All-Electric Car Registrations Europe 2014 – Country-By-Country Breakdown

FEB 11 2015 BY MARK KANE 5

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Avere-France released registration numbers for all-electric car registrations in 18 European countries (Norway, France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Austria, Italy, Belux, Ireland, Portugal, Finland, Iceland, Greece).

Most of them were placed on the graph, but you’ll need good eyes to see it

Anyways, the year 2014 ended with 65,199 electric car registrations in Europe – up 60.9% year-over-year!

The big winner last years was Norway, with 18,649 new registrations (more than twice compared to 2013).  Norway overtook France. France is now second with 15,046. And both countries have more than 50% of all the electric car registrations in Europe! Since 2005, more than 43,000 all-electric cars were registered in France.

There are almost no changes in the other positions, but all markets seem to be growing.

Third is Germany with 8,804, fourth is UK with 7,370 (UK is showing one of the highest growth paces). The Netherlands fulfills the top 5 with 3,587.

Then we have several countries with similar results from 1,913 in Switzerland, through 1,688 in Denamrk, 1,524 in Sweden, 1,509 in Spain, 1,484 in Austria, 1,431 in Italy and finally 1,422 in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Stay tuned for the second part with data for individual car models!

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Please provide data for the rest of EU including Estonia and all of the junior members.


I want to see Germany get on board more. Since they are big car builders, their adoption of EVs will be critical.

Does anyone know why Netherlands has such a high proportion of PHEVs (their 3rd when PHEVs are included, but only 5th without)?

Is their tax incentive actually favoring PHEVs over BEVs? I mean, the country being so small and dense, even if the incentives were equal I’d expect BEVs to be fairly attractive there.


Yes, here in the Netherlands are high tax incentives. Most PHEVs are leased. And I am afraid there is not so much green thought behind it, more financial. There are more PHEVs then BEVs because even for our small country a Leaf won’t work and a Tesla is too expensive. Last year you could get a Mitsibitsu Outlander for a very little amount.
Btw, here in Amsterdam are very many 22KW/h public chargers and the number is even growing more.

How would a Leaf “not work” in Netherlands?

It works great for tens of thousands in the US!

You can go from north to south of the country with 1 quick-charge stop, and east to west with no stops. And there are plenty of QC stations in Netherlands, too.