All-Electric Car Sales In France Up By 57% To Over 2,200

JUN 14 2016 BY MARK KANE 19

Renault ZOE at fast charging station in France

Renault ZOE at fast charging station in France

May was 19th consecutive month of growth for new all-electric car registrations in France.

The 2,214 new BEV sales was an increase of 57% year-over-year, and now gives all-electric vehicles a market share over a 1% (from 0.74% in 2015).

All-electric passenger car sales moved up by 71.4% to 1,829 (9,960 YTD), while LCVs (light commercial vehicles) increased by 12.9% to 385 (2,152 YTD).

As always, the best selling model was the Renault ZOE, which also improved in May by 44% to 945 registrations.

Just to illustrate the dominance of the Renault EV, with 5,222 sales YTD in France, that would also result in a fourth place finish in the US market for overall plug-in sales – despite France only being a fraction the size of the American auto market.

The Nissan LEAF also does pretty well in France, with 409 registrations (which is three times more than year ago).  The new 30 kWh LEAF, and a growing multi-standard fast charging infrastructure, certainly is helping Nissan to sell more LEAFs (the current number of CHAdeMO chargers in France is approaching 600).

The Tesla Model S remains at rather low levels – with 37 sold in May, and 282 YTD (up from 194 in 2015), although we expect a bit of a bump this month (June).

BEV Registrations in France – May 2016 (source: Avere-France / AAA data)

BEV Registrations in France – May 2016 (source: Avere-France / AAA data)

BEV Registrations in France – May 2016 (source: Avere-France / AAA data)

BEV Registrations in France – May 2016 (source: Avere-France / AAA data)

source: Avere-France / AAA data

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19 Comments on "All-Electric Car Sales In France Up By 57% To Over 2,200"

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Go, nuclear powered cars, GO!

But. Please stop once in a while.

Ok, you are 76% right, but the people with this cars have the possibility of access to renewable energy. I dont know how much of they do that now or in the future, but you dont know neider…

Yes, the nuclear industry is really struggling even in very pro-nuclear France. It is not a good business and renewables are much cheaper/better.

That said, I still think:
1) All safe nuclear plants that still exist should continue operating. We already released lots of carbon building them (concrete, diesel, etc.) so let’s get the maximum payback.
2) We probably do need some new nukes to build a 100% carbon-free grid. It will be hard to eliminate fossil fuels only with solar PV, onshore wind, geothermal, biomass, tidal power, hydropower, offshore wind, etc.

Good actual background about the end of nuclear power in France. Its all about money 🙂

Its German, but you have Google Translate 🙂

Typical German Öko-Propaganda. Far far far away from reality.

It’s awesome. France’s combination of clean electricity and BEVs is just a match made in heaven.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t blow too much from their coal burning neighbor.

Zoe with 40 kWh battery will outsold Model 3 ;-).

Yes, in Europe definetly of course

1.) Tesla cant deliver M3 before Mid 2018 in Europe
2.) Renault already sells in Europe 35.000 ZOE in 2016, with some 50.000+ in 2017 and some 80.000 in 2018 when Tesla is ready
3.) Half the price
4.) Good enough for almost every usage
5.) 22kw AC charger as default with access to > 40.000 charge-points in Europe.

Why i reserved a Tesla Model 3 is the coolness and image and performance of the Model 3.

So thousands of ZOE customers plan with an upgraded ZOE in Maerch 2017 AND a Model 3 in Autumn 2018 🙂

The ZOE is not half the price of a Model 3. When you include the battery the ZOE is more than 30 000 EUR. The Model 3 will probably be around 38 000 EUR.

Zoe is 21k € in Norway with battery and 23k € in Uk, Nissan Leaf you get new without incentives for 23k €, some dealers offer already for 20k €. In countries with incentives Renault taps in the extra money, as soon there are no incentives Renault will cut the price 5000 €.
Model 3 will be 41k €, so Zoe and Leaf will be half the price in base and 15k € cheaper in a good trim.

41k you say? So you already know the trading price €/$ in 2018, impressive!

A Tesla Service Manager say me he thinks above 40k € starting price, if you look Model S prices last years an now it would be 41k €.

Great result, hopefully we’ll have more growth as we hit the stinky high pollution months of the year.

The ZOE’s sales in France are pretty impressive if you keep in mind that the car market is only a fifth of the US car market.

Imagine GM selling 5k Volts in a single month.

Well those European gas prices push people towards electrics. There are also probably some incentives.

I hope the ZOE keeps selling well. They need to clean up that air in Paris.

Go Renault ZOE!

Are there any incentives in place in France?

The incentive system in France is called the “Bonus/Malus” system.

Polluting cars pay an extra tax (based on their CO2/km NEDC rating)
Non polluting cars get a rebate (straight off the sticker price)
The overall system is supposed to pay for itself, the government re-evaluates the amounts every few years to keep the system balanced.
At the moment, the incentives are :
-6300€ for an electric car
-10000€ for an electric car if you send your old diesel to the crusher at the same time (called “super-bonus”).