With 500 MPC Range , EV’s Will catch on Like “WILD FIRE” ///I trust it will Happen if not Sooner ., A shorter time later ,Once that Deilema is overcome,We’ll be on our Way!..

It seem nothing, but if we see that this is realized with only 3 (!!!) models: Leaf, Zoe and Model S, where the complete market offers thousands of models, engines and drivetrain combinations, its a good begin.

BMW i3, Smart, Kia Soul, VW Up, Golf, Renault Kangoo.

Only 1%…pitiful number, we must do better.

Nice. Once battery prices drop and we get cheaper long range EVs (Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Bolt), we should hit a tipping point and growth will accelerate.

Most people love the Tesla Model S . . . it is just too expensive for most people.

I doubt the Bolt is going to move the needle on EU sales very much, but LEAF 2.0 certainly will.

I agree on the Model S serving as a halo vehicle.

This could really push the sales in EU, if this report comes true:

I don’t know how correct that site usually is, found it through the link in the Model X #13 delivery post.

Nice timing, COP21, X#13, Dieseldämmerung … 😉

Quite strange that Renault haven’t updated ZOE with new LG Chem batteries like Chevrolet did.