All-Electric Car Sales In Western Europe Exceed 30,000 This Year

SEP 11 2014 BY MARK KANE 20

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Based on data regularly published by Eagle AID, we just compiled a new graph presenting all-electric car registrations in Western Europe and, for comparison, we put  Norway on the graph too, the largest single market in all of Europe for pure EVs.

As it turns out, by the end of July, the total number of registrations exceeded 31,000. This is probably almost two times higher than last year at the same time.

According to Eagle AID, sales in July doubled year-over-year.  However, results are considered as “despite,” because of the low base.

“For an anxious electric car industry the upside is that West Europe’s July registrations of their distressingly slow-moving plug-ins – compared with the same month last year – have nearly doubled to some 4,371 units. The downside is that this is due chiefly to the ongoing buoyancy in just one of the seventeen markets monitored exclusively by AID every month.”

“Despite July’s outwardly impressive progress, albeit from last year’s very low levels, already the electric car industry’s total July haul in Western Europe has dropped well short of the higher registrations already seen this March, May and June.”

“Moreover, Europe’s July’s electric car registrations were presumably flattered by the inevitable initial spike from recently launched models from domestic autoindustry heavyweights.”


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Can’t make graph this way.

“Norway (…), the largest single market in all of Europe” Sorry what?
How serious are These figures?

Norway is by far the largest market for EVs.

Are you serious?

You seem surprised… or maybe it was just an ironic comment 🙂

I don’t think anyone in the EV world has missed that Norway is the European capital of BEV’s.

Yes indeed! During 2014 over 10k BEVs have been sold in Norway while France had only over 5k registrations, and even accounting for 2k electric vans, a significant segment in France, it is still lagging Norway.

Over 500,000 highway legal PEVs sold worldwide by mid 2014, As of August 2014, sales are led by the United States with over 250,000 units delivered since 2008, followed by Japan with over 80,000 units sold between 2009 and March 2014, and China with more than 59,000 units sold since 2011 through June 2014. Over 150,000 plug-in electric vehicles have been sold in Europe as of June 2014, led by the Netherlands with over 38,000 units registered since 2009, France with almost 35,000 all-electric cars and light utility vans sold since 2010, and Norway with more than 32,00 plug-in electric vehicles registered since 2003.

And don’t forget that California all alone has just passed the 100k milestone, more PEVs sold than any other country!

Check Wikipedia with the reliable sucres for theses figures:

If you have something like a 50% luxury tax on cars and EVs are exempt, such things are possible…

Norway has a 0% tax on luxury cars. They have taxes on emissions, weight and engine power though.

Eagle Aid rarely has anything good to say about EVs, If 100,000 plug in cars are sold for in Europe in a single month, say this September, 2014.

Eagle Aid will simply say that “while registrations for Evs are up this September, to 1000,000 sales, nevertheless electric car sales still lag in comparison to standard gas and diesel models by orders of magnitude and still only constitute less than 1 per cent of all automobile sales in Europe in 2014.”

Well, maybe Eagle Aid wouldn’t use those exact words……….. but they would definitely have a twisted statistical FUD filled, slanted, cherry picked analysis of the EV statistics.

Posting what Eagle Aid has to say about EVs is basically just posting useless “click bait”.

AID bias is shameless. They do not report plug-in hybrids to show lower figures, and as you pointed out, any good month is Norway’s fault.

The truth is, in addition to Norway and the Netherlands, sales in Germany, Sweden and the UK have climbed significantly this year, thanks to the BMW i3, the VW duet and the Mitsu P-HEV. The old best selling PEVs (Ampera and the twin PSA rebadged I-MiEVs) are selling close to nill.

In August BMW sold less i3 BEV (82) than Renault ZOE (108) in Germany. Just FYI

And how many white Zoes did Renault sell compared to colored Zoes? Why would you only compare i3 BEV vs Zoe? The i3 REx is just as capable as the i3 BEV as an EV (and I’m a i3 BEV owner, but understand why most i3 customers get the REx).


Because he is comparing BEV to BEV.

i3 Rex has an ICE and therefore not a BEV but a PHEV.

Both Eagle AID and even the purist French who record plug-in hybrids together with conventional hybrids, report the i3 together with any BEV, regardless of the R3x option.

And for CYTD 2014 the i3 is the top selling car in Germany, while French BEV sales fell from 2013 year-on-year. Remember that the i3 is still production cPacity constraint while the Zoe is no longer selling at the same rate as it did in 2013.

Between January and August 2014 a total of 1,740 i3s have been sold in Germany (BEV & REx) while Zoe sales were 663 units.

How many did it sell outside France and Germany? 😛

…and for August, Norway can report 2074 BEV’s sold – which is a significant jump in sales from July’s 1620.

I do not know where the Eagle AID statistics come from, but at least they do not match the Norwegian licence plate registration statistics, ref:

(The difference *may* orignate from ‘used’ car imports though). A quite high percentage of cars registered in Norway are new cars first registered in another european country, and then imported and sold as new cars in Norway.

There seems to be loopholes that enables receiving incentives in multiple countries, since some countries provide incentives that are applied when new cars are *sold/registered*, while in Norway the incentives are the same for new and used cars.

Any way, we currently (Sep. 1) have 34.066 BEV’s registered i Norway – not bad in a country with 5 million people 🙂

AID only reports pure electric cars as noted. If plug-in hybrids are added , total plug-in sales rise to well over 40k. During the first half of 2014 jus the Outlander P-HEV sold over 8k and the Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid sold over 3k.

Check here for more details of PEV sales Derwin 1H 2014 (use Google translate):

According to the EV sales blog the number from Jan-July for plug-ins for Europe is 52773.

The number will reach over 90k in total 2014 but there need to be some very very strong last couple of months of the year to get close to 100k.

Yeah, but Mr. Pontes includes in his tally some neighborhood electric vehicles such as the Twizy. In addition, for some models he makes his own estimates, not always close to actual figures. And it is difficult to get sales by model in the UK, so he is jus guessing British sales. Let’s settle with about 50k.

Standard hybrid sales of cars like the Toyota Prius have have varied significantly from year to year. There is a very good graph/table on Wikipedia showing hybrid sales from the very beginning in the U.S. in 2000 to 2013. This table is quite nice in that it shows all manufactures, when they entered the U.S. market, number of cars sold by year, and so on. If you are interested and happen to want to check it out you will see that hybrid sales in the U.S. have been somewhat volatile over the last nearly 15 years, but have unmistakably trended upwards from 2000 to the present, from a .06 percent market share in 2000 to a 3.19 per cent market share by the end of 2013. Experts have predicted the demise of hybrids many, many times. But, Toyota just keeps ignoring the bad press and seems to sell more hybrids world-wide every year. I think Toyota is up to over a million a year now. Good thing Toyota didn’t listen to Eagle Aid. If you check out the Wiki graph, you will see hybrid sales vary significantly from year to year here in the U.S. but that there is an… Read more »